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This directory contains the %VERSION% release of GNU Make.
See the file NEWS for the user-visible changes from previous releases.
In addition, there have been bugs fixed.
Please check the system-specific notes below for any caveats related to
your operating system.
For general building and installation instructions, see the file INSTALL.
If you need to build GNU Make and have no other `make' program to use,
you can use the shell script `' instead. To do this, first run
`configure' as described in INSTALL. Then, instead of typing `make' to
build the program, type `sh'. This should compile the program
in the current directory. Then you will have a Make program that you can
use for `./make install', or whatever else.
Some systems' Make programs are broken and cannot process the Makefile for
GNU Make. If you get errors from your system's Make when building GNU
Make, try using `' instead.
GNU make is fully documented in the GNU Make manual, which is contained
in this distribution as the file make.texinfo. You can also find
on-line and preformatted (PostScript and DVI) versions at the FSF's web
site. There is information there about ordering hardcopy documentation.
You can also find the latest versions of GNU Make from there.
You can send GNU make bug reports to Please see the
section of the GNU make manual entitled `Problems and Bugs' for
information on submitting useful and complete bug reports.
If you need help using GNU make, try these forums:
- See README.customs for details on integrating GNU make with the
Customs distributed build environment from the Pmake distribution.
- See README.W32 for details about GNU Make on Windows NT, 95, or 98.
- See README.Amiga for details about GNU Make on AmigaDOS.
- See README.DOS for compilation instructions on MS-DOS and MS-Windows
using DJGPP tools.
A precompiled binary of the MSDOS port of GNU Make is available as part
of DJGPP; see the WWW page for more
GNU Make is free software. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.
System-specific Notes
It has been reported that the XLC 1.2 compiler on AIX 3.2 is buggy such
that if you compile make with `cc -O' on AIX 3.2, it will not work correctly.
It is said that using `cc' without `-O' does work.
One area that is often a problem in configuration and porting is the code
to check the system's current load average. To make it easier to test and
debug this code, you can do `make check-loadavg' to see if it works
properly on your system. (You must run `configure' beforehand, but you
need not build Make itself to run this test.)
Another potential source of porting problems is the support for large
files (LFS) in configure for those operating systems that provide it.
Please report any bugs that you find in this area. If you run into
difficulties, then as a workaround you should be able to disable LFS by
adding the `--disable-largefile' option to the `configure' script.