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QEMU Standard VGA
Exists in two variants, for isa and pci.
command line switches:
-vga std [ picks isa for -M isapc, otherwise pci ]
-device VGA [ pci variant ]
-device isa-vga [ isa variant ]
-device secondary-vga [ legacy-free pci variant ]
PCI spec
Applies to the pci variant only for obvious reasons.
PCI ID: 1234:1111
PCI Region 0:
Framebuffer memory, 16 MB in size (by default).
Size is tunable via vga_mem_mb property.
PCI Region 1:
Reserved (so we have the option to make the framebuffer bar 64bit).
PCI Region 2:
MMIO bar, 4096 bytes in size (qemu 1.3+)
PCI ROM Region:
Holds the vgabios (qemu 0.14+).
The legacy-free variant has no ROM and has PCI_CLASS_DISPLAY_OTHER
IO ports used
Doesn't apply to the legacy-free pci variant, use the MMIO bar instead.
03c0 - 03df : standard vga ports
01ce : bochs vbe interface index port
01cf : bochs vbe interface data port (x86 only)
01d0 : bochs vbe interface data port
Memory regions used
0xe0000000 : Framebuffer memory, isa variant only.
The pci variant used to mirror the framebuffer bar here, qemu 0.14+
stops doing that (except when in -M pc-$old compat mode).
MMIO area spec
Likewise applies to the pci variant only for obvious reasons.
0000 - 03ff : edid data blob.
0400 - 041f : vga ioports (0x3c0 -> 0x3df), remapped 1:1.
word access is supported, bytes are written
in little endia order (aka index port first),
so indexed registers can be updated with a
single mmio write (and thus only one vmexit).
0500 - 0515 : bochs dispi interface registers, mapped flat
without index/data ports. Use (index << 1)
as offset for (16bit) register access.
0600 - 0607 : qemu extended registers. qemu 2.2+ only.
The pci revision is 2 (or greater) when
these registers are present. The registers
are 32bit.
0600 : qemu extended register region size, in bytes.
0604 : framebuffer endianness register.
- 0xbebebebe indicates big endian.
- 0x1e1e1e1e indicates little endian.