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# ext/
# Copyright (C) 2006-2016 the Mako authors and contributors <see AUTHORS file>
# This module is part of Mako and is released under
# the MIT License:
from pygments.lexers.web import \
HtmlLexer, XmlLexer, JavascriptLexer, CssLexer
from pygments.lexers.agile import PythonLexer, Python3Lexer
from pygments.lexer import DelegatingLexer, RegexLexer, bygroups, \
include, using
from pygments.token import \
Text, Comment, Operator, Keyword, Name, String, Other
from pygments.formatters.html import HtmlFormatter
from pygments import highlight
from mako import compat
class MakoLexer(RegexLexer):
name = 'Mako'
aliases = ['mako']
filenames = ['*.mao']
tokens = {
'root': [
bygroups(Text, Comment.Preproc, Keyword, Other)),
bygroups(Text, Comment.Preproc, using(PythonLexer), Other)),
bygroups(Text, Comment.Preproc, Other)),
(r'''(?s)<%doc>.*?</%doc>''', Comment.Preproc),
bygroups(Comment.Preproc, Name.Builtin), 'tag'),
bygroups(Comment.Preproc, Name.Builtin, Comment.Preproc)),
(r'<%(?=([\w\.\:]+))', Comment.Preproc, 'ondeftags'),
bygroups(Comment.Preproc, using(PythonLexer), Comment.Preproc)),
bygroups(Comment.Preproc, using(PythonLexer), Comment.Preproc)),
(.+?) # anything, followed by:
(?<=\n)(?=%(?!%)|\#\#) | # an eval or comment line
(?=\#\*) | # multiline comment
(?=</?%) | # a python block
# call start or end
(?=\$\{) | # a substitution
(?<=\n)(?=\s*%) |
# - don't consume
(\\\n) | # an escaped newline
\Z # end of string
''', bygroups(Other, Operator)),
(r'\s+', Text),
'ondeftags': [
(r'<%', Comment.Preproc),
(r'(?<=<%)(include|inherit|namespace|page)', Name.Builtin),
'tag': [
bygroups(Name.Attribute, String)),
(r'/?\s*>', Comment.Preproc, '#pop'),
(r'\s+', Text),
'attr': [
('".*?"', String, '#pop'),
("'.*?'", String, '#pop'),
(r'[^\s>]+', String, '#pop'),
class MakoHtmlLexer(DelegatingLexer):
name = 'HTML+Mako'
aliases = ['html+mako']
def __init__(self, **options):
super(MakoHtmlLexer, self).__init__(HtmlLexer, MakoLexer,
class MakoXmlLexer(DelegatingLexer):
name = 'XML+Mako'
aliases = ['xml+mako']
def __init__(self, **options):
super(MakoXmlLexer, self).__init__(XmlLexer, MakoLexer,
class MakoJavascriptLexer(DelegatingLexer):
name = 'JavaScript+Mako'
aliases = ['js+mako', 'javascript+mako']
def __init__(self, **options):
super(MakoJavascriptLexer, self).__init__(JavascriptLexer,
MakoLexer, **options)
class MakoCssLexer(DelegatingLexer):
name = 'CSS+Mako'
aliases = ['css+mako']
def __init__(self, **options):
super(MakoCssLexer, self).__init__(CssLexer, MakoLexer,
pygments_html_formatter = HtmlFormatter(cssclass='syntax-highlighted',
def syntax_highlight(filename='', language=None):
mako_lexer = MakoLexer()
if compat.py3k:
python_lexer = Python3Lexer()
python_lexer = PythonLexer()
if filename.startswith('memory:') or language == 'mako':
return lambda string: highlight(string, mako_lexer,
return lambda string: highlight(string, python_lexer,