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$description = "The following tests the use of a PHONY target. It makes\n"
."sure that the rules under a target get executed even if\n"
."a filename of the same name of the target exists in the\n"
$details = "This makefile in this test declares the target clean to be a \n"
."PHONY target. We then create a file named \"clean\" in the \n"
."directory. Although this file exists, the rule under the target\n"
."clean should still execute because of it's phony status.";
if ($vos)
$delete_command = "delete_file";
$delete_command = "rm";
$example = "EXAMPLE_FILE";
open(MAKEFILE,"> $makefile");
# The Contents of the MAKEFILE ...
print MAKEFILE ".PHONY : clean \n";
print MAKEFILE "all: \n";
print MAKEFILE "\t\@echo This makefile did not clean the dir ... good\n";
print MAKEFILE "clean: \n";
print MAKEFILE "\t$delete_command $example clean\n";
# END of Contents of MAKEFILE
# Create a file named "clean". This is the same name as the target clean
# and tricks the target into thinking that it is up to date. (Unless you
# use the .PHONY target.
$answer = "$delete_command $example clean\n";
if (-f $example)
$test_passed = 0;