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* Generic intermediate code generation.
* Copyright (C) 2016-2017 LluĂ­s Vilanova <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
* Include this header from a target-specific file, and add a
* DisasContextBase base;
* member in your target-specific DisasContext.
#include "qemu/bswap.h"
#include "exec/exec-all.h"
#include "exec/cpu_ldst.h"
#include "exec/plugin-gen.h"
#include "exec/translate-all.h"
#include "tcg/tcg.h"
* DisasJumpType:
* @DISAS_NEXT: Next instruction in program order.
* @DISAS_TOO_MANY: Too many instructions translated.
* @DISAS_NORETURN: Following code is dead.
* @DISAS_TARGET_*: Start of target-specific conditions.
* What instruction to disassemble next.
typedef enum DisasJumpType {
} DisasJumpType;
* DisasContextBase:
* @tb: Translation block for this disassembly.
* @pc_first: Address of first guest instruction in this TB.
* @pc_next: Address of next guest instruction in this TB (current during
* disassembly).
* @is_jmp: What instruction to disassemble next.
* @num_insns: Number of translated instructions (including current).
* @max_insns: Maximum number of instructions to be translated in this TB.
* @singlestep_enabled: "Hardware" single stepping enabled.
* Architecture-agnostic disassembly context.
typedef struct DisasContextBase {
const TranslationBlock *tb;
target_ulong pc_first;
target_ulong pc_next;
DisasJumpType is_jmp;
int num_insns;
int max_insns;
bool singlestep_enabled;
* Guest address of the last byte of the last protected page.
* Pages containing the translated instructions are made non-writable in
* order to achieve consistency in case another thread is modifying the
* code while translate_insn() fetches the instruction bytes piecemeal.
* Such writer threads are blocked on mmap_lock() in page_unprotect().
target_ulong page_protect_end;
} DisasContextBase;
* TranslatorOps:
* @init_disas_context:
* Initialize the target-specific portions of DisasContext struct.
* The generic DisasContextBase has already been initialized.
* @tb_start:
* Emit any code required before the start of the main loop,
* after the generic gen_tb_start().
* @insn_start:
* Emit the tcg_gen_insn_start opcode.
* @translate_insn:
* Disassemble one instruction and set db->pc_next for the start
* of the following instruction. Set db->is_jmp as necessary to
* terminate the main loop.
* @tb_stop:
* Emit any opcodes required to exit the TB, based on db->is_jmp.
* @disas_log:
* Print instruction disassembly to log.
typedef struct TranslatorOps {
void (*init_disas_context)(DisasContextBase *db, CPUState *cpu);
void (*tb_start)(DisasContextBase *db, CPUState *cpu);
void (*insn_start)(DisasContextBase *db, CPUState *cpu);
void (*translate_insn)(DisasContextBase *db, CPUState *cpu);
void (*tb_stop)(DisasContextBase *db, CPUState *cpu);
void (*disas_log)(const DisasContextBase *db, CPUState *cpu, FILE *f);
} TranslatorOps;
* translator_loop:
* @ops: Target-specific operations.
* @db: Disassembly context.
* @cpu: Target vCPU.
* @tb: Translation block.
* @max_insns: Maximum number of insns to translate.
* Generic translator loop.
* Translation will stop in the following cases (in order):
* - When is_jmp set by #TranslatorOps::breakpoint_check.
* - set to DISAS_TOO_MANY exits after translating one more insn
* - set to any other value than DISAS_NEXT exits immediately.
* - When is_jmp set by #TranslatorOps::translate_insn.
* - set to any value other than DISAS_NEXT exits immediately.
* - When the TCG operation buffer is full.
* - When single-stepping is enabled (system-wide or on the current vCPU).
* - When too many instructions have been translated.
void translator_loop(const TranslatorOps *ops, DisasContextBase *db,
CPUState *cpu, TranslationBlock *tb, int max_insns);
void translator_loop_temp_check(DisasContextBase *db);
* translator_use_goto_tb
* @db: Disassembly context
* @dest: target pc of the goto
* Return true if goto_tb is allowed between the current TB
* and the destination PC.
bool translator_use_goto_tb(DisasContextBase *db, target_ulong dest);
* Translator Load Functions
* These are intended to replace the direct usage of the cpu_ld*_code
* functions and are mandatory for front-ends that have been migrated
* to the common translator_loop. These functions are only intended
* to be called from the translation stage and should not be called
* from helper functions. Those functions should be converted to encode
* the relevant information at translation time.
#define GEN_TRANSLATOR_LD(fullname, type, load_fn, swap_fn) \
type fullname ## _swap(CPUArchState *env, DisasContextBase *dcbase, \
abi_ptr pc, bool do_swap); \
static inline type fullname(CPUArchState *env, \
DisasContextBase *dcbase, abi_ptr pc) \
{ \
return fullname ## _swap(env, dcbase, pc, false); \
F(translator_ldub, uint8_t, cpu_ldub_code, /* no swap */) \
F(translator_ldsw, int16_t, cpu_ldsw_code, bswap16) \
F(translator_lduw, uint16_t, cpu_lduw_code, bswap16) \
F(translator_ldl, uint32_t, cpu_ldl_code, bswap32) \
F(translator_ldq, uint64_t, cpu_ldq_code, bswap64)
#endif /* EXEC__TRANSLATOR_H */