Strip underscores for int() and float()

Fixes a parse failure on integers/floats with underscores.

While the script has no problem detecting numbers with
underscores, `_p_value` would choke right before returning
them due to the strings being passed unmodified into
`int()` and `float()`.
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This project aims at being a specs-conforming and strict parser and writer for TOML files. The library currently supports version 0.4.0 of the specs and runs with Python 2.7 and 3.4+.


pip install pytoml

The interface is the same as for the standard json package.

>>> import pytoml as toml
>>> toml.loads('a = 1')
{'a': 1}
>>> with open('file.toml', 'rb') as fin:
...     obj = toml.load(fin)
>>> obj
{'a': 1}

The loads function accepts either a bytes object (that gets decoded as UTF-8 with no BOM allowed), or a unicode object.

Use dump or dumps to serialize a dict into TOML.

>>> print toml.dumps(obj)
a = 1