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update version number, text in:
- announcement.msg
- lib/
- lib3/
ensure libyaml version is up to date in .travis.yml and .appveyor.yml
commit with "changes for release X.Y"
push to release branch
mkdir /tmp/pyyaml-release
cd /tmp/pyyaml-release
mkdir work
docker run -it -v$PWD/work:/work python:3.7-buster bash
pip install cython twine
git clone -b (release branch)
git clone -b (current branch)
cd libyaml
make test-all
make install
cd ../pyyaml
make dist PYTHON=python
# get wheels from AppVeyor artifacts, copy to dist/ -> Artifacts
twine upload dist/*
cp dist/* /work/
exit docker
tag release, push tag
merge to master
update yaml/
copy all release binaries from /tmp/pyyaml-release/work to download/pyyaml
* wiki/ News section
* wiki/ History
% make update