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# -*-perl-*-
$description = "Test pattern-specific variable settings.";
$details = "\
Create a makefile containing various flavors of pattern-specific variable
settings, override and non-override, and using various variable expansion
rules, semicolon interference, etc.";
open(MAKEFILE,"> $makefile");
print MAKEFILE <<'EOF';
all: one.x two.x three.x
FOO = foo
BAR = bar
BAZ = baz
thr% : override BAZ = three
t%.x: BAR = four
%.x: BAR = two
%.x: override BAZ = three
one.x: override FOO = one
one.x two.x three.x: ; @echo $(FOO) $(BAR) $(BAZ)
four.x: baz ; @echo $(FOO) $(BAR) $(BAZ)
baz: ; @echo $(FOO) $(BAR) $(BAZ)
# TEST #1 -- basics
&run_make_with_options($makefile, "", &get_logfile);
$answer = "one two three\nfoo four baz\nfoo bar three\n";
# TEST #2 -- try the override feature
&run_make_with_options($makefile, "BAZ=five", &get_logfile);
$answer = "one two three\nfoo four five\nfoo bar three\n";
# TEST #3 -- make sure patterns are inherited properly
&run_make_with_options($makefile, "four.x", &get_logfile);
$answer = "foo two three\nfoo two three\n";