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<title>libogg - function - ogg_stream_pageout</title>
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<td><p class=tiny>libogg documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>libogg release 1.3.3 - 20171107</p></td>
<p><i>declared in "ogg/ogg.h";</i></p>
<p>This function forms packets into pages.</p>
<p>In a typical encoding situation, this would be called after using <a
href="ogg_stream_packetin.html">ogg_stream_packetin()</a> to submit
data packets to the bitstream. Internally, this function assembles
the accumulated packet bodies into an Ogg page suitable for writing
to a stream. The function is typically called in a loop until there
are no more pages ready for output.</p>
<p>This function will only return a page when a "reasonable" amount of
packet data is available. Normally this is appropriate since it
limits the overhead of the Ogg page headers in the bitstream, and so
calling ogg_stream_pageout() after ogg_stream_packetin() should be the
common case. Call <a href="ogg_stream_flush.html">ogg_stream_flush()</a>
if immediate page generation is desired. This may be occasionally
necessary, for example, to limit the temporal latency of a variable
bitrate stream.</p>
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int ogg_stream_pageout(<a href="ogg_stream_state.html">ogg_stream_state</a> *os, <a href="ogg_page.html">ogg_page</a> *og);
<dd>Pointer to a previously declared <a href="ogg_stream.html">ogg_stream</a> struct, which represents the current logical bitstream.</dd>
<dd>Pointer to an <a href="ogg_page.html">ogg_page</a> structure to fill
in. Data pointed to is owned by libogg. The structure is valid until the
next call to ogg_stream_pageout(), ogg_stream_packetin(), or
<h3>Return Values</h3>
<li>Zero means that insufficient data has accumulated to fill a page, or an internal error occurred. In
this case <i>og</i> is not modified.</li>
<li>Non-zero means that a page has been completed and returned.</li>
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<td><p class=tiny>libogg documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>libogg release 1.3.3 - 20171107</p></td>