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Intel(R) Processor Trace Decoder Library
The Intel Processor Trace (Intel PT) Decoder Library is Intel's reference
implementation for decoding Intel PT. It can be used as a standalone library or
it can be partially or fully integrated into your tool.
The library comes with a set of sample tools built on top of it and a test
system built on top of the sample tools. The samples demonstrate how to use the
library and may serve as a starting point for integrating the library into your
Go to for
support of upcoming (non-public) processors (NDA required).
README this file
libipt A packet encoder/decoder library
Optional Contents and Samples
ptdump Example implementation of a packet dumper
ptxed Example implementation of a trace disassembler
pttc A trace test generator
ptunit A simple unit test system
sideband A sideband correlation library
pevent A library for reading/writing Linux perf event records
script A collection of scripts
test A collection of tests
include A collection of substitute headers
doc A document describing the build
A document describing how to get started
A document describing the usage of the decoder library
A document describing how to capture trace
A document describing pttc
doc/man Man pages for the encoder/decoder library
We use cmake for building.
cmake The cross-platform open-source build system.
Other packages you need for some of the above optional components.
xed The Intel x86 instruction encoder and decoder.
This is needed to build and run ptxed.
yasm The Yasm Modular Assembler
This is needed to run pttc.
pandoc A universal document converter
This is needed for man pages.