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# Author: Fam Zheng <>
# Archive source tree, including submodules. This is created for test code to
# export the source files, in order to be built in a different environment,
# such as in a docker instance or VM.
# This code is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later. See
# the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
error() {
printf %s\\n "$*" >&2
exit 1
if test $# -lt 1; then
error "Usage: $0 <output tarball>"
tar_file=$(realpath "$1")
sub_tdir=$(mktemp -d "${tar_file%.tar}.sub.XXXXXXXX")
# We want a predictable list of submodules for builds, that is
# independent of what the developer currently has initialized
# in their checkout, because the build environment is completely
# different to the host OS.
submodules="dtc slirp ui/keycodemapdb tests/fp/berkeley-softfloat-3 tests/fp/berkeley-testfloat-3"
function cleanup() {
local status=$?
rm -rf "$sub_tdir"
if test "$sub_deinit" != ""; then
git submodule deinit $sub_deinit
exit $status
trap "cleanup" 0 1 2 3 15
function tree_ish() {
local retval='HEAD'
if ! git diff-index --quiet --ignore-submodules=all HEAD -- &>/dev/null
retval=$(git stash create)
echo "$retval"
git archive --format tar "$(tree_ish)" > "$tar_file"
test $? -ne 0 && error "failed to archive qemu"
for sm in $submodules; do
status="$(git submodule status "$sm")"
smhash="${status#[ +-]}"
smhash="${smhash%% *}"
case "$status" in
sub_deinit="$sub_deinit $sm"
git submodule update --init "$sm"
test $? -ne 0 && error "failed to update submodule $sm"
echo "WARNING: submodule $sm is out of sync"
(cd $sm; git archive --format tar --prefix "$sm/" $(tree_ish)) > "$sub_file"
test $? -ne 0 && error "failed to archive submodule $sm ($smhash)"
tar --concatenate --file "$tar_file" "$sub_file"
test $? -ne 0 && error "failed append submodule $sm to $tar_file"
exit 0