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* Copyright (c) 2018 Virtuozzo International GmbH
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
#ifndef PE_H
#define PE_H
#ifndef _WIN32
typedef struct IMAGE_DOS_HEADER {
uint16_t e_magic; /* 0x00: MZ Header signature */
uint16_t e_cblp; /* 0x02: Bytes on last page of file */
uint16_t e_cp; /* 0x04: Pages in file */
uint16_t e_crlc; /* 0x06: Relocations */
uint16_t e_cparhdr; /* 0x08: Size of header in paragraphs */
uint16_t e_minalloc; /* 0x0a: Minimum extra paragraphs needed */
uint16_t e_maxalloc; /* 0x0c: Maximum extra paragraphs needed */
uint16_t e_ss; /* 0x0e: Initial (relative) SS value */
uint16_t e_sp; /* 0x10: Initial SP value */
uint16_t e_csum; /* 0x12: Checksum */
uint16_t e_ip; /* 0x14: Initial IP value */
uint16_t e_cs; /* 0x16: Initial (relative) CS value */
uint16_t e_lfarlc; /* 0x18: File address of relocation table */
uint16_t e_ovno; /* 0x1a: Overlay number */
uint16_t e_res[4]; /* 0x1c: Reserved words */
uint16_t e_oemid; /* 0x24: OEM identifier (for e_oeminfo) */
uint16_t e_oeminfo; /* 0x26: OEM information; e_oemid specific */
uint16_t e_res2[10]; /* 0x28: Reserved words */
uint32_t e_lfanew; /* 0x3c: Offset to extended header */
} __attribute__ ((packed)) IMAGE_DOS_HEADER;
typedef struct IMAGE_FILE_HEADER {
uint16_t Machine;
uint16_t NumberOfSections;
uint32_t TimeDateStamp;
uint32_t PointerToSymbolTable;
uint32_t NumberOfSymbols;
uint16_t SizeOfOptionalHeader;
uint16_t Characteristics;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) IMAGE_FILE_HEADER;
typedef struct IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY {
uint32_t VirtualAddress;
uint32_t Size;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY;
typedef struct IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER64 {
uint16_t Magic; /* 0x20b */
uint8_t MajorLinkerVersion;
uint8_t MinorLinkerVersion;
uint32_t SizeOfCode;
uint32_t SizeOfInitializedData;
uint32_t SizeOfUninitializedData;
uint32_t AddressOfEntryPoint;
uint32_t BaseOfCode;
uint64_t ImageBase;
uint32_t SectionAlignment;
uint32_t FileAlignment;
uint16_t MajorOperatingSystemVersion;
uint16_t MinorOperatingSystemVersion;
uint16_t MajorImageVersion;
uint16_t MinorImageVersion;
uint16_t MajorSubsystemVersion;
uint16_t MinorSubsystemVersion;
uint32_t Win32VersionValue;
uint32_t SizeOfImage;
uint32_t SizeOfHeaders;
uint32_t CheckSum;
uint16_t Subsystem;
uint16_t DllCharacteristics;
uint64_t SizeOfStackReserve;
uint64_t SizeOfStackCommit;
uint64_t SizeOfHeapReserve;
uint64_t SizeOfHeapCommit;
uint32_t LoaderFlags;
uint32_t NumberOfRvaAndSizes;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER64;
typedef struct IMAGE_NT_HEADERS64 {
uint32_t Signature;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) IMAGE_NT_HEADERS64;
typedef struct IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY {
uint32_t Characteristics;
uint32_t TimeDateStamp;
uint16_t MajorVersion;
uint16_t MinorVersion;
uint32_t Type;
uint32_t SizeOfData;
uint32_t AddressOfRawData;
uint32_t PointerToRawData;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY;
typedef struct guid_t {
uint32_t a;
uint16_t b;
uint16_t c;
uint8_t d[2];
uint8_t e[6];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) guid_t;
typedef struct OMFSignatureRSDS {
char Signature[4];
guid_t guid;
uint32_t age;
char name[];
} __attribute__ ((packed)) OMFSignatureRSDS;
#endif /* PE_H */