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$description = "The following tests the special target .SILENT. By simply\n"
."mentioning this as a target, it tells make not to print\n"
."commands before executing them.";
$details = "This test is the same as the clean test except that it should\n"
."not echo its command before deleting the specified file.\n";
if ($vos)
$delete_command = "delete_file";
$delete_command = "rm";
$example = "EXAMPLE_FILE";
open(MAKEFILE,"> $makefile");
# The Contents of the MAKEFILE ...
print MAKEFILE ".SILENT : clean\n";
print MAKEFILE "clean: \n";
print MAKEFILE "\t$delete_command EXAMPLE_FILE\n";
# END of Contents of MAKEFILE
$answer = "";
if (-f $example)
$test_passed = 0;