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* Notifier lists
* Copyright IBM, Corp. 2010
* Authors:
* Anthony Liguori <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2. See
* the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#include "qemu/queue.h"
typedef struct Notifier Notifier;
struct Notifier
void (*notify)(Notifier *notifier, void *data);
QLIST_ENTRY(Notifier) node;
typedef struct NotifierList
QLIST_HEAD(, Notifier) notifiers;
} NotifierList;
{ QLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER((head).notifiers) }
void notifier_list_init(NotifierList *list);
void notifier_list_add(NotifierList *list, Notifier *notifier);
void notifier_remove(Notifier *notifier);
void notifier_list_notify(NotifierList *list, void *data);
bool notifier_list_empty(NotifierList *list);
/* Same as Notifier but allows .notify() to return errors */
typedef struct NotifierWithReturn NotifierWithReturn;
struct NotifierWithReturn {
* Return 0 on success (next notifier will be invoked), otherwise
* notifier_with_return_list_notify() will stop and return the value.
int (*notify)(NotifierWithReturn *notifier, void *data);
QLIST_ENTRY(NotifierWithReturn) node;
typedef struct NotifierWithReturnList {
QLIST_HEAD(, NotifierWithReturn) notifiers;
} NotifierWithReturnList;
{ QLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER((head).notifiers) }
void notifier_with_return_list_init(NotifierWithReturnList *list);
void notifier_with_return_list_add(NotifierWithReturnList *list,
NotifierWithReturn *notifier);
void notifier_with_return_remove(NotifierWithReturn *notifier);
int notifier_with_return_list_notify(NotifierWithReturnList *list,
void *data);