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import io
from lingua.extractors import Extractor
from lingua.extractors import Message
from lingua.extractors import get_extractor
from mako.ext.extract import MessageExtractor
from mako import compat
class LinguaMakoExtractor(Extractor, MessageExtractor):
'''Mako templates'''
extensions = ['.mako']
default_config = {
'encoding': 'utf-8',
'comment-tags': '',
def __call__(self, filename, options, fileobj=None):
self.options = options
self.filename = filename
self.python_extractor = get_extractor('')
if fileobj is None:
fileobj = open(filename, 'rb')
return self.process_file(fileobj)
def process_python(self, code, code_lineno, translator_strings):
source = code.getvalue().strip()
if source.endswith(compat.b(':')):
if source in (compat.b('try:'), compat.b('else:')) or source.startswith(compat.b('except')):
source = compat.b('') # Ignore try/except and else
elif source.startswith(compat.b('elif')):
source = source[2:] # Replace "elif" with "if"
source += compat.b('pass')
code = io.BytesIO(source)
for msg in self.python_extractor(
self.filename, self.options, code, code_lineno -1):
if translator_strings:
msg = Message(msg.msgctxt, msg.msgid, msg.msgid_plural,
compat.u(' ').join(
translator_strings + [msg.comment]),
msg.tcomment, msg.location)
yield msg