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* libqos virtio definitions
* Copyright (c) 2014 Marc MarĂ­
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#include "libqos/malloc.h"
#include "standard-headers/linux/virtio_ring.h"
#define QVIRTIO_F_BAD_FEATURE 0x40000000ull
typedef struct QVirtioBus QVirtioBus;
typedef struct QVirtioDevice {
const QVirtioBus *bus;
/* Device type */
uint16_t device_type;
uint64_t features;
bool big_endian;
bool features_negotiated;
} QVirtioDevice;
typedef struct QVirtQueue {
QVirtioDevice *vdev;
uint64_t desc; /* This points to an array of struct vring_desc */
uint64_t avail; /* This points to a struct vring_avail */
uint64_t used; /* This points to a struct vring_used */
uint16_t index;
uint32_t size;
uint32_t free_head;
uint32_t num_free;
uint32_t align;
uint16_t last_used_idx;
bool indirect;
bool event;
} QVirtQueue;
typedef struct QVRingIndirectDesc {
uint64_t desc; /* This points to an array fo struct vring_desc */
uint16_t index;
uint16_t elem;
} QVRingIndirectDesc;
struct QVirtioBus {
uint8_t (*config_readb)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint16_t (*config_readw)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint32_t (*config_readl)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint64_t (*config_readq)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
/* Get features of the device */
uint64_t (*get_features)(QVirtioDevice *d);
/* Set features of the device */
void (*set_features)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t features);
/* Get features of the guest */
uint64_t (*get_guest_features)(QVirtioDevice *d);
/* Get status of the device */
uint8_t (*get_status)(QVirtioDevice *d);
/* Set status of the device */
void (*set_status)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint8_t status);
/* Get the queue ISR status of the device */
bool (*get_queue_isr_status)(QVirtioDevice *d, QVirtQueue *vq);
/* Wait for the configuration ISR status of the device */
void (*wait_config_isr_status)(QVirtioDevice *d, gint64 timeout_us);
/* Select a queue to work on */
void (*queue_select)(QVirtioDevice *d, uint16_t index);
/* Get the size of the selected queue */
uint16_t (*get_queue_size)(QVirtioDevice *d);
/* Set the address of the selected queue */
void (*set_queue_address)(QVirtioDevice *d, QVirtQueue *vq);
/* Setup the virtqueue specified by index */
QVirtQueue *(*virtqueue_setup)(QVirtioDevice *d, QGuestAllocator *alloc,
uint16_t index);
/* Free virtqueue resources */
void (*virtqueue_cleanup)(QVirtQueue *vq, QGuestAllocator *alloc);
/* Notify changes in virtqueue */
void (*virtqueue_kick)(QVirtioDevice *d, QVirtQueue *vq);
static inline uint32_t qvring_size(uint32_t num, uint32_t align)
return ((sizeof(struct vring_desc) * num + sizeof(uint16_t) * (3 + num)
+ align - 1) & ~(align - 1))
+ sizeof(uint16_t) * 3 + sizeof(struct vring_used_elem) * num;
uint8_t qvirtio_config_readb(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint16_t qvirtio_config_readw(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint32_t qvirtio_config_readl(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint64_t qvirtio_config_readq(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t addr);
uint64_t qvirtio_get_features(QVirtioDevice *d);
void qvirtio_set_features(QVirtioDevice *d, uint64_t features);
bool qvirtio_is_big_endian(QVirtioDevice *d);
void qvirtio_reset(QVirtioDevice *d);
void qvirtio_set_acknowledge(QVirtioDevice *d);
void qvirtio_set_driver(QVirtioDevice *d);
void qvirtio_set_driver_ok(QVirtioDevice *d);
void qvirtio_wait_queue_isr(QTestState *qts, QVirtioDevice *d,
QVirtQueue *vq, gint64 timeout_us);
uint8_t qvirtio_wait_status_byte_no_isr(QTestState *qts, QVirtioDevice *d,
QVirtQueue *vq,
uint64_t addr,
gint64 timeout_us);
void qvirtio_wait_used_elem(QTestState *qts, QVirtioDevice *d,
QVirtQueue *vq,
uint32_t desc_idx,
uint32_t *len,
gint64 timeout_us);
void qvirtio_wait_config_isr(QVirtioDevice *d, gint64 timeout_us);
QVirtQueue *qvirtqueue_setup(QVirtioDevice *d,
QGuestAllocator *alloc, uint16_t index);
void qvirtqueue_cleanup(const QVirtioBus *bus, QVirtQueue *vq,
QGuestAllocator *alloc);
void qvring_init(QTestState *qts, const QGuestAllocator *alloc, QVirtQueue *vq,
uint64_t addr);
QVRingIndirectDesc *qvring_indirect_desc_setup(QTestState *qs, QVirtioDevice *d,
QGuestAllocator *alloc,
uint16_t elem);
void qvring_indirect_desc_add(QVirtioDevice *d, QTestState *qts,
QVRingIndirectDesc *indirect,
uint64_t data, uint32_t len, bool write);
uint32_t qvirtqueue_add(QTestState *qts, QVirtQueue *vq, uint64_t data,
uint32_t len, bool write, bool next);
uint32_t qvirtqueue_add_indirect(QTestState *qts, QVirtQueue *vq,
QVRingIndirectDesc *indirect);
void qvirtqueue_kick(QTestState *qts, QVirtioDevice *d, QVirtQueue *vq,
uint32_t free_head);
bool qvirtqueue_get_buf(QTestState *qts, QVirtQueue *vq, uint32_t *desc_idx,
uint32_t *len);
void qvirtqueue_set_used_event(QTestState *qts, QVirtQueue *vq, uint16_t idx);
void qvirtio_start_device(QVirtioDevice *vdev);