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* s390 IPL device
* Copyright 2015 IBM Corp.
* Author(s): Zhang Fan <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or (at
* your option) any later version. See the COPYING file in the top-level
* directory.
#ifndef HW_S390_IPL_H
#define HW_S390_IPL_H
#include "cpu.h"
#include "hw/qdev-core.h"
struct IplBlockCcw {
uint8_t reserved0[85];
uint8_t ssid;
uint16_t devno;
uint8_t vm_flags;
uint8_t reserved3[3];
uint32_t vm_parm_len;
uint8_t nss_name[8];
uint8_t vm_parm[64];
uint8_t reserved4[8];
typedef struct IplBlockCcw IplBlockCcw;
struct IplBlockFcp {
uint8_t reserved1[305 - 1];
uint8_t opt;
uint8_t reserved2[3];
uint16_t reserved3;
uint16_t devno;
uint8_t reserved4[4];
uint64_t wwpn;
uint64_t lun;
uint32_t bootprog;
uint8_t reserved5[12];
uint64_t br_lba;
uint32_t scp_data_len;
uint8_t reserved6[260];
uint8_t scp_data[];
typedef struct IplBlockFcp IplBlockFcp;
struct IplBlockQemuScsi {
uint32_t lun;
uint16_t target;
uint16_t channel;
uint8_t reserved0[77];
uint8_t ssid;
uint16_t devno;
typedef struct IplBlockQemuScsi IplBlockQemuScsi;
#define DIAG308_FLAGS_LP_VALID 0x80
union IplParameterBlock {
struct {
uint32_t len;
uint8_t reserved0[3];
uint8_t version;
uint32_t blk0_len;
uint8_t pbt;
uint8_t flags;
uint16_t reserved01;
uint8_t loadparm[8];
union {
IplBlockCcw ccw;
IplBlockFcp fcp;
IplBlockQemuScsi scsi;
struct {
uint8_t reserved1[110];
uint16_t devno;
uint8_t reserved2[88];
uint8_t reserved_ext[4096 - 200];
typedef union IplParameterBlock IplParameterBlock;
int s390_ipl_set_loadparm(uint8_t *loadparm);
void s390_ipl_update_diag308(IplParameterBlock *iplb);
void s390_ipl_prepare_cpu(S390CPU *cpu);
IplParameterBlock *s390_ipl_get_iplb(void);
enum s390_reset {
/* default is a reset not triggered by a CPU e.g. issued by QMP */
void s390_ipl_reset_request(CPUState *cs, enum s390_reset reset_type);
void s390_ipl_get_reset_request(CPUState **cs, enum s390_reset *reset_type);
void s390_ipl_clear_reset_request(void);
#define QIPL_ADDRESS 0xcc
/* Boot Menu flags */
#define QIPL_FLAG_BM_OPTS_CMD 0x80
* The QEMU IPL Parameters will be stored at absolute address
* 204 (0xcc) which means it is 32-bit word aligned but not
* double-word aligned.
* Placement of data fields in this area must account for
* their alignment needs. E.g., netboot_start_address must
* have an offset of 4 + n * 8 bytes within the struct in order
* to keep it double-word aligned.
* The total size of the struct must never exceed 28 bytes.
* This definition must be kept in sync with the defininition
* in pc-bios/s390-ccw/iplb.h.
struct QemuIplParameters {
uint8_t qipl_flags;
uint8_t reserved1[3];
uint64_t netboot_start_addr;
uint32_t boot_menu_timeout;
uint8_t reserved2[12];
typedef struct QemuIplParameters QemuIplParameters;
#define TYPE_S390_IPL "s390-ipl"
#define S390_IPL(obj) OBJECT_CHECK(S390IPLState, (obj), TYPE_S390_IPL)
struct S390IPLState {
/*< private >*/
DeviceState parent_obj;
IplParameterBlock iplb;
QemuIplParameters qipl;
uint64_t start_addr;
uint64_t compat_start_addr;
uint64_t bios_start_addr;
uint64_t compat_bios_start_addr;
bool enforce_bios;
bool iplb_valid;
bool netboot;
/* reset related properties don't have to be migrated or reset */
enum s390_reset reset_type;
int reset_cpu_index;
/*< public >*/
char *kernel;
char *initrd;
char *cmdline;
char *firmware;
char *netboot_fw;
uint8_t cssid;
uint8_t ssid;
uint16_t devno;
bool iplbext_migration;
typedef struct S390IPLState S390IPLState;
QEMU_BUILD_BUG_MSG(offsetof(S390IPLState, iplb) & 3, "alignment of iplb wrong");
#define S390_IPL_TYPE_FCP 0x00
#define S390_IPL_TYPE_CCW 0x02
#define S390_IPL_TYPE_QEMU_SCSI 0xff
#define S390_IPLB_HEADER_LEN 8
#define S390_IPLB_MIN_CCW_LEN 200
#define S390_IPLB_MIN_FCP_LEN 384
#define S390_IPLB_MIN_QEMU_SCSI_LEN 200
static inline bool iplb_valid_len(IplParameterBlock *iplb)
return be32_to_cpu(iplb->len) <= sizeof(IplParameterBlock);
static inline bool iplb_valid(IplParameterBlock *iplb)
switch (iplb->pbt) {
case S390_IPL_TYPE_FCP:
return be32_to_cpu(iplb->len) >= S390_IPLB_MIN_FCP_LEN;
case S390_IPL_TYPE_CCW:
return be32_to_cpu(iplb->len) >= S390_IPLB_MIN_CCW_LEN;
return false;