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$description = "The following test creates a makefile to test the -C dir \n"
."option in make. This option tells make to change to \n"
."directory dir before reading the makefile.";
$details = "This test is similar to the clean test except that this test\n"
."creates the file to delete in the work directory instead of\n"
."the current directory. Make is called from another directory\n"
."using the -C workdir option so that it can both find the \n"
."makefile and the file to delete in the work directory. ";
$example = $workdir . $pathsep . "EXAMPLE_FILE";
open(MAKEFILE,"> $makefile");
# The Contents of the MAKEFILE ...
print MAKEFILE "all: \n";
print MAKEFILE "\t\@echo This makefile did not clean the dir ... good\n";
print MAKEFILE "clean: \n";
print MAKEFILE "\t$delete_command EXAMPLE_FILE\n";
# END of Contents of MAKEFILE
"-C $workdir clean",
chdir $workdir;
$wpath = &get_this_pwd;
chdir $pwd;
# Create the answer to what should be produced by this Makefile
$answer = "$make_name: Entering directory `$wpath'\n"
. "$delete_command EXAMPLE_FILE\n"
. "$make_name: Leaving directory `$wpath'\n";
if (-f $example)
$test_passed = 0;