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<h1>The Mesa 3D Graphics Library</h1>
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The following individuals and groups are to be acknowledged for their
contributions to Mesa over the years.
This list is far from complete and somewhat dated, unfortunately.
<li>Early Mesa development was done while Brian was part of the
<a href="">
SSEC Visualization Project</a> at the University of
Wisconsin. He'd like to thank Bill Hibbard for letting him work on
Mesa as part of that project.
<li>John Carmack of id Software, Inc. funded Keith Whitwell in 1999 in
order to optimize Mesa's vertex transformation module. This is a very
substantial piece of work.
<li>Precision Insight, Inc., VA Linux Systems, Inc., and most recently,
Tungsten Graphics, Inc. have supported the ongoing development of Mesa.
<a href="">Mesa</a>
website is hosted by
<a href="">
<img src=";type=1"
width="88" height="31" align="bottom" alt="" border="0"></a>
<li>The Mesa git repository is hosted by
<a href=""></a>.
<li><a href=""></a> contributed the Direct3D driver.
<li><b>Bernd Barsuhn</b> wrote the evaluator code for (splines,
patches) in Mesa.
<li><b>Bernhard Tschirren</b> wrote the Allegro DJGPP driver.
<li><b>Bogdan Sikorski</b> wrote the GLU NURBS and polygon tessellator
in Mesa.
<li><b>Charlie Wallace</b> wrote the MS-DOS driver.
<li><b>CJ Beyer</b> was the webmaster.
<li><b>Darren Abbott</b> provided the OS/2 driver.
<li><b>David Bucciarelli</b> wrote and maintained the 3Dfx Glide
driver. Thousands of Linux/Quake players thank David!
<li><b>Gareth Hughes</b> wrote new GLU 1.2 Polygon Tessellation code
(now superceded by SGI SI GLU).
<li><b>Holger Waechtler</b> contributed AMD 3DNow! assembly code which
accelerates vertex transformation in Mesa 3.1. Holger also implemented
the GL_EXT_texture_env_combine extension.
<li><b>Jeroen van der Zijp</b> and <b>Thorsten Ohl</b> contributed the
Xt/Motif widget code.
<li><b>John Stone</b> provided the multi-threading support in Mesa 3.0.
<li><b>John Watson</b> assisted with web page design.
<li><b>Josh Vanderhoof</b> contributed Intel x86 assembly code which
accelerates vertex transformation in Mesa 3.x.
<li><b>Jouk Jansen</b> contributed and continues to maintain the VMS
<li><b>Karl Schultz</b> has been maintaining the Windows driver.
<li><b>Keith Whitwell</b> has made extension contributions to Mesa
since 1999.
<li><b>Kendall Bennett</b> wrote the SciTech MGL driver.
<li><b>Klaus Niederkrueger</b> contributed many improvements to Mesa's
software rasterizer.
<li><b>Mark Kilgard</b> contributed antialiased line improvements and
several extensions.
<li><b>Michael Pichler</b> contributed <em>many</em> bug fixes
<li><b>Miklos Fazekas</b> wrote and maintains the Macintosh driver.
<li><b>Pascal Thibaudeau</b> wrote the NeXT driver.
<li><b>Pedro Vazquez</b> setup and maintains the Mesa Mailing list.
<li><b>Randy Frank</b> contributed <em>many</em> bug fixes.
<li><b>Stefan Zivkovic</b> wrote the Amiga driver.
<li><b>Stephane Rehel</b> provided the Cygnus Win32 support
<li><b>Ted Jump</b> maintained the
makefiles and project files for Windows 95/98/NT compilation for some time.
<li><b>Uwe Maurer</b> wrote the LibGGI driver for Mesa-3.0.
<li><b>Victor Ng-Thow-Hing</b> wrote the Amiwin driver for the Amiga.
Apologies to anyone who's been omitted.
Please send corrections and additions to Brian.