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# Makefile for QEMU.
ifneq ($(words $(subst :, ,$(CURDIR))), 1)
$(error main directory cannot contain spaces nor colons)
# Always point to the root of the build tree (needs GNU make).
# Before including a proper config-host.mak, assume we are in the source tree
# Don't use implicit rules or variables
# we have explicit rules for everything
SHELL = bash -o pipefail
# Usage: $(call quiet-command,command and args,"NAME","args to print")
# This will run "command and args", and either:
# if V=1 just print the whole command and args
# otherwise print the 'quiet' output in the format " NAME args to print"
# NAME should be a short name of the command, 7 letters or fewer.
# If called with only a single argument, will print nothing in quiet mode.
quiet-command-run = $(if $(V),,$(if $2,printf " %-7s %s\n" $2 $3 && ))$1
quiet-@ = $(if $(V),,@)
quiet-command = $(quiet-@)$(call quiet-command-run,$1,$2,$3)
UNCHECKED_GOALS := %clean TAGS cscope ctags dist \
help check-help print-% \
docker docker-% vm-help vm-test vm-build-%
.PHONY: all clean distclean recurse-all dist msi FORCE
# Don't try to regenerate Makefile or configure
# We don't generate any of them
Makefile: ;
configure: ;
# All following code might depend on configuration variables
ifneq ($(wildcard config-host.mak),)
include config-host.mak
.git-submodule-status: git-submodule-update config-host.mak
Makefile: .git-submodule-status
.PHONY: git-submodule-update
ifneq ($(GIT_SUBMODULES_ACTION),ignore)
$(call quiet-command, \
# 0. ensure the build tree is okay
# Check that we're not trying to do an out-of-tree build from
# a tree that's been used for an in-tree build.
ifneq ($(realpath $(SRC_PATH)),$(realpath .))
ifneq ($(wildcard $(SRC_PATH)/config-host.mak),)
$(error This is an out of tree build but your source tree ($(SRC_PATH)) \
seems to have been used for an in-tree build. You can fix this by running \
"$(MAKE) distclean && rm -rf *-linux-user *-softmmu" in your source tree)
# force a rerun of configure if config-host.mak is too old or corrupted
ifeq ($(MESON),)
.PHONY: config-host.mak
x := $(shell rm -rf meson-private meson-info meson-logs)
ifeq ($(NINJA),)
.PHONY: config-host.mak
x := $(shell rm -rf meson-private meson-info meson-logs)
export NINJA
ifeq ($(wildcard,)
.PHONY: config-host.mak
x := $(shell rm -rf meson-private meson-info meson-logs)
ifeq ($(origin prefix),file)
.PHONY: config-host.mak
x := $(shell rm -rf meson-private meson-info meson-logs)
# 1. ensure config-host.mak is up-to-date
config-host.mak: $(SRC_PATH)/configure $(SRC_PATH)/scripts/ $(SRC_PATH)/VERSION
@echo config-host.mak is out-of-date, running configure
@if test -f meson-private/coredata.dat; then \
./config.status --skip-meson; \
else \
./config.status && touch; \
# 2. meson.stamp exists if meson has run at least once (so ninja reconfigure
# works), but otherwise never needs to be updated
meson-private/coredata.dat: meson.stamp
meson.stamp: config-host.mak
@touch meson.stamp
# 3. ensure generated build files are up-to-date
ifneq ($(NINJA),)
$(quiet-@){ \
echo 'ninja-targets = \'; \
$(NINJA) -t targets all | sed 's/:.*//; $$!s/$$/ \\/'; \
echo 'build-files = \'; \
$(NINJA) -t query | sed -n '1,/^ input:/d; /^ outputs:/q; s/$$/ \\/p'; \
} > $@.tmp && mv $@.tmp $@
# A separate rule is needed for Makefile dependencies to avoid -n
$(build-files): meson.stamp $(build-files)
$(NINJA) $(if $V,-v,) && touch $@
ifneq ($(MESON),)
Makefile.mtest: scripts/
$(MESON) introspect --targets --tests --benchmarks | $(PYTHON) scripts/ > $@
-include Makefile.mtest
.PHONY: update-buildoptions
all update-buildoptions: $(SRC_PATH)/scripts/
$(SRC_PATH)/scripts/ $(SRC_PATH)/meson_options.txt
$(MESON) introspect --buildoptions $(SRC_PATH)/ | $(PYTHON) \
scripts/ > $@.tmp && mv $@.tmp $@
# 4. Rules to bridge to other makefiles
ifneq ($(NINJA),)
# Filter out long options to avoid flags like --no-print-directory which
# may result in false positive match for MAKE.n
MAKE.n = $(findstring n,$(firstword $(filter-out --%,$(MAKEFLAGS))))
MAKE.k = $(findstring k,$(firstword $(filter-out --%,$(MAKEFLAGS))))
MAKE.q = $(findstring q,$(firstword $(filter-out --%,$(MAKEFLAGS))))
MAKE.nq = $(if $(word 2, $(MAKE.n) $(MAKE.q)),nq)
NINJAFLAGS = $(if $V,-v) $(if $(MAKE.n), -n) $(if $(MAKE.k), -k0) \
$(filter-out -j, $(lastword -j1 $(filter -l% -j%, $(MAKEFLAGS)))) \
-d keepdepfile
ninja-cmd-goals = $(or $(MAKECMDGOALS), all)
ninja-cmd-goals += $(foreach g, $(MAKECMDGOALS), $(.ninja-goals.$g))))
makefile-targets := ctags TAGS cscope dist clean uninstall
# "ninja -t targets" also lists all prerequisites. If build system
# files are marked as PHONY, however, Make will always try to execute
# "ninja".
ninja-targets := $(filter-out $(build-files) $(makefile-targets), $(ninja-targets))
.PHONY: $(ninja-targets) run-ninja
$(ninja-targets): run-ninja
# Use "| cat" to give Ninja a more "make-y" output. Use "+" to bypass the
# --output-sync line.
run-ninja: config-host.mak
ifneq ($(filter $(ninja-targets), $(ninja-cmd-goals)),)
+$(if $(MAKE.nq),@:,$(quiet-@)$(NINJA) $(NINJAFLAGS) \
$(sort $(filter $(ninja-targets), $(ninja-cmd-goals))) | cat)
ifeq ($(CONFIG_PLUGIN),y)
.PHONY: plugins
$(call quiet-command,\
$(MAKE) $(SUBDIR_MAKEFLAGS) -C contrib/plugins V="$(V)", \
"BUILD", "example plugins")
endif # $(CONFIG_PLUGIN)
else # config-host.mak does not exist
ifneq ($(filter-out $(UNCHECKED_GOALS),$(MAKECMDGOALS)),$(if $(MAKECMDGOALS),,fail))
@echo "Please call configure before running make!"
@exit 1
endif # config-host.mak does not exist
SUBDIR_MAKEFLAGS=$(if $(V),,--no-print-directory --quiet)
include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/Makefile.include
all: recurse-all
ROMS_RULES=$(foreach t, all clean, $(addsuffix /$(t), $(ROMS)))
$(call quiet-command,$(MAKE) $(SUBDIR_MAKEFLAGS) -C $(dir $@) V="$(V)" TARGET_DIR="$(dir $@)" $(notdir $@),)
.PHONY: recurse-all recurse-clean
recurse-all: $(addsuffix /all, $(ROMS))
recurse-clean: $(addsuffix /clean, $(ROMS))
clean: recurse-clean
-$(quiet-@)test -f && $(NINJA) $(NINJAFLAGS) -t clean || :
-$(quiet-@)test -f && $(NINJA) $(NINJAFLAGS) clean-ctlist || :
find . \( -name '*.so' -o -name '*.dll' -o \
-name '*.[oda]' -o -name '*.gcno' \) -type f \
! -path ./roms/edk2/ArmPkg/Library/GccLto/liblto-aarch64.a \
! -path ./roms/edk2/ArmPkg/Library/GccLto/liblto-arm.a \
-exec rm {} +
rm -f TAGS cscope.* *~ */*~
VERSION = $(shell cat $(SRC_PATH)/VERSION)
dist: qemu-$(VERSION).tar.bz2
$(SRC_PATH)/scripts/make-release "$(SRC_PATH)" "$(patsubst qemu-%.tar.bz2,%,$@)"
distclean: clean
-$(quiet-@)test -f && $(NINJA) $(NINJAFLAGS) -t clean -g || :
rm -f config-host.mak qemu-bundle
rm -f tests/tcg/config-*.mak
rm -f config.status
rm -f roms/seabios/config.mak
rm -f qemu-plugins-ld.symbols qemu-plugins-ld64.symbols
rm -f *-config-target.h *-config-devices.mak *-config-devices.h
rm -rf meson-private meson-logs meson-info compile_commands.json
rm -f Makefile.mtest meson.stamp
rm -f config.log
rm -f linux-headers/asm
rm -Rf .sdk
find-src-path = find "$(SRC_PATH)" -path "$(SRC_PATH)/meson" -prune -o \
-type l -prune -o \( -name "*.[chsS]" -o -name "*.[ch].inc" \)
.PHONY: ctags
$(call quiet-command, \
rm -f "$(SRC_PATH)/"tags, \
"CTAGS", "Remove old tags")
$(call quiet-command, \
$(find-src-path) -exec ctags \
-f "$(SRC_PATH)/"tags --append {} +, \
"CTAGS", "Re-index $(SRC_PATH)")
.PHONY: gtags
$(call quiet-command, \
rm -f "$(SRC_PATH)/"GTAGS; \
rm -f "$(SRC_PATH)/"GRTAGS; \
rm -f "$(SRC_PATH)/"GPATH, \
"GTAGS", "Remove old $@ files")
$(call quiet-command, \
(cd $(SRC_PATH) && \
$(find-src-path) -print | gtags -f -), \
"GTAGS", "Re-index $(SRC_PATH)")
$(call quiet-command, \
rm -f "$(SRC_PATH)/"TAGS, \
"TAGS", "Remove old $@")
$(call quiet-command, \
$(find-src-path) -exec etags \
-f "$(SRC_PATH)/"TAGS --append {} +, \
"TAGS", "Re-index $(SRC_PATH)")
.PHONY: cscope
$(call quiet-command, \
rm -f "$(SRC_PATH)/"cscope.* , \
"cscope", "Remove old $@ files")
$(call quiet-command, \
($(find-src-path) -print | sed -e 's,^\./,,' \
> "$(SRC_PATH)/cscope.files"), \
"cscope", "Create file list")
$(call quiet-command, \
cscope -b -i"$(SRC_PATH)/cscope.files" \
-f"$(SRC_PATH)"/cscope.out, \
"cscope", "Re-index $(SRC_PATH)")
# Needed by "meson install"
export DESTDIR
include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/lcitool/Makefile.include
include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/docker/Makefile.include
include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/vm/Makefile.include
print-help-run = printf " %-30s - %s\\n" "$1" "$2"
print-help = @$(call print-help-run,$1,$2)
.PHONY: help
@echo 'Generic targets:'
$(call print-help,all,Build all)
$(call print-help,dir/file.o,Build specified target only)
$(call print-help,install,Install QEMU, documentation and tools)
$(call print-help,ctags/gtags/TAGS,Generate tags file for editors)
$(call print-help,cscope,Generate cscope index)
$(call print-help,sparse,Run sparse on the QEMU source)
@echo ''
ifeq ($(CONFIG_PLUGIN),y)
@echo 'Plugin targets:'
$(call print-help,plugins,Build the example TCG plugins)
@echo ''
@echo 'Cleaning targets:'
$(call print-help,clean,Remove most generated files but keep the config)
$(call print-help,distclean,Remove all generated files)
$(call print-help,dist,Build a distributable tarball)
@echo ''
@echo 'Test targets:'
$(call print-help,check,Run all tests (check-help for details))
$(call print-help,bench,Run all benchmarks)
$(call print-help,lcitool-help,Help about targets for managing build environment manifests)
$(call print-help,docker-help,Help about targets running tests inside containers)
$(call print-help,vm-help,Help about targets running tests inside VM)
@echo ''
@echo 'Documentation targets:'
$(call print-help,html man,Build documentation in specified format)
@echo ''
ifdef CONFIG_WIN32
@echo 'Windows targets:'
$(call print-help,installer,Build NSIS-based installer for QEMU)
$(call print-help,msi,Build MSI-based installer for qemu-ga)
@echo ''
$(call print-help,$(MAKE) [targets],(quiet build, default))
$(call print-help,$(MAKE) V=1 [targets],(verbose build))
# will delete the target of a rule if commands exit with a nonzero exit status
@echo '$*=$($*)'