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"""Provide a :class:`.CacheImpl` for the Beaker caching system."""
from mako import exceptions
from mako.cache import CacheImpl
from beaker import cache as beaker_cache
has_beaker = False
has_beaker = True
_beaker_cache = None
class BeakerCacheImpl(CacheImpl):
"""A :class:`.CacheImpl` provided for the Beaker caching system.
This plugin is used by default, based on the default
value of ``'beaker'`` for the ``cache_impl`` parameter of the
:class:`.Template` or :class:`.TemplateLookup` classes.
def __init__(self, cache):
if not has_beaker:
raise exceptions.RuntimeException(
"Can't initialize Beaker plugin; Beaker is not installed.")
global _beaker_cache
if _beaker_cache is None:
if 'manager' in cache.template.cache_args:
_beaker_cache = cache.template.cache_args['manager']
_beaker_cache = beaker_cache.CacheManager()
super(BeakerCacheImpl, self).__init__(cache)
def _get_cache(self, **kw):
expiretime = kw.pop('timeout', None)
if 'dir' in kw:
kw['data_dir'] = kw.pop('dir')
elif self.cache.template.module_directory:
kw['data_dir'] = self.cache.template.module_directory
if 'manager' in kw:
if kw.get('type') == 'memcached':
kw['type'] = 'ext:memcached'
if 'region' in kw:
region = kw.pop('region')
cache = _beaker_cache.get_cache_region(, region, **kw)
cache = _beaker_cache.get_cache(, **kw)
cache_args = {'starttime': self.cache.starttime}
if expiretime:
cache_args['expiretime'] = expiretime
return cache, cache_args
def get_or_create(self, key, creation_function, **kw):
cache, kw = self._get_cache(**kw)
return cache.get(key, createfunc=creation_function, **kw)
def put(self, key, value, **kw):
cache, kw = self._get_cache(**kw)
cache.put(key, value, **kw)
def get(self, key, **kw):
cache, kw = self._get_cache(**kw)
return cache.get(key, **kw)
def invalidate(self, key, **kw):
cache, kw = self._get_cache(**kw)
cache.remove_value(key, **kw)