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* libqos virtio PCI definitions
* Copyright (c) 2014 Marc MarĂ­
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#include "libqos/virtio.h"
#include "libqos/pci.h"
#include "libqos/qgraph.h"
typedef struct QVirtioPCIMSIXOps QVirtioPCIMSIXOps;
typedef struct QVirtioPCIDevice {
QOSGraphObject obj;
QVirtioDevice vdev;
QPCIDevice *pdev;
QPCIBar bar;
const QVirtioPCIMSIXOps *msix_ops;
uint16_t config_msix_entry;
uint64_t config_msix_addr;
uint32_t config_msix_data;
int bar_idx;
/* VIRTIO 1.0 */
uint32_t common_cfg_offset;
uint32_t notify_cfg_offset;
uint32_t notify_off_multiplier;
uint32_t isr_cfg_offset;
uint32_t device_cfg_offset;
} QVirtioPCIDevice;
struct QVirtioPCIMSIXOps {
/* Set the Configuration Vector for MSI-X */
void (*set_config_vector)(QVirtioPCIDevice *d, uint16_t entry);
/* Set the Queue Vector for MSI-X */
void (*set_queue_vector)(QVirtioPCIDevice *d, uint16_t vq_idx,
uint16_t entry);
typedef struct QVirtQueuePCI {
QVirtQueue vq;
uint16_t msix_entry;
uint64_t msix_addr;
uint32_t msix_data;
/* VIRTIO 1.0 */
uint64_t notify_offset;
} QVirtQueuePCI;
void virtio_pci_init(QVirtioPCIDevice *dev, QPCIBus *bus, QPCIAddress * addr);
QVirtioPCIDevice *virtio_pci_new(QPCIBus *bus, QPCIAddress * addr);
/* virtio-pci object functions available for subclasses that
* override the original start_hw and destroy
* function. All virtio-xxx-pci subclass that override must
* take care of calling these two functions in the respective
* places
void qvirtio_pci_destructor(QOSGraphObject *obj);
void qvirtio_pci_start_hw(QOSGraphObject *obj);
void qvirtio_pci_device_enable(QVirtioPCIDevice *d);
void qvirtio_pci_device_disable(QVirtioPCIDevice *d);
void qvirtio_pci_set_msix_configuration_vector(QVirtioPCIDevice *d,
QGuestAllocator *alloc, uint16_t entry);
void qvirtqueue_pci_msix_setup(QVirtioPCIDevice *d, QVirtQueuePCI *vqpci,
QGuestAllocator *alloc, uint16_t entry);
/* Used by Legacy and Modern virtio-pci code */
QVirtQueue *qvirtio_pci_virtqueue_setup_common(QVirtioDevice *d,
QGuestAllocator *alloc,
uint16_t index);
void qvirtio_pci_virtqueue_cleanup_common(QVirtQueue *vq,
QGuestAllocator *alloc);