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#ifndef HW_PC_H
#define HW_PC_H
#include "qemu/notify.h"
#include "qapi/qapi-types-common.h"
#include "hw/boards.h"
#include "hw/block/fdc.h"
#include "hw/block/flash.h"
#include "hw/i386/x86.h"
#include "hw/acpi/acpi_dev_interface.h"
#include "hw/hotplug.h"
#define HPET_INTCAP "hpet-intcap"
* PCMachineState:
* @acpi_dev: link to ACPI PM device that performs ACPI hotplug handling
* @boot_cpus: number of present VCPUs
* @smp_dies: number of dies per one package
struct PCMachineState {
/*< private >*/
X86MachineState parent_obj;
/* <public> */
/* State for other subsystems/APIs: */
Notifier machine_done;
/* Pointers to devices and objects: */
HotplugHandler *acpi_dev;
PCIBus *bus;
I2CBus *smbus;
PFlashCFI01 *flash[2];
/* Configuration options: */
OnOffAuto vmport;
bool acpi_build_enabled;
bool smbus_enabled;
bool sata_enabled;
bool pit_enabled;
/* NUMA information: */
uint64_t numa_nodes;
uint64_t *node_mem;
/* ACPI Memory hotplug IO base address */
hwaddr memhp_io_base;
#define PC_MACHINE_ACPI_DEVICE_PROP "acpi-device"
#define PC_MACHINE_DEVMEM_REGION_SIZE "device-memory-region-size"
#define PC_MACHINE_VMPORT "vmport"
#define PC_MACHINE_SMBUS "smbus"
#define PC_MACHINE_SATA "sata"
#define PC_MACHINE_PIT "pit"
* PCMachineClass:
* Compat fields:
* @enforce_aligned_dimm: check that DIMM's address/size is aligned by
* backend's alignment value if provided
* @acpi_data_size: Size of the chunk of memory at the top of RAM
* for the BIOS ACPI tables and other BIOS
* datastructures.
* @gigabyte_align: Make sure that guest addresses aligned at
* 1Gbyte boundaries get mapped to host
* addresses aligned at 1Gbyte boundaries. This
* way we can use 1GByte pages in the host.
typedef struct PCMachineClass {
/*< private >*/
X86MachineClass parent_class;
/*< public >*/
/* Device configuration: */
bool pci_enabled;
bool kvmclock_enabled;
const char *default_nic_model;
/* Compat options: */
/* Default CPU model version. See x86_cpu_set_default_version(). */
int default_cpu_version;
/* ACPI compat: */
bool has_acpi_build;
bool rsdp_in_ram;
int legacy_acpi_table_size;
unsigned acpi_data_size;
bool do_not_add_smb_acpi;
/* SMBIOS compat: */
bool smbios_defaults;
bool smbios_legacy_mode;
bool smbios_uuid_encoded;
/* RAM / address space compat: */
bool gigabyte_align;
bool has_reserved_memory;
bool enforce_aligned_dimm;
bool broken_reserved_end;
/* generate legacy CPU hotplug AML */
bool legacy_cpu_hotplug;
/* use DMA capable linuxboot option rom */
bool linuxboot_dma_enabled;
/* use PVH to load kernels that support this feature */
bool pvh_enabled;
} PCMachineClass;
#define TYPE_PC_MACHINE "generic-pc-machine"
#define PC_MACHINE(obj) \
#define PC_MACHINE_GET_CLASS(obj) \
#define PC_MACHINE_CLASS(klass) \
/* ioapic.c */
GSIState *pc_gsi_create(qemu_irq **irqs, bool pci_enabled);
/* vmport.c */
#define TYPE_VMPORT "vmport"
typedef uint32_t (VMPortReadFunc)(void *opaque, uint32_t address);
static inline void vmport_init(ISABus *bus)
isa_create_simple(bus, TYPE_VMPORT);
void vmport_register(unsigned char command, VMPortReadFunc *func, void *opaque);
void vmmouse_get_data(uint32_t *data);
void vmmouse_set_data(const uint32_t *data);
/* pc.c */
extern int fd_bootchk;
void pc_acpi_smi_interrupt(void *opaque, int irq, int level);
void pc_hot_add_cpu(MachineState *ms, const int64_t id, Error **errp);
void pc_smp_parse(MachineState *ms, QemuOpts *opts);
void pc_guest_info_init(PCMachineState *pcms);
#define PCI_HOST_PROP_PCI_HOLE_START "pci-hole-start"
#define PCI_HOST_PROP_PCI_HOLE_END "pci-hole-end"
#define PCI_HOST_PROP_PCI_HOLE64_START "pci-hole64-start"
#define PCI_HOST_PROP_PCI_HOLE64_END "pci-hole64-end"
#define PCI_HOST_PROP_PCI_HOLE64_SIZE "pci-hole64-size"
#define PCI_HOST_BELOW_4G_MEM_SIZE "below-4g-mem-size"
#define PCI_HOST_ABOVE_4G_MEM_SIZE "above-4g-mem-size"
void pc_pci_as_mapping_init(Object *owner, MemoryRegion *system_memory,
MemoryRegion *pci_address_space);
void xen_load_linux(PCMachineState *pcms);
void pc_memory_init(PCMachineState *pcms,
MemoryRegion *system_memory,
MemoryRegion *rom_memory,
MemoryRegion **ram_memory);
uint64_t pc_pci_hole64_start(void);
DeviceState *pc_vga_init(ISABus *isa_bus, PCIBus *pci_bus);
void pc_basic_device_init(ISABus *isa_bus, qemu_irq *gsi,
ISADevice **rtc_state,
bool create_fdctrl,
bool no_vmport,
bool has_pit,
uint32_t hpet_irqs);
void pc_init_ne2k_isa(ISABus *bus, NICInfo *nd);
void pc_cmos_init(PCMachineState *pcms,
BusState *ide0, BusState *ide1,
ISADevice *s);
void pc_nic_init(PCMachineClass *pcmc, ISABus *isa_bus, PCIBus *pci_bus);
void pc_pci_device_init(PCIBus *pci_bus);
typedef void (*cpu_set_smm_t)(int smm, void *arg);
void pc_i8259_create(ISABus *isa_bus, qemu_irq *i8259_irqs);
ISADevice *pc_find_fdc0(void);
int cmos_get_fd_drive_type(FloppyDriveType fd0);
/* port92.c */
#define PORT92_A20_LINE "a20"
#define TYPE_PORT92 "port92"
/* pc_sysfw.c */
void pc_system_flash_create(PCMachineState *pcms);
void pc_system_firmware_init(PCMachineState *pcms, MemoryRegion *rom_memory);
/* acpi-build.c */
void pc_madt_cpu_entry(AcpiDeviceIf *adev, int uid,
const CPUArchIdList *apic_ids, GArray *entry);
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_4_2[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_4_2_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_4_1[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_4_1_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_4_0[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_4_0_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_3_1[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_3_1_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_3_0[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_3_0_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_12[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_12_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_11[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_11_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_10[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_10_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_9[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_9_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_8[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_8_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_7[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_7_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_6[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_6_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_5[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_5_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_4[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_4_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_3[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_3_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_2[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_2_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_1[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_1_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_2_0[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_2_0_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_1_7[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_1_7_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_1_6[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_1_6_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_1_5[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_1_5_len;
extern GlobalProperty pc_compat_1_4[];
extern const size_t pc_compat_1_4_len;
/* Helper for setting model-id for CPU models that changed model-id
* depending on QEMU versions up to QEMU 2.4.
#define PC_CPU_MODEL_IDS(v) \
{ "qemu32-" TYPE_X86_CPU, "model-id", "QEMU Virtual CPU version " v, },\
{ "qemu64-" TYPE_X86_CPU, "model-id", "QEMU Virtual CPU version " v, },\
{ "athlon-" TYPE_X86_CPU, "model-id", "QEMU Virtual CPU version " v, },
#define DEFINE_PC_MACHINE(suffix, namestr, initfn, optsfn) \
static void pc_machine_##suffix##_class_init(ObjectClass *oc, void *data) \
{ \
MachineClass *mc = MACHINE_CLASS(oc); \
optsfn(mc); \
mc->init = initfn; \
} \
static const TypeInfo pc_machine_type_##suffix = { \
.name = namestr TYPE_MACHINE_SUFFIX, \
.parent = TYPE_PC_MACHINE, \
.class_init = pc_machine_##suffix##_class_init, \
}; \
static void pc_machine_init_##suffix(void) \
{ \
type_register(&pc_machine_type_##suffix); \
} \
extern void igd_passthrough_isa_bridge_create(PCIBus *bus, uint16_t gpu_dev_id);