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# -*-perl-*-
$description = "Test proper handling of SHELL.";
# Find the default value when SHELL is not set. On UNIX it will be /bin/sh,
# but on other platforms who knows?
delete $ENV{SHELL};
$mshell = `echo 'all:;\@echo \$(SHELL)' | $make_path -f-`;
chop $mshell;
# According to POSIX, the value of SHELL in the environment has no impact on
# the value in the makefile.
# Note %extraENV takes precedence over the default value for the shell.
$extraENV{SHELL} = '/dev/null';
run_make_test('all:;@echo "$(SHELL)"', '', $mshell);
# According to POSIX, any value of SHELL set in the makefile should _NOT_ be
# exported to the subshell! I wanted to set SHELL to be $^X (perl) in the
# makefile, but make runs $(SHELL) -c 'commandline' and that doesn't work at
# all when $(SHELL) is perl :-/. So, we just add an extra initial /./ which
# works well on UNIX and seems to work OK on at least some non-UNIX systems.
$extraENV{SHELL} = $mshell;
run_make_test("SHELL := /./$mshell\n".'
all:;@echo "$(SHELL) $$SHELL"
', '', "/./$mshell $mshell");
# As a GNU make extension, if make's SHELL variable is explicitly exported,
# then we really _DO_ export it.
$extraENV{SHELL} = $mshell;
run_make_test("export SHELL := /./$mshell\n".'
all:;@echo "$(SHELL) $$SHELL"
', '', "/./$mshell /./$mshell");
# Test out setting of SHELL, both exported and not, as a target-specific
# variable.
$extraENV{SHELL} = $mshell;
run_make_test("all: SHELL := /./$mshell\n".'
all:;@echo "$(SHELL) $$SHELL"
', '', "/./$mshell $mshell");
$extraENV{SHELL} = $mshell;
SHELL := /././$mshell
one: two
two: export SHELL := /./$mshell\n".'
one two:;@echo "$@: $(SHELL) $$SHELL"
', '', "two: /./$mshell /./$mshell\none: /././$mshell $mshell\n");
# We don't know the output here: on Solaris for example, every line printed
# by the shell in -x mode has a trailing space (!!)
my $script = 'true; true';
my $flags = '-xc';
my $out = `/bin/sh $flags '$script' 2>&1`;
.SHELLFLAGS = $flags
all: ; \@$script
'', $out);
# Do it again but add spaces to SHELLFLAGS
# Some shells (*shakes fist at Solaris*) cannot handle multiple flags in
# separate arguments.
my $t = `/bin/sh -e -c true 2>/dev/null`;
my $multi_ok = $? == 0;
if ($multi_ok) {
$flags = '-x -c';
.SHELLFLAGS = $flags
all: ; \@$script
'', $out);
# We can't just use "false" because on different systems it provides a
# different exit code--once again Solaris: false exits with 255 not 1
$script = 'true; false; true';
$flags = '-xec';
$out = `/bin/sh $flags '$script' 2>&1`;
my $err = $? >> 8;
.SHELLFLAGS = $flags
all: ; \@$script
'', "$out#MAKE#: *** [#MAKEFILE#:3: all] Error $err\n", 512);