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Notes to myself on all the steps to make for a Ninja release.
Push new release branch:
1. Consider sending a heads-up to the ninja-build mailing list first
2. update src/ with new version (with ".git"), then
git commit -a -m 'mark this 1.5.0.git'
3. git checkout release; git merge master
4. fix version number in src/ (it will likely conflict in the above)
5. fix version in doc/manual.asciidoc
6. commit, tag, push (don't forget to push --tags)
git commit -a -m v1.5.0; git push origin release
git tag v1.5.0; git push --tags
# Push the 1.5.0.git change on master too:
git checkout master; git push origin master
7. construct release notes from prior notes
credits: git shortlog -s --no-merges REV..
Release on github:
Add binaries to
Make announcement on mailing list:
1. copy old mail
Update website:
1. Make sure your ninja checkout is on the v1.5.0 tag
2. Clone
3. In that repo, `cd ninja && ./`
4. Update index.html with newest version and link to release notes
5. git commit -m 'run, 1.5.0 release'
6. git push origin master