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1999-09-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add a check to ensure that the
jobserver works when we re-invoke. Also cleaned up the tests a
little, reducing the number of rules we use so the test won't need
as many "sleep" commands.
1999-09-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Remove invocations of "touch" in
makefiles. See the comments on the touch function rewrite below.
Note that UNIX touch behaves the same way if the file already
exists: it sets the time to the _local_ time. We don't want
this. This is probably a good tip for makefile writers in
general, actually... where practical.
* scripts/options/dash-l: Ditto.
* scripts/options/dash-n: Ditto.
* (run_each_test): In retrospect, I don't like the
.lN/.bN/.dN postfix required by DOS. So, for non-DOS systems I
changed it back to use .log, .base, and .diff.
* (set_more_defaults): Move the check for the
make pathname to here from set_defaults (that's too early since it
happens before the command line processing).
Create a new variable $port_type, calculated from $osname, to
specify what kind of system we're running on. We should integrate
the VOS stuff here, too.
(valid_option): Comment out the workdir/-work stuff so people
won't be fooled into thinking it works... someone needs to fix
this, though!
* scripts/functions/origin: Use $port_type instead of $osname.
* scripts/functions/foreach: Ditto.
* scripts/features/default_names: Ditto.
1999-09-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* (touch): Rewrite this function. Previously it
used to use utime() to hard-set the time based on the current
local clock, or, if the file didn't exist, it merely created it.
This mirrors exactly what real UNIX touch does, but it fails badly
on networked filesystems where the FS server clock is skewed from
the local clock: normally modifying a file causes it to get a mod
time based on the _server's_ clock. Hard-setting it based on the
_local_ clock causes gratuitous errors and makes the tests
unreliable except on local filesystems. The new function will
simply modify the file, allowing the filesystem to set the mod
time as it sees fit.
* scripts/features/parallelism: The second test output could
change depending on how fast some scripts completed; use "sleep"
to force the order we want.
* (toplevel): A bug in Perl 5.000 to Perl 5.004
means that "%ENV = ();" doesn't do the right thing. This worked
in Perl 4 and was fixed in Perl 5.004_01, but use a loop to delete
the environment rather than require specific versions.
* (set_more_defaults): Don't use Perl 5 s///
modifier "s", so the tests will run with Perl 4.
(set_more_defaults): Set $pure_log to empty if there's no -logfile
(setup_for_test): Don't remove any logs unless $pure_log is set.
1999-09-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Put the SHELL definition in the right
test makefile.
1999-09-15 Paul D. Smith <>
ChangeLog file for the test suite created.