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QAPI introspection generator
Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Red Hat, Inc.
Markus Armbruster <>
This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.
See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
from qapi.common import *
from qapi.gen import QAPISchemaMonolithicCVisitor
from qapi.schema import (QAPISchemaArrayType, QAPISchemaBuiltinType,
def _make_tree(obj, ifcond, features, extra=None):
if extra is None:
extra = {}
if ifcond:
extra['if'] = ifcond
if features:
obj['features'] = [(, {'if': f.ifcond}) for f in features]
if extra:
return (obj, extra)
return obj
def _tree_to_qlit(obj, level=0, suppress_first_indent=False):
def indent(level):
return level * 4 * ' '
if isinstance(obj, tuple):
ifobj, extra = obj
ifcond = extra.get('if')
comment = extra.get('comment')
ret = ''
if comment:
ret += indent(level) + '/* %s */\n' % comment
if ifcond:
ret += gen_if(ifcond)
ret += _tree_to_qlit(ifobj, level)
if ifcond:
ret += '\n' + gen_endif(ifcond)
return ret
ret = ''
if not suppress_first_indent:
ret += indent(level)
if obj is None:
ret += 'QLIT_QNULL'
elif isinstance(obj, str):
ret += 'QLIT_QSTR(' + to_c_string(obj) + ')'
elif isinstance(obj, list):
elts = [_tree_to_qlit(elt, level + 1).strip('\n')
for elt in obj]
elts.append(indent(level + 1) + "{}")
ret += 'QLIT_QLIST(((QLitObject[]) {\n'
ret += '\n'.join(elts) + '\n'
ret += indent(level) + '}))'
elif isinstance(obj, dict):
elts = []
for key, value in sorted(obj.items()):
elts.append(indent(level + 1) + '{ %s, %s }' %
_tree_to_qlit(value, level + 1, True)))
elts.append(indent(level + 1) + '{}')
ret += 'QLIT_QDICT(((QLitDictEntry[]) {\n'
ret += ',\n'.join(elts) + '\n'
ret += indent(level) + '}))'
elif isinstance(obj, bool):
ret += 'QLIT_QBOOL(%s)' % ('true' if obj else 'false')
assert False # not implemented
if level > 0:
ret += ','
return ret
def to_c_string(string):
return '"' + string.replace('\\', r'\\').replace('"', r'\"') + '"'
class QAPISchemaGenIntrospectVisitor(QAPISchemaMonolithicCVisitor):
def __init__(self, prefix, unmask):
prefix, 'qapi-introspect',
' * QAPI/QMP schema introspection', __doc__)
self._unmask = unmask
self._schema = None
self._trees = []
self._used_types = []
self._name_map = {}
#include "qemu/osdep.h"
#include "%(prefix)sqapi-introspect.h"
def visit_begin(self, schema):
self._schema = schema
def visit_end(self):
# visit the types that are actually used
for typ in self._used_types:
# generate C
name = c_name(self._prefix, protect=False) + 'qmp_schema_qlit'
#include "qapi/qmp/qlit.h"
extern const QLitObject %(c_name)s;
const QLitObject %(c_name)s = %(c_string)s;
self._schema = None
self._trees = []
self._used_types = []
self._name_map = {}
def visit_needed(self, entity):
# Ignore types on first pass; visit_end() will pick up used types
return not isinstance(entity, QAPISchemaType)
def _name(self, name):
if self._unmask:
return name
if name not in self._name_map:
self._name_map[name] = '%d' % len(self._name_map)
return self._name_map[name]
def _use_type(self, typ):
# Map the various integer types to plain int
if typ.json_type() == 'int':
typ = self._schema.lookup_type('int')
elif (isinstance(typ, QAPISchemaArrayType) and
typ.element_type.json_type() == 'int'):
typ = self._schema.lookup_type('intList')
# Add type to work queue if new
if typ not in self._used_types:
# Clients should examine commands and events, not types. Hide
# type names as integers to reduce the temptation. Also, it
# saves a few characters on the wire.
if isinstance(typ, QAPISchemaBuiltinType):
if isinstance(typ, QAPISchemaArrayType):
return '[' + self._use_type(typ.element_type) + ']'
return self._name(
def _gen_tree(self, name, mtype, obj, ifcond, features):
extra = None
if mtype not in ('command', 'event', 'builtin', 'array'):
if not self._unmask:
# Output a comment to make it easy to map masked names
# back to the source when reading the generated output.
extra = {'comment': '"%s" = %s' % (self._name(name), name)}
name = self._name(name)
obj['name'] = name
obj['meta-type'] = mtype
self._trees.append(_make_tree(obj, ifcond, features, extra))
def _gen_member(self, member):
obj = {'name':, 'type': self._use_type(member.type)}
if member.optional:
obj['default'] = None
return _make_tree(obj, member.ifcond, member.features)
def _gen_variants(self, tag_name, variants):
return {'tag': tag_name,
'variants': [self._gen_variant(v) for v in variants]}
def _gen_variant(self, variant):
obj = {'case':, 'type': self._use_type(variant.type)}
return _make_tree(obj, variant.ifcond, None)
def visit_builtin_type(self, name, info, json_type):
self._gen_tree(name, 'builtin', {'json-type': json_type}, [], None)
def visit_enum_type(self, name, info, ifcond, features, members, prefix):
self._gen_tree(name, 'enum',
{'values': [_make_tree(, m.ifcond, None)
for m in members]},
ifcond, features)
def visit_array_type(self, name, info, ifcond, element_type):
element = self._use_type(element_type)
self._gen_tree('[' + element + ']', 'array', {'element-type': element},
ifcond, None)
def visit_object_type_flat(self, name, info, ifcond, features,
members, variants):
obj = {'members': [self._gen_member(m) for m in members]}
if variants:
self._gen_tree(name, 'object', obj, ifcond, features)
def visit_alternate_type(self, name, info, ifcond, features, variants):
self._gen_tree(name, 'alternate',
{'members': [
_make_tree({'type': self._use_type(m.type)},
m.ifcond, None)
for m in variants.variants]},
ifcond, features)
def visit_command(self, name, info, ifcond, features,
arg_type, ret_type, gen, success_response, boxed,
allow_oob, allow_preconfig):
arg_type = arg_type or self._schema.the_empty_object_type
ret_type = ret_type or self._schema.the_empty_object_type
obj = {'arg-type': self._use_type(arg_type),
'ret-type': self._use_type(ret_type)}
if allow_oob:
obj['allow-oob'] = allow_oob
self._gen_tree(name, 'command', obj, ifcond, features)
def visit_event(self, name, info, ifcond, features, arg_type, boxed):
arg_type = arg_type or self._schema.the_empty_object_type
self._gen_tree(name, 'event', {'arg-type': self._use_type(arg_type)},
ifcond, features)
def gen_introspect(schema, output_dir, prefix, opt_unmask):
vis = QAPISchemaGenIntrospectVisitor(prefix, opt_unmask)