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<title>OpenVG State Tracker</title>
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<h1>The Mesa 3D Graphics Library</h1>
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<h1>OpenVG State Tracker</h1>
The current version of the OpenVG state tracker implements OpenVG 1.1.
More information about OpenVG can be found at
<a href=""></a> .
The OpenVG state tracker depends on the Gallium architecture and a working EGL implementation.
Please refer to <a href="egl.html">Mesa EGL</a> for more information about EGL.
<h2>Building the library</h2>
<li>Run <code>configure</code> with <code>--enable-openvg</code> and
<code>--enable-gallium-egl</code>. If you do not need OpenGL, you can add
<code>--disable-opengl</code> to save the compilation time.</li>
<li>Build and install Mesa as usual.</li>
<h3>Sample build</h3>
A sample build looks as follows:
$ ./configure --disable-opengl --enable-openvg --enable-gallium-egl
$ make
$ make install
<p>It will install <code></code>, <code></code>, and one
or more EGL drivers.</p>
<h2>OpenVG Demos</h2>
<p>OpenVG demos can be found in mesa/demos repository.</p>