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.. _Sparc64-System-emulator:
Sparc64 System emulator
Use the executable ``qemu-system-sparc64`` to simulate a Sun4u
(UltraSPARC PC-like machine), Sun4v (T1 PC-like machine), or generic
Niagara (T1) machine. The Sun4u emulator is mostly complete, being able
to run Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD in headless (-nographic) mode. The
Sun4v emulator is still a work in progress.
The Niagara T1 emulator makes use of firmware and OS binaries supplied
in the S10image/ directory of the OpenSPARC T1 project
and is able to boot the disk.s10hw2 Solaris image.
qemu-system-sparc64 -M niagara -L /path-to/S10image/ \
-nographic -m 256 \
-drive if=pflash,readonly=on,file=/S10image/disk.s10hw2
QEMU emulates the following peripherals:
- UltraSparc IIi APB PCI Bridge
- PCI VGA compatible card with VESA Bochs Extensions
- PS/2 mouse and keyboard
- Non Volatile RAM M48T59
- PC-compatible serial ports
- 2 PCI IDE interfaces with hard disk and CD-ROM support
- Floppy disk