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* Plugin Shared Internal Functions
* Copyright (C) 2019, Linaro
* License: GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
#include <gmodule.h>
#include "qemu/qht.h"
/* global state */
struct qemu_plugin_state {
QTAILQ_HEAD(, qemu_plugin_ctx) ctxs;
QLIST_HEAD(, qemu_plugin_cb) cb_lists[QEMU_PLUGIN_EV_MAX];
* Use the HT as a hash map by inserting k == v, which saves memory as
* documented by GLib. The parent struct is obtained with container_of().
GHashTable *id_ht;
* Use the HT as a hash map. Note that we could use a list here,
* but with the HT we avoid adding a field to CPUState.
GHashTable *cpu_ht;
* @lock protects the struct as well as ctx->uninstalling.
* The lock must be acquired by all API ops.
* The lock is recursive, which greatly simplifies things, e.g.
* callback registration from qemu_plugin_vcpu_for_each().
QemuRecMutex lock;
* HT of callbacks invoked from helpers. All entries are freed when
* the code cache is flushed.
struct qht dyn_cb_arr_ht;
struct qemu_plugin_ctx {
GModule *handle;
qemu_plugin_id_t id;
struct qemu_plugin_cb *callbacks[QEMU_PLUGIN_EV_MAX];
QTAILQ_ENTRY(qemu_plugin_ctx) entry;
* keep a reference to @desc until uninstall, so that plugins do not have
* to strdup plugin args.
struct qemu_plugin_desc *desc;
bool installing;
bool uninstalling;
bool resetting;
struct qemu_plugin_ctx *plugin_id_to_ctx_locked(qemu_plugin_id_t id);
void plugin_register_inline_op(GArray **arr,
enum qemu_plugin_mem_rw rw,
enum qemu_plugin_op op, void *ptr,
uint64_t imm);
void plugin_reset_uninstall(qemu_plugin_id_t id,
qemu_plugin_simple_cb_t cb,
bool reset);
void plugin_register_cb(qemu_plugin_id_t id, enum qemu_plugin_event ev,
void *func);
void plugin_unregister_cb__locked(struct qemu_plugin_ctx *ctx,
enum qemu_plugin_event ev);
plugin_register_cb_udata(qemu_plugin_id_t id, enum qemu_plugin_event ev,
void *func, void *udata);
plugin_register_dyn_cb__udata(GArray **arr,
qemu_plugin_vcpu_udata_cb_t cb,
enum qemu_plugin_cb_flags flags, void *udata);
void plugin_register_vcpu_mem_cb(GArray **arr,
void *cb,
enum qemu_plugin_cb_flags flags,
enum qemu_plugin_mem_rw rw,
void *udata);
void exec_inline_op(struct qemu_plugin_dyn_cb *cb);
#endif /* _PLUGIN_INTERNAL_H_ */