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package sftp
type fxerr uint32
// Error types that match the SFTP's SSH_FXP_STATUS codes. Gives you more
// direct control of the errors being sent vs. letting the library work them
// out from the standard os/io errors.
const (
ErrSSHFxOk = fxerr(sshFxOk)
ErrSSHFxEOF = fxerr(sshFxEOF)
ErrSSHFxNoSuchFile = fxerr(sshFxNoSuchFile)
ErrSSHFxPermissionDenied = fxerr(sshFxPermissionDenied)
ErrSSHFxFailure = fxerr(sshFxFailure)
ErrSSHFxBadMessage = fxerr(sshFxBadMessage)
ErrSSHFxNoConnection = fxerr(sshFxNoConnection)
ErrSSHFxConnectionLost = fxerr(sshFxConnectionLost)
ErrSSHFxOpUnsupported = fxerr(sshFxOPUnsupported)
// Deprecated error types, these are aliases for the new ones, please use the new ones directly
const (
ErrSshFxOk = ErrSSHFxOk
ErrSshFxEof = ErrSSHFxEOF
ErrSshFxNoSuchFile = ErrSSHFxNoSuchFile
ErrSshFxPermissionDenied = ErrSSHFxPermissionDenied
ErrSshFxFailure = ErrSSHFxFailure
ErrSshFxBadMessage = ErrSSHFxBadMessage
ErrSshFxNoConnection = ErrSSHFxNoConnection
ErrSshFxConnectionLost = ErrSSHFxConnectionLost
ErrSshFxOpUnsupported = ErrSSHFxOpUnsupported
func (e fxerr) Error() string {
switch e {
case ErrSSHFxOk:
return "OK"
case ErrSSHFxEOF:
return "EOF"
case ErrSSHFxNoSuchFile:
return "No Such File"
case ErrSSHFxPermissionDenied:
return "Permission Denied"
case ErrSSHFxBadMessage:
return "Bad Message"
case ErrSSHFxNoConnection:
return "No Connection"
case ErrSSHFxConnectionLost:
return "Connection Lost"
case ErrSSHFxOpUnsupported:
return "Operation Unsupported"
return "Failure"