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# See docs/devel/tracing.txt for syntax documentation.
# kvm-all.c
kvm_ioctl(int type, void *arg) "type 0x%x, arg %p"
kvm_vm_ioctl(int type, void *arg) "type 0x%x, arg %p"
kvm_vcpu_ioctl(int cpu_index, int type, void *arg) "cpu_index %d, type 0x%x, arg %p"
kvm_run_exit(int cpu_index, uint32_t reason) "cpu_index %d, reason %d"
kvm_device_ioctl(int fd, int type, void *arg) "dev fd %d, type 0x%x, arg %p"
kvm_failed_reg_get(uint64_t id, const char *msg) "Warning: Unable to retrieve ONEREG %" PRIu64 " from KVM: %s"
kvm_failed_reg_set(uint64_t id, const char *msg) "Warning: Unable to set ONEREG %" PRIu64 " to KVM: %s"
kvm_irqchip_commit_routes(void) ""
kvm_irqchip_add_msi_route(char *name, int vector, int virq) "dev %s vector %d virq %d"
kvm_irqchip_update_msi_route(int virq) "Updating MSI route virq=%d"
kvm_irqchip_release_virq(int virq) "virq %d"
kvm_set_ioeventfd_mmio(int fd, uint64_t addr, uint32_t val, bool assign, uint32_t size, bool datamatch) "fd: %d @0x%" PRIx64 " val=0x%x assign: %d size: %d match: %d"
kvm_set_ioeventfd_pio(int fd, uint16_t addr, uint32_t val, bool assign, uint32_t size, bool datamatch) "fd: %d @0x%x val=0x%x assign: %d size: %d match: %d"
kvm_set_user_memory(uint32_t slot, uint32_t flags, uint64_t guest_phys_addr, uint64_t memory_size, uint64_t userspace_addr, int ret) "Slot#%d flags=0x%x gpa=0x%"PRIx64 " size=0x%"PRIx64 " ua=0x%"PRIx64 " ret=%d"
kvm_clear_dirty_log(uint32_t slot, uint64_t start, uint32_t size) "slot#%"PRId32" start 0x%"PRIx64" size 0x%"PRIx32