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Tue Oct 29 20:57:36 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Check for deps still running before
giving up if any dep has failed.
Sat Oct 26 16:20:00 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [uts]: #undef S_ISREG and S_ISDIR if defined.
Fri Oct 25 19:50:39 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.17.
Thu Oct 24 16:58:36 1991 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (start_job): Don't check for empty cmds before tweaking the
command_ptr. Just let construct_command_argv do it.
Tue Oct 22 20:21:03 1991 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c, arscan.c [POSIX]: <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/file.h>.
* make.h [POSIX]: Declare vfork as pid_t.
Mon Oct 21 15:37:30 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.16.
* job.c (construct_command_argv, construct_command_argv_internal):
Take new 2nd arg RESTP. If non-NULL, stop parsing at newline, and
store addr of the NL in *RESTP.
(start_job): Don't chop expanded cmd lines up; use above code to do it.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Pass RESTP==NULL.
Sat Oct 19 15:36:34 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.15.
Fri Oct 18 15:26:55 1991 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (start_job): If on the same cmds->command_lines elt, look
at cmds->lines_recurse[CHILD->command_line - 1] instead of
* dir.c [sgi]: <sys/dir.h>, not ndir or anything else.
Thu Oct 17 16:28:55 1991 Roland McGrath (
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Remove unused var.
* make.h [NeXT]: No #define ANSI_STRING.
Tue Oct 15 20:08:41 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.14.
Fri Oct 11 16:23:52 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: Use PATH_MAX for getwd defn.
* make.h: Move getcwd/getwd outside of #ifndef POSIX, and make it
Thu Oct 10 11:53:31 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.13.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): When processing MAKEFILES, save the
malloc'd ptr to be freed, instead of freeing part-way thru it.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't tweak FILE->also_make.
(update_file): Do it here. After calling update_file_1, set the
command_state, update_status, and updated members of each also_make
elt to FILE's values.
Tue Oct 8 14:56:04 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.12.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Set command_state of FILE and
its also_make chain to cs_finished here.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands), job.c (child_handler),
remake.c (remake_file): Don't set it before calling
* file.h (struct file): Changed `also_make' to struct dep *.
* job.c (delete_child_targets), file.c (print_file_data_base),
remake.c (notice_finished_file), implicit.c (pattern_search):
Use dep chain instead of array of file names.
Mon Oct 7 17:04:33 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.11.
* arscan.c: Declare open.
* misc.c: Declare {get,set}{re,}[ug]id.
* variable.c (target_environment): Declare getenv.
Sat Oct 5 15:13:03 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [NeXT]: <string.h> instead of <strings.h>.
Fri Oct 4 16:05:41 1991 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_suffixes, defualt_suffix_rules): Add .texi
just like .texinfo.
* Version 3.60.10.
* job.c: Move vfork decl into make.h.
Fri Sep 27 18:45:30 1991 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (glob/libglob.a): Pass CC value to submake.
Thu Sep 26 00:08:15 1991 Roland McGrath (
* load.c (load_average): Made not static.
* load.c [ultrix && vax]: Define LDAV_TYPE and LDAV_CVT for Ultrix 4.2.
Tue Sep 24 00:17:20 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.9.
* read.c (record_files): Warn about extra cmds even if the target's
name begins with a dot. I think the lusers can handle this.
Mon Sep 23 22:33:26 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h, arscan.c: Don't declare bcmp, bzero, or bcopy if they're
* make.h: Declare write and open.
* default.c (default_suffixes, default_suffix_rules,
default_variables): Add .C just like .cc.
* make.texinfo (Catalogue of Rules): Document .C.
* (-w): Fix gramo.
Fri Sep 20 17:18:16 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: No text after #endif.
Sun Sep 15 16:20:46 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.8.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): In the second pass, recurse on rule
deps that don't have a %. Why did I make it not do this?
Fri Sep 14 18:29:39 1991 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (record_files): For extra cmds, use the last ones given.
If the target's name doesn't begin with a dot (bletch!!), emit a
two-line warning, one line giving the old cmds' location and the
other the new cmds' location.
* misc.c (makefile_error, makefile_fatal): New fns.
* make.h: Declare them.
* Use them instead of error/fatal for all msgs including a file
name and line number.
Thu Sep 13 16:35:54 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: Declare define_default_variables.
Declare ar_parse_name, instead of ar_name_parse (M-t).
Mon Sep 10 18:35:40 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.7.
* make.texinfo (Variables: Setting): Say whitespace is removed if
"immediately after =", rather than simply "after =".
* job.c: Don't declare wait #ifdef POSIX.
* make.h [__GNUC__]: #undef alloca and then #define it.
* main.c (main): When pruning makefiles which might loop from the
read_makefiles chain, look at all `prev' entries of double-colon rules.
Fri Sep 7 00:41:53 1991 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Only remove makefiles with cmds but no deps from
the list of makefiles to be rebuilt if they are :: targets.
: targets with cmds and no deps are not dangerous.
Wed Sep 5 17:35:51 1991 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (defines): Add comment that some compilers take
ENUM_BITFIELDS but produce bogus code.
(LOAD_AVG): Fix examples to \ "s.
(LOADLIBES): Add comment that SGI Irix needs -lmld for nlist.
Tue Sep 4 20:26:26 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.6.
Fri Aug 30 19:34:04 1991 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (update_file_1): When checking the command_state of
deps, check through the prev chain.
(update_goal_chain): When a target is finished, start checking its
prev (if it has one) instead.
Wed Aug 7 17:32:03 1991 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Allow files with deps to define
suffix rules (really this time).
Mon Aug 5 17:09:21 1991 Roland McGrath (
* misc.c (user_access, make_access): Do saved-IDs (USG) flavor
#ifdef POSIX.
* file.c (enter_file): Strip ./s here.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Not here.
Tue Jul 23 23:34:30 1991 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile: Added comment that -lPW alloca is broken on HPUX.
Thu Jul 18 03:10:41 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.5.
* read.c (read_makefile): Ignore lines containing chars that are
all isspace, not just all isblank.
* make.texinfo (Copying): @include gpl.texinfo, rather than copying
the text.
* gpl.texinfo: New file (symlink to /gd/gnu/doc/gpl.texinfo).
* GNUmakefile: Put gpl.texinfo in distribution.
Tue Jul 16 12:50:35 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: #define _GNU_SOURCE before including headers.
Include <ctype.h> and define isblank if <ctype.h> doesn't.
* commands.c: Don't include <ctype.h> here.
* *.c: Use isblank instead of explicit ' ' || '\t'.
Mon Jul 15 17:43:38 1991 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (expand_function: `filter'/`filter-out'): Fixed to not
loop infinitely.
Fri Jul 12 12:18:12 1991 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (expand_function: `filter'/`filter-out'): Rewritten to
handle filter-out of multiple patterns properly. Also no longer
mallocs and reallocs for temp array; uses alloca and a linked-list
Wed Jul 10 22:34:54 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.4.
* make.texinfo: Moved some @groups that were outside @examples to
be inside them.
* load.c [apollo] (load_average): Define using special syscall for
Apollo DOMAIN/OS SR10.n.
Thu Jul 4 12:32:53 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.texinfo (Missing): Added Unix excessive implicit rule
search; mention that POSIX.2 doesn't require any of the missing
(Top): Updated printed manual price to $15.
Wed Jul 3 18:17:50 1991 Roland McGrath (
* file.c (rename_file): Carry over last_mtime when merging files.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Tail-recurse after renaming VPATH file, to
check for saved date in existing renamed-to file.
* remote-cstms.c (start_remote_job): Use PATH_VAR.
* commands.c [POSIX || __GNU_LIBRARY__]: Don't declare getpid.
* compatMakefile (glob-{clean,realclean}): Run clean/realclean in glob.
(clean, realclean): Require those.
* make.h: Always declare environ.
Don't declare old glob functions.
* GNUmakefile: Make no-lib deps for load.c and remote.c.
Tue Jul 2 18:35:20 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.3.
Mon Jul 1 16:58:30 1991 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (multi_glob): Don't pass GLOB_QUOTE flag to glob.
* make.h [POSIX]: Include <unistd.h>, and don't declare things that
should be there.
* main.c (main) [USG && sgi]: malloc a buffer for broken sgi stdio.
Sat Jun 29 11:22:21 1991 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Use alloca for the error
msg buffer, instead of assuming an arbitrary max size.
Fri Jun 28 18:15:08 1991 Roland McGrath (
* job.c [POSIX] (search_path): Do real 1003.1 goop to get NGROUPS_MAX.
Wed Jun 26 11:04:44 1991 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (define_default_variables): New fn.
(install_default_implicit_rules): Code for above fn moved there.
* main.c (main): Do define_default_variables before reading the
Tue Jun 25 17:30:46 1991 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Quote ; in MAKEOVERRIDES.
Tue Jun 18 13:56:30 1991 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile: Fixed typo in comment.
Tue Jun 11 00:14:59 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.2.
Mon Jun 10 14:46:37 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: Always include <sys/types.h>.
[POSIX]: Include <limits.h> and #define MAXPATHLEN to be PATH_MAX.
* default.c (default_suffix_rules: .texinfo.dvi): Use $(TEXI2DVI).
(default_variables): Define TEXI2DVI.
Thu Jun 6 16:49:19 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.1.
* make.h (SIGNAL): Cast handler arg to SIGHANDLER type.
Wed Jun 5 06:00:43 1991 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (multi_glob): Use POSIX.2 `glob' function.
If a glob pattern matches nothing, leave it as is (a la sh, bash).
Also, if can't find USER for ~USER, leave it as is (a la bash).
Mon Jun 3 16:36:00 1991 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile: Rewrote comments about -Ds to be easier to use.
* make.h, arscan.c, remake.c, main.c, dir.c, job.c: Changed tests
* job.c: Take getdtablesize out of #ifdef __GNU_LIBRARY__.
Put separately #ifdef USG.
* COPYING: Replaced with version 2.
* Changed copyright notices to refer to GPL v2.
Thu May 30 00:31:11 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: Don't declare sigblock for POSIX.
* main.c (main, log_working_directory) [USG]: Get getcwd failure
mode from errno, not passed buffer like BSD getwd.
* misc.c (child_access): New fn to set access for a child process;
like user_access, but you can't change back.
* make.h: Declare it.
* job.c (exec_command): Use it in place of user_access.
Wed May 29 23:28:48 1991 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_variables) [pyr]: PC = pascal.
Tue May 28 20:24:56 1991 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (print_variable): Put a newline before `endef'.
Sat May 25 02:39:52 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.60.
Wed May 22 19:41:37 1991 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.59.5.
Thu May 16 13:59:24 1991 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Do USGr3 setvbuf behavior #ifdef APOLLO.
Don't handle SIGCHLD #ifdef USG (Apollo is USG but defines SIGCHLD).
Fri May 10 14:59:33 1991 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c [sgi]: Don't include <sys/file.h>.
Wed May 8 01:54:08 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h (SIGHANDLER): #define as (void *) #if __STDC__,
else (int (*)()).
(SIGNAL): Use it to cast return value.
* main.c (main): Cast SIG_IGN to SIGHANDLER when comparing.
* job.c (block_signals, unblock_signals): Use SIGNAL instead of signal.
* main.c: Declare mktemp to return char*, not int.
* job.c (new_job): Don't increment files_remade.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Do it here.
* read.c (do_define): Don't clobber DEFINITION[-1] on empty defns.
Free storage that is no longer needed.
Wed Apr 24 20:49:48 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* misc.c (message): New fn to print informational msgs with
leading "make: " or "make[N]: ".
* make.h: Declare it.
* remake.c (update_file): Use it instead of printf.
Fri Apr 19 05:52:45 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* main.c (main): When there are no targets, if there were no
makefiles, print a different error message, which mentions makefiles.
Tue Apr 16 03:22:45 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (update_file): Print "nothing to be done" instead of "is
up to date" if FILE->cmds == 0.
* job.c [!WIFEXITED]: Define if not already defined.
Thu Apr 11 18:00:50 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): Fixed truncation comparison.
Tue Apr 2 16:17:35 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* glob.c: Use common version from djm.
* dir.c: Snarfed #ifdef mess for <dirent.h> or whatever from glob.c.
(dir_file_exists_p): Ignore directory entries with d_ino==0.
Mon Apr 1 20:49:45 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.59.4.
Fri Mar 29 19:16:18 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (free_child): Free CHILD->environment and its elts.
Sat Mar 23 14:08:09 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't ignore lines containing only
comments if they start with a tab. Such lines should be passed to
the shell for it to decide about the comments.
* job.c (free_child): Free CHILD->command_lines and its elts, not
CHILD->commands (which is obsolete).
* job.h, job.c: Remove obsolete `commands' member of `struct child'.
Sun Mar 17 18:40:53 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (update_file): Print a msg for a top-level up-to-date
phony target (a different one than for a real file).
* read.c (conditional_line): Boundary check so we don't check the
value of the -1th elt of the stack (which is bogus).
Sat Mar 16 16:58:47 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* read.c (conditional_line): Don't evaluate an if* when we're
already ignoring. Instead, just push a new level, with a value of
1, to keep ignoring.
Tue Mar 12 00:16:52 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.59.3.
Mon Mar 11 23:56:57 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Quote backslashes
when building the shell -c line.
Fri Mar 8 01:40:18 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (exec_command): Call user_access rather than setgid(getgid()).
* misc.c (remove_comments): Renamed from collapse_line; took out
collapse_continuations call.
* make.h: Change decl.
* read.c (read_makefile): Collapse continuations on the line buffer
immediately after reading it. Call remove_comments rather than
collapse_line (which is now defunct).
Thu Feb 21 18:06:51 1991 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at
* misc.c (user_access, make_access): New fns to toggle btwn permissions
for user data (files and spawning children), and permissions for make
(for taking the load average, mostly).
* make.h: Declare them.
* job.c (start_job): Call make_access before wait_to_start_job, and
user_access after.
* main.c (main): Call user_access before doing much.
Mon Feb 3 15:02:03 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.59.2.
Tue Jan 29 20:30:50 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Use allocated_variable_expand to expand
`$(MAKEFILES)', since the results are used across calls to
read_makefile, which could clobber them.
Wed Jan 23 00:24:10 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* main.c (main): Call install_default_implicit_rules after reading
makefiles, not before.
* default.c (install_default_implicit_rules): If a suffix-rule file
entry has cmds, don't give it any from default_suffix_rules.
Fri Jan 17 17:39:49 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* arscan.c: Added support for AIX archives.
* remake.c: Don't include ar.h.
* main.c: Removed unused atol decl.
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Declare arg FUNCTION to return long int.
* ar.c (ar_touch): Don't perror for an invalid archive.
* make.h: Declare lseek as long int.
* job.c [hpux]: Define getdtablesize a la USG.
Sun Jan 12 21:08:34 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.59.1.
Fri Jan 10 03:48:08 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (search_path): Take new arg, place to put full pathname (rather
than mallocing it).
(exec_command): Pass it, using auto storage.
* main.c (print_version): Updated copyright years.
Wed Jan 8 19:46:19 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c [_POSIX_SOURCE]: Just #include <sys/wait.h>, and define macro
WAIT_NOHANG in terms of waitpid.
[!_POSIX_SOURCE && (HAVE_SYS_WAIT || !USG)]: Don't #include <signal.h>
(make.h does).
Define macro WAIT_NOHANG in terms of wait3.
(child_handler): #ifdef on WAIT_NOHANG, not HAVE_SYS_WAIT || !USG.
Use WAIT_NOHANG macro instead of wait3.
* file.h (struct file.command_state): Remove unused elt.
Wed Dec 26 18:10:26 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* commands.c (set_file_variables): If FILE got its commands from
.DEFAULT, make $< == $@ (4.3 BSD/POSIX.2d11 compat).
Mon Dec 24 17:36:27 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* default.c (default_variables): Rename 2nd LINK.s defn to LINK.S.
Fri Dec 14 15:05:25 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Check for makefile-mentioned before
checking for actual existence. The old order loses if the containing
directory doesn't exist (but a rule might make it).
* make.h [__GNUC__]: Don't #define alloca if already #define'd.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Don't look at the target constructed for
the empty rule when making the null-suffix rule. Construct it over
again, since the former may have been freed already.
Thu Dec 13 17:21:03 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* make.h [__GNU_LIBRARY__]: Include <unistd.h> to get random fn decls.
Wed Dec 12 17:12:59 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* make.h, arscan.c, glob.c: Only include <memory.h> #ifdef USG.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Replace env_overrides check that
wasn't really redundant (undoing Sep 28 change). Add comment saying
why this check is necessary.
* job.c, main.c [DGUX]: Needs siglist like USG.
Mon Dec 11 01:19:29 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* default.c [M_XENIX]: For rules that are different for Xenix, use the
generic Unix version #ifdef __GNUC__.
* main.c [M_XENIX]: Use USGr3-style setvbuf call.
* read.c (find_percent): Do backslash folding correctly, not leaving
extra crud on the end of the string.
Sun Dec 10 21:48:36 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c: Don't declare wait3 if it's #defined.
* GNUmakefile, compatMakefile, make.texinfo: Change make-info
Thu Dec 7 21:20:01 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
ANSI <string.h> and names for str/mem functions.
Use <stdlib.h> to declare misc fns rather than explicit decls.
[_POSIX_SOURCE]: Don't declare kill (<signal.h> will).
Include <sys/types.h> before <signal.h> because some braindead
nonconformant 1003.1 implementation needs it.
* misc.c: Don't declare malloc, realloc. Do it in make.h.
* arscan.c, glob.c: Use sequence for string fns from make.h verbatim.
* make.h (S_ISDIR, S_ISREG): Declare if necessary.
* commands.c (delete_child_targets), job.c (search_path), read.c
(construct_include_path): Use S_ISfoo(m) instead of
(m & S_IFMT) == S_IFfoo.
* dir.c, glob.c [_POSIX_SOURCE]: Use dirent.
Wed Nov 29 22:53:32 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.59.
Tue Nov 28 16:00:04 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal) [APOLLO]: Don't do `.o' hacking. On Apollos
the full file name is elsewhere, and there is no length restriction (or
so I'm told).
Thu Nov 23 17:33:11 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* load.c [hp300 && BSD] (LDAV_CVT): Define for this system.
Tue Nov 21 07:58:40 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* read.c (record_files): Fix trivial bug with deciding to free storage
for a file name.
Thu Nov 16 06:21:38 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* compatMakefile ($(bindir)/make): Install it setgid kmem.
Thu Nov 1 16:12:55 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* GNUmakefile (make-*.tar.Z): Use `h' option to tar (dereference
symlinks), to grab texinfo.tex from wherever it lives.
Tue Oct 30 16:15:20 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.58.13.
Fri Oct 26 14:33:34 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* GNUmakefile: make-*.tar.Z: Include texinfo.tex.
Tue Oct 23 19:34:33 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* main.c (define_makeflags): When there are no flags to write, make
sure the array has two leading nulls, since `MAKEFLAGS' is defined from
* main.c (default_keep_going_flag): New variable (constant one).
(command_switches: -k, -S): Use above for default value.
(define_makeflags): Only write flag/flag_off switches if they are on,
and either there is no default value, or they are not the default.
Mon Oct 22 16:14:44 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* main.c (struct command_switch): New member `no_makefile'.
(command_switches: -n, -q, -t): Set no_makefile == 1.
(define_makeflags): Take new arg MAKEFILE: if nonzero, don't use
options whose `no_makefile' flags are set.
(main): Call define_makeflags with MAKEFILE==1 before remaking
makefiles, and again with MAKEFILE==0 before remaking goals.
Tue Oct 2 17:16:45 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.58.12.
Mon Oct 1 15:43:23 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* arscan.c [HPUX]: Use PORTAR==1 format.
Sat Sep 29 16:38:05 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* make.h, remake.c, arscan.c: Don't declare `open'.
Fri Sep 28 04:46:23 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Remove redundant -e check.
Wed Sep 26 00:28:59 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (start_job): Set RECURSIVE from the right elt of
* commands.c (chop_commands): Don't botch the line count for allocating
* Version 3.58.11.
* job.c (start_job): Don't always increment CHILD->command_line! Only
do it when CHILD->command_ptr has run out! (Dumb bug. Sigh.)
Thu Sep 20 02:18:51 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* GNUmakefile [ARCH]: Give explicit rule for remote.{c,dep} to use
variable `REMOTE' for more flags.
($(prog)): Link in $(LOADLIBES).
Wed Sep 19 02:30:36 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* commands.h (struct commands): New member `ncommand_lines', the number
of elts in `command_lines' et al.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Set `ncommand_lines' elt of CMDS, and
don't put a nil pointer at the end of `command_lines'.
* job.h (struct child): New member `command_lines' to hold
variable-expanded command lines.
* job.c (new_job): Store expanded command lines in `command_lines'
member of new child. Don't clobber FILE->cmds.
(start_job): Use CHILD->command_lines in place of
* variable.h, variable.c, job.c, expand.c: Undo yesterday's change,
which is no longer necessary since we have cleverly avoided the issue.
* job.c (start_job): Don't variable-expand each command line.
(new_job): Do them all here, storing the expansions in the array.
Tue Sep 18 01:23:13 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* variable.h (struct variable): Remove `expanding' member.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Don't initialize it.
* expand.c (struct variable_expanding): New type, a linked list
containing `struct variable' pointers.
(variables_expanding): New variable, the chain of variables currently
being expanded.
(recursively_expand): Don't test and set `expanding' member.
Instead, run through the `variables_expanding' chain looking for a link
referring to V to find self-reference. Add a new link to the chain,
describing V, before recursive expansion, and pop it off afterward.
* job.c (child_handler): Save `variables_expanding' and clear it before
calling start_job, and restore it afterward. This avoids major lossage
when the SIGCHLD comes in the middle of variable expansion.
Mon Sep 17 14:46:26 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c, commands.c: Don't define sigmask.
* make.h: Put it here instead.
* variable.c (target_environment): If `.NOEXPORT' was specified as a
target, only export command-line and environment variables, and
file-origin variables that were in the original environment.
* Add missing ?roff control for `-I' option description.
Thu Sep 13 14:10:02 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* load.c [UMAX]: Move #include <sys/sysdefs.h> to [not UMAX_43].
Wed Sep 12 15:10:15 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* expand.c (recursively_expand): Don't use `reading_filename' and
`reading_lineno_ptr' if they're nil.
Thu Aug 30 17:32:50 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at geech)
* Version 3.58.10.
Tue Aug 28 04:06:29 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c [USG] (unknown_children_possible): New variable, set nonzero
when it's possible for children not in the `children' chain to die.
(block_signals) [USG]: Set it.
(unblock_signals) [USG]: Clear it.
(child_handler) [USG]: Don't complain about unknown children if
`unknown_children_possible' is set.
* read.c (do_define): Make sure there's enough space for the newline,
so we don't write off the end of allocated space.
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): Fixed to work when MEM is AR_NAMELEN-1 but
NAME is not the same length.
Sat Aug 25 16:17:14 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at geech)
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Use a static char array for
a constant, since old C has no auto aggregate initializers.
Thu Aug 23 16:11:03 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (search_path): If PATH is nil or "" use a default path.
Wed Aug 22 01:05:32 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.58.9.
* job.c (exec_command): Don't take PATH and SHELL args. Get them from
(child_execute_job): Don't take FILE arg, and don't pass path and shell
to exec_command.
(start_job): Don't pass FILE arg to child_execute_job.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Don't pass path and shell to exec_command.
Fri Aug 17 23:17:27 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at geech)
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): New fn broken out of
construct_command_argv. Takes strings SHELL and IFS instead of doing
variable expansion for them. Recurse to make an argv for SHELL,
passing SHELL==0. When SHELL==0, don't recurse for shell argv; make a
simple one using /bin/sh.
(construct_command_argv): Do the variable expansions and call above.
Thu Aug 16 19:03:14 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at geech)
* read.c (multi_glob): For ~USER/FILE, if USER isn't found, don't
change the file name at all.
Tue Aug 7 18:33:28 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* function.c (expand_function: `suffix'/`notdir'): Don't kill the last
space if we never wrote one.
* function.c (expand_function: `suffix'): Retain the dot, like the
documentation says.
Mon Aug 6 14:35:06 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.8.
* main.c (decode_switches): For positive_int and floating cases, move
SW past the arg (and don't set it to ""), so another switch can follow.
Fri Aug 3 00:43:15 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (child_execute_job): Use unblock_signals instead of
push_signals_blocked_p (0).
* main.c (fatal_signal_mask): New variable, mask of signals caught with
(main): Set it.
* job.c ({block,unblock}_children): Renamed to {block,unblock}_signals.
Block/unblock both child signal and signals in fatal_signal_mask.
(children_blocked_p_{stack,max,depth}, {push,pop}_children_blocked_p):
Renamed from children to signals. Use {block,unblock}_signals instead
of {block,unblock}_children.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal), job.c (wait_for_children, new_job,
child_execute_job, main, log_working_directory), function.c
(expand_function: `shell'), job.h: Rename {push,pop}_children_blocked_p
to {push,pop}_signals_blocked_p.
* job.c (child_handler): Call {block,unblock}_signals instead of just
{block,unblock}_remote_children. We need to block the fatal signals.
Thu Aug 2 22:41:06 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c, function.c: Fixed typos in comments.
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Fix computation of avg files/bucket.
Tue Jul 31 22:11:14 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.7.
Wed Jul 25 16:32:38 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): Fixed to really do it right.
(ar_member_pos): Fixed order of args.
* ar.c (ar_member_date_1): Ditto.
Fri Jul 20 15:30:26 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): Rewritten. Accounts for a possible
trailing slash in MEM.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Keep track of whether ARNAME is used and free it
if not. Also free MEMNAME.
* ar.c (ar_member_date, ar_touch): Ditto.
* arscan.c (arscan) [HPUX or hpux]: Treat same as USGr3 PORTAR==1.
* make.h: If NSIG is not defined, but _NSIG is, #define NSIG _NSIG.
* compatMakefile: Don't use $* in explicit rules.
* default.c (default_variables: "PREPROCESS.S"): Include $(CPPFLAGS).
* remake.c (f_mtime): If FILE is an ar ref, get the member modtime.
* function.c (string_glob): Terminate the string properly when it's
Wed Jul 18 11:26:56 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.6.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Fixed computation for ^F/?F elt len.
Sat Jul 14 13:41:24 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Always use
allocated_variable_expand_for_file instead of variable_expand_for_file
because we might be called from inside a variable expansion (for the
`shell' function).
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Free the arglist's storage
correctly. construct_command_argv only allocates ARGV and ARGV[0].
* job.c (children_blocked_p_idx): Renamed to children_blocked_p_depth.
(push_children_blocked_p, pop_children_blocked_p): Use ..._depth
instead of ..._idx, and do it right!
Wed Jul 11 15:35:43 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.h (SIGNAL): New macro to replace `signal' calls. Does arg and
ret value casts to (void *) #ifdef __STDC__ to avoid conflicts btwn
ANSI and BSD `signal' and handler types.
* main.c (main), job.c (child_handler): Use it.
Fri Jul 6 00:00:38 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* ar.c (ar_member_date, ar_touch): Pass 2nd arg to f_mtime.
* read.c (read_makefile): Search the include path for MAKEFILES
variable makefiles (TYPE == 1), like it says in the manual.
* file.h (struct file), main.c (struct command_switch): Remove trailing
commas from enums.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Remove unused variables.
* commands.h: Declare chop_commands.
* make.h: Declare uniquize_deps.
* main.c (main): Remove unused variable.
(decode_switches): Remove unused label.
* remake.c: Include "ar.h" for ar_parse_name decl.
* implicit.c (try_implicit_rule): Remove unused variable.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Declare fork, pipe.
* ar.c: Declare ar_name_equal.
* GNUmakefile: If using gcc, add warning flags to CFLAGS.
* remake.c: Remove decl of ar_member_date, since it's done in make.h.
* remake.c (f_mtime): For ar refs, allow the archive to be found via
VPATH search if we're searching, and change the ar ref accordingly.
* ar.c (ar_parse_name): New global fn to parse archive-member
references into the archive and member names.
(ar_member_date, ar_touch): Use it.
* make.h: Declare it.
* remake.c (f_mtime): After doing rename_file, do check_renamed instead
of assuming rename_file will always set FILE->renamed (which it won't).
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Only accept prospective files that
don't actually exist yet are mentioned in a makefile if the file we are
searching for isn't a target.
Wed Jul 4 04:11:55 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Do check_renamed after calling
(check_dep): Ditto after update_file.
* file.c (rename_file): Prettied up long message for merging cmds.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Get each dep file's modtime, and allow for
it being renamed, before checking for a circular dep, since a renaming
may have introduced one.
Tue Jul 3 18:15:01 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* ar.c (ar_touch): Don't free ARNAME since enter_file holds onto the
* function.c (string_glob): Don't leave a trailing space.
* read.c (do_define): Allow leading whitespace before `endef'.
Mon Jul 2 14:10:16 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* implicit.c (pattern_search): No longer take NAME arg. Instead take
ARCHIVE flag. If ARCHIVE is nonzero, FILE->name is of the form
"LIB(MEMBER)"; rule for "(MEMBER)" is searched for, and LASTSLASH is
set to nil. Since NAME was only non-nil when it was the archive member
name passed by try_implicit_rule, this change easily allows turning off
LASTSLASH checking for archive members without excessive kludgery.
(try_implicit_rule): Pass ARCHIVE flag instead of file name.
* Version 3.58.5.
* commands./c (set_file_variables): Don't kill last char of $(^D) elts.
Sat Jun 30 00:53:38 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* ar.c (ar_member_date): Don't free ARNAME since enter_file holds onto
the storage.
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [sun386 && PORTAR == 1]: Treat like USGr3.
Wed Jun 27 14:38:49 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c (main): Put a newline on the debugging message when deciding
not to remake a makefile to avoid a possible loop.
Only decide not to remake makefiles that have commands (as well as
being targets and having no deps).
Fri Jun 22 12:35:37 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* default.c (default_variables): Define `LINK.s' and `LINK.S'.
(default_suffix_rules): Define .S.o rule.
* job.c (construct_command_argv): If we decide to go the slow route,
free all storage for the chopped args.
(start_job): Free the argument list's storage correctly.
construct_command_argv only allocates ARGV and ARGV[0].
Tue Jun 19 18:27:43 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.4.
Fri Jun 15 21:12:10 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* glob.c: New version from ai-lab which doesn't do [^abc].
Thu Jun 7 00:30:46 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* dir.c: Copied dirent vs direct et al mess from glob.c.
* glob.c: Replaced with updated version from djm.
* glob.c: Check macro DIRENT instead of _POSIX_SOURCE for <dirent.h>.
Thu May 31 22:19:49 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* vpath.c (vpath_search): Don't stop the loop if a pattern matches but
the search fails. All matching patterns have their paths searched
(like it says in the manual).
* make.texinfo (Rules: Directory Search: Selective Search): Say that
multiple `vpath' directives with the same pattern DO accumulate, not
supersede earlier ones.
* vpath.c (print_vpath_data_base): Increment the count of vpaths on
each loop iteration, rather than letting it stay zero.
* Version 3.58.3.
* job.c (block_children, unblock_children): Made static.
(push_children_blocked_p, pop_children_blocked_p): New functions to
push and pop whether children are blocked or not.
* job.h: Declare push_children_blocked_p, pop_children_blocked_p and
not block_children, unblock_children.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal), job.c (wait_for_children, new_job,
child_execute_job), main.c (main, log_working_directory): Use sequences
of push_children_blocked_p (1) and pop_children_blocked_p () instead of
explicitly blocking and unblocking children.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Don't unblock children. The
push-pop sequence in wait_for_children makes it unnecessary.
Tue May 29 21:30:00 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (do_define): Don't include the last newline in the definition.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Call construct_command_argv
before forking and don't fork if it returns nil. Free the argument
list's storage before finishing.
* job.c (start_job): Free the storage for the child's argument list
in the parent side of the fork after the child has been spawned.
* job.c (start_job): If construct_command_argv returns nil, go to the
next command line.
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Use the shell if the command contains
an unterminated quote.
Wed May 23 19:54:10 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.2.
* read.c (read_makefile): Parse "override define" correctly.
Thu May 17 15:25:58 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* arscan.c [USG]: Don't declare memcpy and memcmp. <memory.h> should
do this anyway (and lack of declarations is harmless).
* remote-customs.c: Renamed to remote-cstms.c for System V.
* remote.c [CUSTOMS]: Changed accordingly.
Sun May 13 14:38:39 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* GNUmakefile: Use same cmds for doc tar.Z as for dist tar.Z (so the
contents go in make-N.NN).
Thu Apr 26 19:33:25 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.1.
Wed Apr 25 20:27:52 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (init_siglist): Don't do SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 if they are the
same as SIGIO and SIGURG (true on Cray).
Tue Apr 24 20:26:41 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Do behavior for PORTAR == 1 and USGr3 also
#ifdef APOLLO.
Wed Apr 11 10:00:39 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (exec_command): Set the effective GID to the real GID. Somehow
this code got lost.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Use the right index variable when
seeing if we need to expand FILE->also_make.
Sun Mar 4 09:18:58 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.0.
* remake.c (remake_file): Treat non-targets without commands under -t
the same as anything else without commands.
Sat Feb 24 17:46:04 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* default.c (default_variables: PREPROCESS.S): Removed $< from defn.
* main.c (main): Ignore arguments that are the empty string, rather
than feeding them to enter_file and barfing therein.
Wed Feb 14 16:28:37 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c (main): Call construct_include_path after doing chdirs.
Thu Feb 8 13:43:44 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.58.
Sat Feb 3 22:06:55 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.7.
* make.texinfo (Implicit: Catalogue of Rules): For RCS, noted that
working files are never overwritten by the default rule.
Thu Feb 1 17:27:54 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c (count_implicit_rule_limits): Redid loop control to not run
twice on freed rules.
* GNUmakefile: Made `.dep' files be architecture-specific too.
* main.c (main, log_working_directory) [USG]: Block children around
calls to `getwd' (actually `getcwd' on USG), because that function
sometimes spawns a child running /bin/pwd on USG.
Tue Jan 30 14:02:50 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* function.c (subst_expand): Pay attention to SUFFIX_ONLY, putz.
Wed Jan 24 21:03:29 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Fixed repeated word.
* make.texinfo (Missing): Reworded a buggy sentence.
Mon Jan 22 12:39:22 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c (print_version): Added 1990 to copyright notice.
* Version 3.57.6.
Sat Jan 20 11:52:01 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* file.c (rename_file): Don't free the storage for the old name, since
it might not have been malloc'd.
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Call
allocated_variable_expand_for_file instead of variable_expand_for_file
to expand `$(SHELL)'.
* make.texinfo (Bugs): Change address from
Tue Jan 16 19:22:33 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.5.
Sun Jan 14 16:48:01 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (start_job): Only call wait_to_start_job for the first command
line in each sequence.
Thu Jan 4 14:27:20 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* load.c [LDAV_BASED] (wait_to_start_job): Loop while job_slots_used >
0, not > 1.
* job.c (search_path): Don't return a pointer to local storage.
Allocate data space for the pathname instead.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Don't write garbage if the
child wrote no output.
Wed Jan 3 15:28:30 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.4.
* file.h (struct file): New member `renamed', a `struct file *' that is
the place this file has been renamed to (or nil).
(check_renamed): Macro to check for a file having been renamed.
Dereferences the renaming and sets the given variable.
* file.c (rename_file): Completely rewritten. Renames in place if
possible, or moves FILE to a different hash bucket if there is no
existing file with the new name. If there is an existing file with the
new name, FILE is merged into it and FILE->renamed is set to point to
* variable.c (merge_variable_sets): New fn to merge two variable sets.
(merge_variable_set_lists): New fn to merge two variable set lists.
* variable.h: Declare merge_variable_set_lists.
* remake.c (update_file_1, check_dep): Run `check_renamed' after
calling file_mtime, check_dep.
(update_file): Same after update_file_1.
(update_goal_chain, update_file_1, check_dep): Same after update_file.
* read.c (uniquize_deps): New fn, broken out of record_files, to remove
duplicate deps from a chain.
(record_files): Use it.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Use uniquize_deps.
* file.h (file_mtime_1): New macro, like file_mtime, but take second
arg, passed to f_mtime.
(file_mtime): Implement as file_mtime_1 (file, 1).
(file_mtime_no_search): New macro: file_mtime (file, 0).
* remake.c (f_mtime): Take new arg SEARCH. Only do VPATH and `-lNAME'
searching if it is nonzero.
* main.c (main): Use file_mtime_no_search for makefiles.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Use file_mtime_no_search if MAKEFILES.
* main.c (printed_version): New variable, init'd to zero.
(print_version): Set it to nonzero before returning.
(die): If -v and !printed_version, call print_version before clean up
and death.
* main.c (log_working_directory): Keep track of whether or not the
"Entering" message has been printed, and return without printing the
"Leaving" message if not.
* main.c (decode_switches): Don't complain about missing args before
checking for a noarg_value elt in the command_switch structure.
Tue Jan 2 15:41:08 1990 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.texinfo (Commands: Recursion: Options/Recursion): Document
special case of -j.
* make.texinfo, main.c, job.c: Changed copyright notices to include
* make.texinfo (Top): Fixed introductory paragraph, which said that
`make' itself (instead of the manual) has various chapters.
(Variables: Advanced: Substitution Refs): When pxref'ing about
`patsubst', use node `Text Functions', not `Functions'.
Add an xref about `patsubst' after description of $(var:a%b=c%d).
(Functions: Syntax of Functions): Explain why mixing delimiters in
function/var refs is unwise. Clarify fn arg evaluation order.
(Options): Reworded sentence about `-e'.
(Implicit: Implicit Variables): Don't say `RM' is unused.
Say the dflt values for the flag vars is empty unless otherwise noted,
since some have defaults.
(Implicit: Pattern Rules: Pattern Examples): Clarified use of $< and $@
in first example.
(Implicit: Last Resort): Don't say the .DEFAULT example creates files
"silently". It's automatic, but not silent.
(Implicit: Search Algorithm): Fixed confusing ungrammatical sentence
for item 5.1.
(Archives: Archive Update): Added missing `next' pointer.
(Archives: Archive Symbols): Note that GNU `ar' deals with this
* job.c (search_path): New fn, to search for an executable file in a
search path (broken out of exec_command).
(exec_command): Take fourth arg, the shell program to use (if
necessary). Use search_path for the program, and the shell program.
Pass args "file args ..." to shell program (with no -c), where FILE is
the full pathname of the program (script) to be run.
(child_execute_job): Pass shell program to exec_command.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Don't write a message if exec_command returns, because
it will never return.
Fri Dec 22 16:19:58 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at hecuba.Berkeley.EDU)
* default.c (default_variables: ""): Use $(C++FLAGS) instead of
Wed Dec 20 09:58:48 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at hecuba.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (new_job): If start_job set the child's `command_state' to
`cs_finished', call notice_finished_file.
Sun Dec 17 19:45:41 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at hecuba.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.3.
Wed Dec 13 17:57:12 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Accept files with dependencies as
suffix rules.
Thu Nov 30 15:47:13 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.2.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Don't clobber BUFFER and then
try to free it.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Took code to force remake of nonexistent
deps out of #if 0, and changed the test to nonexistent non-intermediate
deps. In version 4, I think removing this test completely will
implement the new feature that if a: b and b: c and c is newer than a,
b need not be remade.
Sun Nov 26 16:12:41 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* compatMakefile (load.o, remote.o): Use $*.c instead of explicit file
names so that using VPATH works.
Tue Nov 21 14:57:18 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.1.
Fri Nov 10 03:28:40 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (check_dep): Set *MUST_MAKE_PTR if FILE does not exist after
being updated. (The exact opposite test was here before; why???)
(update_file_1): Set a dep's `changed' member after updating it if it
is phony and has commands (because they will then always be executed).
Thu Nov 9 13:47:12 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* load.c [UMAX]: #ifdef UMAX_43 include different headers for the
`inq_stats' call.
* compatMakefile (LOAD_AVG): Document UMAX_43.
* Version 3.57.0.
* commands.c (chop_commands): New function to chop commands into lines.
* job.c (new_job): Break that code out, and call chop_commands.
* remake.c (remake_file): Call chop_commands before looking at
* make.texinfo (Running: Goals): Don't say that the default target
won't be taken from an included makefile.
* remake.c (update_file_1): #if 0 out setting MUST_MAKE if a dep
doesn't exist.
Fri Nov 3 15:53:03 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.57.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Don't calculate useless value.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Fixed -j propagation.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Removed unused variable.
Sun Oct 29 11:11:15 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If the commands are empty, call
notice_finished_file before returning.
Sat Oct 28 23:06:32 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't always update a target that has no
deps. Only do this for double-colon targets.
Wed Oct 25 16:36:16 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c (main) [hpux]: hpux == HPUX.
* compatMakefile (defines): Document that HPUX should be defined.
Tue Oct 24 19:19:48 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.8.
* job.c (exec_command): Fixed what mode bits are checked.
* remake.c (update_file_1): "No cmds and no deps actually changed"
loses if ! FILE->is_target.
* make.texinfo (Variables: Setting): Don't say that spaces after a
variable definition are ignored (since they aren't).
Mon Oct 23 14:34:23 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.7.
* remake.c (update_file_1): If, after being updated, any dependency
does not exist, remake the target.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Always update if FILE has commands but no
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If we return early because there
are no commands, set FILE->updated.
Thu Oct 19 18:47:37 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [M_XENIX]: Don't run atoi or atol on the
`struct ar_hdr' members that are int or long int on Xenix.
Sat Oct 14 10:43:03 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Cosmetic clean ups.
(ar_name_equal): New function to compare names, handling truncated
member names and special `.o' truncation.
(ar_member_pos): Use ar_name_equal.
* ar.c (ar_member_date_1): Use ar_name_equal.
* Version 3.56.6.
* file.h (struct file): Made `update_status' a `short int', and moved
it before `command_state' so the bitfields can be packed better.
* remake.c (files_remade): Made global.
(notice_finished_file): Don't increment files_remade.
* job.c (new_job): Do.
* job.c (start_job): Don't return a value. Always set
CHILD->file->command_state to either cs_running or cs_finished.
(new_job, child_handler): Don't expect start_job to return a value.
Instead, look at the file's command_state.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Merged into job.c (new_job).
* commands.h: Don't declare chop_commands.
* job.c (start_job): Made static.
(new_job): New function to create a `struct child' and call start_job.
(free_child): New function to free a `struct child'.
(child_handler, new_job): Call it.
* job.h: Don't declare start_job. Do declare new_job.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Call new_job.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Don't set FILE->update_status if
start_job fails.
* function.c (expand_function): Don't use `reading_filename' and
`reading_lineno_ptr' if they're nil.
Fri Oct 13 18:16:00 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (find_semicolon): New function to look for an unquoted ; not
preceded by an unquoted # in a string.
(read_makefile): Call it before expanding the line. If it finds a ;,
cut the line short there before expanding it. If not, call it again
after expanding.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Don't check FILE->command_state.
We won't get called unless it's cs_not_started.
* read.c (read_makefile): Call collapse_line on the variable-expanded
rule line after checking for ; and #.
* job.c (start_job): When there are no more commands, always return 0.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Don't put the new child in the
`children' chain unless FILE->command_state is cs_running.
* read.c (read_makefile): Rewrote ;-handling to only do it once (why
did I do it twice??) and to check for a # before the ;.
* job.c (start_job): Set CHILD->file->update_status to 0 when we run
out of commands. Set it to 1 before returning failure.
(child_handler): Don't set C->file->update_status to 0 when start_job
returns success and commands are not running.
* read.c (read_makefile): If there is a # before the ; for commands,
forget the ; and commands.
Thu Oct 12 15:48:16 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c (child_execute_job): Pass -c to the shell.
Wed Oct 11 18:41:10 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.5.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Cleaned up to keep better track of dashes
written, etc.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): When converting newlines to
spaces in output, search with `index' calls rather than a simple loop.
* main.c (main): Make sure stdout is line-buffered.
* main.c (decode_switches): Always check for missing switch arg.
Mon Oct 9 17:17:23 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.4.
Sat Oct 7 00:32:25 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (set_file_variables): #ifdef NO_ARCHIVES, still set $@ and
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Include a trailing slash in the
directory variables (@D, etc.).
* job.c (child_handler): Call notice_finished_file after changing a
child's state to `cs_finished'.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't call notice_finished_file if
FILE->command_state == cs_finished.
Wed Oct 4 16:09:33 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.3.
Tue Oct 3 21:09:51 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): When setting elements of MAKEFILES from
the contents of read_makefiles, make sure we're using the right
* dir.c, glob.c [USGr3 || DIRENT]: Don't define d_ino as d_fileno.
* Version 3.56.2.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Return zero after calling remake_file if
FILE->command_state != cs_finished. Test update_status thoroughly.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Don't call notice_finished_file.
* remake.c (remake_file): Return immediately after calling
Sat Sep 30 14:57:05 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.1 (alpha).
* file.h (struct file): Made `update_status' not be a bitfield, since
some broken compilers don't handle it right.
* function.c (expand_function: `join'): Don't clobber the pointers and
then try to free them.
* job.c (exec_command): Fixed & vs = precedence problem.
Thu Sep 28 17:29:56 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (update_file_1): Fixed typo in debugging output.
* remake.c (library_file_mtime): Search for /usr/local/lib/libLIB.a
after /usr/lib/libLIB.a.
Tue Sep 26 16:07:58 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (conditional_line): For `ifeq (a, b)', swallow space after the
Sun Sep 24 13:25:32 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* function.c (patsubst_function): If BY_WORD and the match is not a
full word, update the text pointer correctly.
* function.c (expand_function: `word'): Don't lose track of the second
arg's expansion and free something else instead.
Fri Sep 22 16:15:29 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.56.
Thu Sep 21 14:28:42 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c (main): Make an array of the mtimes of the makefiles before
updating them, and compare their file_mtimes against this later. Don't
re-exec if a makefile was successfully updated but didn't change. If a
makefile failed to be remade and no longer exists, die. If a makefile
failed to be remade, but changed anyway, re-exec. If a makefile failed
to be remade, but is unchanged, continue on.
Wed Sep 20 18:02:07 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.55.6.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Maintain an array CHECK_LASTSLASH of the
CHECK_LASTSLASH flag values used to match each member of TRYRULES.
When making FILE->stem, if CHECKED_LASTSLASH[FOUNDRULE], prepend the
part of FILENAME before LASTSLASH.
Tue Sep 19 17:44:08 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* dir.c (dir_file_exists_p): Check for FILENAME being nil before
checking for it being "".
* main.c (define_makeflags): Fixed test for whether a flag/flag_off
option was non-default. Also changed to generate a string that Unix
Make will grok (except for FP/int values and new flags).
* job.c (child_execute_job): Don't use the shell's -c option.
Also fixed an off-by-one bug in the ARGV -> shell arg list copying.
Mon Sep 18 15:17:31 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.55.5.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Check the beginning of the file name for a
`./', not the two chars after the end of the name (Q rather than P).
* job.c (child_execute_job): Include all of ARGV in the arg list for
the shell.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Don't include floating and positive_int
options in !PF.
* job.c (exec_command): Set the effective gid to the real gid before
* job.c (child_execute_job): Don't clobber the arg list when execing
the shell.
Sun Sep 17 15:27:19 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* main.c (define_makeflags): Moved all the checking inside the switch.
* load.c [LDAV_BASED] (load_average): When we can't get the load
average, return zero instead of running off the end.
* file.c: Include variables.h.
* job.c: Declare dup2 and {block,unblock}_remote_children.
* file.h: Declare f_mtime.
* job.c: Don't declare construct_command_argv, since job.h does.
* function.c, main.c, load.c, remake.c: Include job.h.
* load.c [LDAV_BASED] (load_average): Declare nlist.
* variable.h: Declare print_file_variables.
* job.c [!USG]: Don't declare sigsetmask.
[!USG]: Declare getdtablesize.
Don't declare load_average. Do declare wait_to_start_job.
Declare vfork, gete[gu]id, execve.
* commands.c: Declare remote_kill, getpid.
* make.h: Declare kill, exit, sigblock, pipe, close, ctime, open,
lseek, read.
* make.h [not USG]: Declare sigsetmask.
* job.h: Declare wait_for_children and {block,unblock}_children.
* dir.c (dir_file_exists_p): If FILENAME is nil, read in the whole
(find_directory): When we want to read in the whole directory, call
dir_file_exists_p with nil instead of "".
* file.h (struct file), job.h (struct child),
variable.h (struct variable): Use bitfields for flags.
* make.h (ENUM_BITFIELD): If GCC or #ifdef ENUM_BITFIELDS, define as
:BITS, else empty.
* compatMakefile (defines): Document ENUM_BITFIELDS.
Sat Sep 16 12:38:58 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.55.4 (alpha).
* GNUmakefile (dist): Depend on default and doc.
* load.c [LDAV_BASED]: Include <nlist.h> rather than <a.out.h>; #ifdef
NLIST_NAME_UNION, use n_un.n_name instead of n_name.
* compatMakefile (LOAD_AVG): Document NLIST_NAME_UNION.
* job.c [USG-ish]: Don't redefine WIF{SIGNALED,EXITED} if they're
already defined.
Fri Sep 15 13:59:42 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* glob.c, dir.c [USGr3 or DIRENT]: If neither d_ino, nor d_fileno is
defined, define d_ino as d_fileno.
Thu Sep 14 18:29:38 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* job.c: Don't declare exec_command static.
* make.texinfo (Name Index): Changed title to include directives.
* Version 3.55.3 (alpha).
* make.texinfo (Running: Options): Document -e.
* main.c (main): Always give imported environment variables origin
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Under -e, if ORIGIN, or an
existing variable's origin, is `o_env', make it `o_env_override'.
* load.c: Use the symbol KERNEL_FILE_NAME instead of KERNEL_FILE.
* compatMakefile: Changed the comment for `LOAD_AVG' accordinly.
Thu Sep 7 16:46:26 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.55.2 (alpha).
* variable.c (print_variable_set), rule.c (print_rule_data_base),
file.c (print_file_data_base): If NO_FLOAT is defined, don't use
floating-point for printing statistics.
* compatMakefile (defines): Document NO_FLOAT.
* make.h (HASH): New macro to add the hashing value of one char to a
* file.c (lookup_file, enter_file, rename_file): Use it.
* dir.c (find_directory, dir_file_exists_p, file_impossible_p): Ditto.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set, lookup_variable): Same here.
* variable.c, file.c, dir.c: Don't define *_BUCKETS if they are already
* compatMakefile (defines): Added comment about defining NO_ARCHIVES.
(ARCHIVES, ARCHIVES_SRC): New variables for {ar,arscan}.[oc].
(objs, srcs): Use $(ARCHIVES) and $(ARCHIVES_SRC).
* commands.c (set_file_variables), dir.c (file_exists_p),
remake.c (touch_file, name_mtime), implicit.c (try_implicit_rule,
pattern_search), make.h: If NO_ARCHIVES is #defined, don't do any
archive stuff.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Don't kill the last char of
directory names in $([@*<%?^]D).
Wed Sep 6 15:23:11 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* default.c (default_terminal_rules {%:: %,v}, {%:: RCS/%,v}): Don't
run co if the target exists.
* glob.c (glob_match): [!xyz], rather than [^xyz], means none of [xyz].
* glob.c: Misc minor cosmetic changes.
Tue Sep 5 14:49:56 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at saffron.Berkeley.EDU)
* load.c [LDAV_BASED] (load_average): Check for == -1, rather than < 0
to see if lseek fails. On some systems, `avenrun' is at an offset >
(2**31)-1, and lseek succeeds, returning a negative value.
Mon Sep 4 11:07:58 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at saffron.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): Return `int' instead of `void': nonzero if
the passed rule was used, zero if not.
(install_pattern_rule): Pay attention to the return from
new_pattern_rule, and don't set the rule's `terminal' flag or give it
commands unless it's used.
(create_pattern_rule): Same idea.
* dir.c (find_directory): Removed unused variable.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Removed unused variable.
* read.c (record_files): Don't use NAME after freeing it.
Sat Sep 2 00:33:19 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at saffron.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.55.1 (alpha).
* function.c (string_glob): Don't add spaces after file names that
aren't added. (Also means don't add spaces without checking the size
of the buffer.)
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Don't remove makefiles with cmds and no
deps from the chain.
* main.c (main): Do it here, before calling update_goal_chain.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): When updating fails, change STATUS even
if MAKEFILES is set. Also stop remaking when updating fails if not
under -k and MAKEFILES is not set.
* remake.c (remake_file, update_file_1, notice_finished_file),
commands.c (execute_file_commands), make.h, commands.h: The functions
remake_file, notice_finished_file, and execute_file_commands no longer
return values, and their callers no longer expect values returned.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Don't set FILE's modtime to now if
it is a non-target with no commands.
Fri Sep 1 00:04:39 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at saffron.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): After freeing each element on MAKEFILES,
replace it with the name stored in read_makefiles by read_makefile.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't decide not to remake if FILE has no
cmds and no deps actually changed if FILE doesn't have any deps.
* file.c (remove_intermediate): Remove precious files that also have
the `dontcare' flag set.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't always remake if FILE has cmds but no
deps; only if FILE is double-colon. (I don't know why this should be
done for double-colon targets, but that's what Unix make does.)
* load.c [LDAV_BASED] (load_average): Write error messages if the
various system calls fail. Keep track of if we've failed before.
The first time we fail, write a message saying -l won't be enforced.
The first time we succeed after having failed, write a message saying
-l will be enforced again.
* remake.c [USG]: Don't #include <sys/file.h>
* load.c [generic Unix LDAV_BASED]: #include <fcntl.h> #ifdef USG,
else <sys/file.h> instead.
* job.c [USG && !USGr3 && !HAVE_DUP2]: Remove redundant
#include <errno.h> and declaration of `errno'.
[...] (dup2): Fixed so it won't always lose.
* default.c (default_suffix_rules: .texinfo.dvi): Copy, rather than
move, the aux and index files, so the TeX run can use them.
* compatMakefile: Remove redundant comment.
* load.c [generic Unix LDAV_BASED]: Include <a.out.h> instead of
<nlist.h>, since the `struct nlist' declaration in <nlist.h> varies
more than the one in <a.out.h>.
(load_average): Use the `n_un.n_name' field of the `struct nlist',
since the <a.out.h> declaration uses the union.
* main.c (main): For the temporary files made for stdin makefiles, set
the `intermediate' and `dontcare' flags.
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Don't print any messages for files
whose `dontcare' flag is set. (The only files that will be
intermediate and `dontcare' will be the temporary files made for stdin
* job.c (exec_command): Made global.
* job.h: Declare it.
* main.c (main): Use exec_command when re-execing.
* make.h: Declare environ.
* make.c: Don't.
* job.c (child_execute_job): New function to perform everything done in
the child side of a fork (for a job or `shell' function).
(start_job): Call it.
* job.h: Declare construct_command_argv and child_execute_job.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Use child_execute_job.
Thu Aug 31 18:42:51 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at saffron.Berkeley.EDU)
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Remove a trailing newline
instead of turning it into a space.
* main.c (main): Do init_siglist #ifdef HAVE_SIGLIST.
* job.c [WTERMSIG || (USG && !HAVE_SYS_WAIT)]: Test each W* macro
separately and define all those that aren't defined.
Sat Aug 26 15:13:21 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* ar.c (ar_name): Return zero for `(foo)'.
* Version 3.55.
* make.texinfo (Rules: Multiple Targets): Make this node's `next'
pointer point to `Static Pattern'.
* make.texinfo (Makefiles: MAKEFILES Variable): Make this node's `prev'
pointer point to `Makefile Names'.
* make.1: Renamed to
* compatMakefile: Define `mandir' and `manext'.
(install): Depend on $(mandir)/make.$(manext).
($(mandir)/make.$(manext)): Depend on and copy it to $@.
($(bindir)/make): Use `make' rather than $<; so Unix make can grok it.
Thu Aug 24 03:35:48 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* variable.c (target_environment): Allow variables that start with
Wed Aug 23 22:50:32 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* variable.c (target_environment): Reject variables that don't start
with letters.
Tue Aug 22 04:14:29 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar.Z): Put make.1 (the Unix manual
page) in the tar file.
* variable.c (target_environment): Don't write variables with origin
o_default (i.e., ones from default.c).
* make.texinfo (Commands: Recursion: Variables/Recursion): Document
that default variables are not put in the environment.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Remake all targets with commands but no
Sat Aug 19 06:03:16 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (update_file_1): In the final loop, set the deps'
`changed' members if they are newer than FILE.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Under -d, print a message if we decide
not to remake a makefile so as to avoid a possible infinite loop.
Fri Aug 18 20:30:14 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (remake_file): Cleaned up.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If the commands are empty, set
FILE->update_status to zero before returning.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Set `last_mtime' fields to zero
instead of calling name_mtime; file_mtime will do that later if anybody
Thu Aug 17 10:01:11 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* make.texinfo (Rules: Wildcards: Wildcard Examples): Give this node a
`prev' pointer.
* Version 3.54.9 (alpha).
* make.texinfo: Fixed some @nodes.
* remake.c (check_dep): Don't set *MUST_MAKE_PTR if FILE doesn't exist
after running update_file.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): If FILE has no commands, pretend its
modtime is now.
* remake.c (update_file_1): In the loops that call update_file on the
deps, compare modtimes before and after (unless deps are still being
made) and set the deps' `changed' members. Do not set the `changed'
members in the loop that prints the newer/older debugging messages.
* remake.c (update_file_1): If no deps changed and FILE has no
commands, decide it doesn't need remaking.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Print a debugging message if we take
commands from default_file.
* make.texinfo (Rules: Directory Search: Selective Search): Removed
note about warning for `vpath' with a constant pathname, since it isn't
warned about anymore.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): If MAKEFILES, remove makefiles which
are targets and have no deps.
* make.texinfo (Makefiles: Remaking Makefiles): Document that makefiles
will not be remade if they are targets but have no dependencies.
Tue Aug 15 00:00:08 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Increment files_remade for non-phony
files if they didn't exist before (even if they still don't).
* job.c: Include <errno.h> and declare errno.
* job.c (exec_command): If the execve fails with ENOEXEC (Exec format
error), return instead of exiting the child process.
* job.c (start_job): In the child side, if exec_command fails, try
using the shell.
* job.c (start_job): In the child side, call unblock_children instead
of sigsetmask.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Under -n or -q, always increment
files_remade for non-phony files.
* rule.c (intall_pattern_rule): Use find_percent.
* vpath.c (vpath_search): Pass the `percent' members to
Mon Aug 14 23:30:24 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* vpath.c (struct vpath): New member `percent', to hold a pointer into
the pattern where the % is.
(construct_vpath_list): Call find_percent on the pattern and set the
new `percent' member.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't run find_percent on `vpath' directive
* function.c (pattern_matches): Take new arg PERCENT, a pointer into
PATTERN where the % is. If PERCENT is nil, copy PATTERN into local
space and run find_percent on it.
(expand_function: `filter', `filter-out'): Pass new arg to
* read.c (record_files): Pass PATTERN_PERCENT to pattern_matches for
static pattern rules. Save the percent pointer into implicit rule
targets, and pass them to create_pattern_rule.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Pass new arg to create_pattern_rule.
(create_pattern_rule): Take new arg TARGET_PERCENTS, nil or an array of
pointers into the corresponding elements of TARGETS, where the %s are.
Sun Aug 13 00:29:19 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.54.8.
* README.templatate, README-doc.template: New files, turned into README
and README-doc to go into the two distribution tar files.
* GNUmakefile: Added a rule to edit the version number in
README.template and README-doc.template, producing README and
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): If -n or -q is in effect for a
makefile, and it got updated, don't change STATUS, so we can still
return -1 (meaning nothing was done). This avoids an infinite loop on
"make -n Makefile".
Sat Aug 12 23:14:24 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Treat -q the same as -n.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Fixed handling of return from
update_file. If -n or -q is in effect, ignore it.
* job.c (start_job): Don't test for -t. We should never get called in
that case.
Fri Aug 11 04:09:14 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* function.c (expand_function): Removed unused variables.
(handle_function): Removed unused variable.
* main.c (main): Removed unused variable.
Wed Aug 9 09:37:10 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.54.7.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): If FILE's modtime actually changed,
increment files_remade.
(remake_file): Don't increment files_remade.
* remake.c (update_file): Don't print "up to date" messages for
phony files.
* job.c (child_handler): Don't set C->file->update_status to 1 if
start_job returns nonzero under -n or -t.
* expand.c (variable_expand): Count parens in $(foo:a=b) refs.
* main.c: Removed old declaration of `glob_tilde' (which hasn't existed
for a few months).
Tue Aug 8 23:53:43 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (exec_command): Fixed to not ignore the last path component and
to do the right thing with an empty path.
Fri Aug 4 15:58:19 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (library_file_mtime): Look for libLIB.a, not /libLIB.a.
Do VPATH search on libLIB.a, not /usr/lib/libLIB.a
Thu Aug 3 20:42:00 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c [HAVE_SYS_WAIT or not USG]: If WIFSIGNALED is not defined by
<sys/wait.h>, define it as (WTERMSIG != 0).
Tue Aug 1 19:25:34 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (remake_file): If FILE has no commands and is a target,
don't set its time to now. The time gets reset by notice_finished_file
anyway, and it isn't needed since check_dep checks for nonexistence.
* Version 3.54.6.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't read off the end of the string after an
* job.c (exec_command): New function to search the path for a file and
execute it.
(start_job): Use exec_command rather than execvp.
* read.c (read_makefile): Expand `include' directive args before
parsing them. Allow trailing whitespace after filename.
* variable.c (target_environment): Put makelevel + 1, rather than
makelevel, in the `MAKELEVEL' envariable.
Sat Jul 29 10:27:04 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Don't get the new modtime of phony
* remake.c (remake_file): Run commands instead of touching under -t if
FILE->cmds->any_recurse is set.
* commands.h (struct commands): Add new member `any_recurse', to be set
nonzero if any `lines_recurse' element is nonzero.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Set the `any_recurse' member.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Split chopping of commands into
lines into new function chop_commands.
* commands.h: Declare chop_commands.
* read.c (read_makefile): Test for a line beginning with a tab after
checking for conditional lines, but before all other checks.
Fri Jul 28 18:10:29 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* read.c (read_makefile): Match directives against collapsed line
and use that for their args.
* read.c (read_makefile): Warn about extra text after `include'.
Tue Jul 25 14:34:25 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* make.texinfo (Rules: Directory Search: Selective Search): Fixed
example to use correct `vpath' syntax.
Mon Jul 24 12:10:58 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.54.5.
* job.c (start_job): In the child side, unblock SIGCHLD.
Fri Jul 21 18:25:59 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* make.h: Don't include <sys/types.h> #ifdef sun.
Mon Jul 17 14:29:10 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* implicit.c (pattern_search): If ar_name (FILENAME), don't check for
directory names.
* job.c (wait_for_children): Changed "waiting for children" message to
"waiting for unfinished jobs".
Fri Jul 14 13:17:13 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* load.c (load_average): Use an unsigned offset into kmem.
Thu Jul 13 18:44:49 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* variable.c (pop_variable_scope): Don't free the head of the chain of
variables in each bucket twice.
Tue Jul 11 06:45:24 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* GNUmakefile: Include COPYING in the doc tar file.
* variable.c, read.c, misc.c, job.c, function.c: Replace some identical
"for" loops with next_token or end_of_token calls.
Mon Jul 10 16:55:08 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.54.4.
* compatMakefile: Documented new conditionals.
* job.c: Don't define sys_siglist if HAVE_SIGLIST is defined.
Don't define dup2 if HAVE_DUP2 is defined.
* job.c (child_handler): Interpret the return from start_job correctly.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't write "target not remade because of
errors" message under -n or -q.
* read.c: Declare getpwnam.
* glob.c: Use <dirent.h> if DIRENT is defined.
[USG]: Don't declare memcpy, since <memory.h> does.
Fri Jul 7 20:53:13 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* misc.c (collapse_line): Copy the line over in the right place.
Fri Jul 7 18:33:24 1989 Roland McGrath (fsf at
* remake.c: Conditionalize inclusion of <sys/file.h> on not
USG, since HP-UX defines a `struct file' there.
Fri Jul 7 12:11:30 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c: If WTERMSIG is defined by <sys/wait.h>, define WAIT_T as int,
and don't define other macros; this covers HP-UX.
If WTERMSIG is not defined, use int or union wait based on USG and
HAVE_SYS_WAIT; this covers BSD and SysV.
* Version 3.54.3 (alpha).
* job.c [USG and not USGr3]: Include <errno.h> and declare errno.
* job.c (unblock_children [USG]): Declare child_handler.
* job.c: Renamed WRETCODE to WEXITSTATUS.
WEXITSTATUS before defining them. The HP-UX <sys/wait.h> defines them.
* main.c (main): If there are no goals, fatal AFTER printing the data
base under -p.
Thu Jul 6 22:43:33 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* glob.c [USG]: #define rindex as strrchr.
* job.c [USG]: Include <sys/param.h> and #define getdtablesize() as
Wed Jul 5 09:36:00 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.54.2 (alpha).
* expand.c (variable_expand): When expanding recursive variable
references (${${a}}), use the correct delimiters in the constructed
variable reference.
Mon Jul 3 18:29:26 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* compatMakefile: Clear out and redefine the .SUFFIXES list because
silly Sun 4 make defines .cps.h.
* compatMakefile: Fix comment about -DNO_MINUS_C_MINUS_O.
* remake.c: Include <sys/file.h> for O_* on 4.2.
* commands.c: Define sigmask if it's not defined.
Fri Jun 30 07:33:08 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't always increment files_remade.
* variable.c (push_new_variable_scope): Zero the new variable hash
Thu Jun 29 17:14:32 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* expand.c (variable_expand): When terminating the variable expansion
buffer, use variable_buffer_output instead of a simply zero store,
because the buffer may need to be enlarged.
Wed Jun 28 16:53:47 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.54.
* default.c (default_suffixes): Added `.ln'.
(default_suffix_rules): Changed lint rules to use -C.
Thu Jun 22 20:49:35 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (start_job): Set `environ' to CHILD->environment before execing
in the child process!
Tue Jun 20 17:23:13 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* compatMakefile: Put job.h and rule.h in `srcs'.
* Version 3.53.
Mon Jun 19 16:25:18 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* job.c (start_job): If there are no more commands, return nonzero
under -n or -t.
* compatMakefile (make): Pass `-f' to mv.
* GNUmakefile: If `ARCH' or `machine' is defined, make $(ARCH)/*.o and
$(ARCH)/make instead of *.o and make.
* function.c (string_glob): Don't try to use freed storage!
* read.c (readline): If there is only one byte of space in the buffer,
enlarge the buffer before reading more.
* arscan.c [M_XENIX]: Miscellaneous minor changes for Xenix.
Sun Jun 18 13:07:45 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* GNUmakefile (depend): Split commands into two lines so they won't be
so long when variable-expanded.
* compatMakefile: Documented MINUS_C_MINUS_O meaning. The line
describing it got removed when the USG/wait stuff was documented.
Sat Jun 17 22:56:54 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Version 3.52.
Mon Jun 12 17:45:11 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (check_dep): Drop circular dependencies instead of fataling.
(update_file_1 already does this.)
* default.c (default_suffix_rules): For .s -> .o, put the -o flag to
the assembler before the source file name.
Sun Jun 11 12:00:52 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.51.
* make.texinfo (Features): Noted 1003.2 requirement of `+' meaning.
* file.c (remove_intermediates): If !SIG, write a single "rm" command
line, listing all files.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't free the storage for the passed
filename, since it might not be malloc'd. When doing an included
makefile, free the name's storage.
(read_all_makefiles): Use variable_expand to find the value of
`MAKEFILES'. Free the storage for the names of -f makefiles.
(read_makefile): Allocate storage for the makefile name in the
`struct file' in read_makefiles.
* make.texinfo (Running: Instead of Execution): Document the effect of
+ and $(MAKE)/${MAKE}.
* make.texinfo (Functions: Foreach Function): Document that if the
iteration variable was undefined before the `foreach' call, it will be
undefined after the call.
* commands.c: Split into commands.c, job.h, and job.c.
* rule.c (try_implicit_rule, pattern_search): Moved to new file
* rule.c: Split into rule.h, rule.c, and default.c.
* default.c (install_default_pattern_rules): Renamed to
* make.h, main.c (main): Renamed uses.
* make.c: Renamed to misc.c.
* make.c (main, log_working_directory, decode_switches,
decode_env_switches, define_makeflags, die, print_version,
print_data_base): Moved to new file main.c.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Don't collapse backslash-newlines
here. When chopping the commands up into lines, don't chop at
(start_job): Collapse backslash-newlines after printing the line.
* commands.c (start_job): Don't collapse backslash-newlines here.
(execute_file_commands): Collapse backslash-newlines before chopping
the commands up into lines.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Initialize the length counters for
$^ and $? to zero!
* commands.c (start_job): Use vfork instead of fork. Someone else says
the child and parent DO have separate file descriptors.
* variable.c: Split internals into variable.c, function expansion into
function.c, and variable expansion into expand.c.
* function.c (handle_function): New function to check for a function
invocation and expand it.
* expand.c (variable_expand): Use handle_function.
* variable.c (push_new_variable_scope): New function to push a new
empty variable set onto the current setlist.
(pop_variable_scope): New function to pop the topmost set from the
current setlist and free its storage.
* function.c (expand_function: `foreach'): Push a new variable scope
for the iteration variable and pop the scope when finished.
* variable.h: Declare new functions.
* variable.c (initialize_variable_output): New function to return a
pointer to the beginning of the output buffer.
(save_variable_output): New function to save the variable output state.
(restore_variable_output): New function to restore it.
* expand.c (variable_expand): Use initialize_variable_output.
(allocated_variable_expand): Use {save,restore}_variable_output.
* variable.c (current_setlist): Renamed to current_variable_set_list
and made global.
Sat Jun 10 00:11:25 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (library_file_mtime): Check for libNAME.a in the current
directory before doing VPATH search.
* variable.c (print_variable_set): Don't write "# Variables", and write
fewer blank lines.
(print_variable_data_base): Precede the variables with "# Variables".
* make.c (main): Print the data base under -p after doing everything
else, just before exitting. This way it gets info determined in
updating the goal targets.
* variable.c (print_variable_data_base): Split into print_variable,
which prints one variable, and print_variable_set, which prints a set.
Replaced with a call to print_variable_set for the global set.
(print_file_variables): New function to print a given file's local
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Call print_file_variables to print
each file's local variables.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Actually define the values for
the $^ and $? variables!!!
* make.texinfo (Implicit: Pattern Rules: Automatic): Document new D and
F versions of $^ and $?.
* commands.c (start_job): In the child fork, use getdtablesize and a
loop to close all file descriptors other than 0, 1, and 2. We need to
do this since not only the bad stdin pipe, but also some directories,
may be open.
* commands.c (start_job): Use fork instead of vfork, because a vfork
parent and child share file descriptors, and our child needs to diddle
with stdin.
* variable.c (initialize_file_variables): When created a new variable
set, zero out the hash table.
* variable.c (target_environment): Don't use variables whose names are
not made up of alphanumerics and underscores.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Set the `parent' member of each dependency
to FILE before updating it.
* file.h (struct file): Add `parent' member.
* variable.c (initialize_file_variables): Don't take second arg PARENT.
Use FILE->parent instead. If FILE->parent->variables is nil, recurse
to initialize it.
* variable.h: Declare {allocated_}variable_expand_for_file.
* variable.c (allocated_variable_expand): Now
allocated_variable_expand_for_file, calling variable_expand_for_file,
and taking second arg FILE.
(allocated_variable_expand): New function, a wrapper around
allocated_variable_expand_for_file, passing a nil second arg.
Fri Jun 9 12:11:45 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (start_job): On the child side of the fork, always close
the bad stdin file descriptor.
* commands.c (struct child): New member `environment', to hold the
environment for the child.
(execute_file_commands): Set the new childs `environment' member to nil
before calling start_job.
(start_job): Set up CHILD->environment before running the commands if
it is nil.
* make.c (main): Don't call new_environ. `shell' functions will now be
run with the environment make was called with.
* commands.c (child_handler): Don't check C->command_ptr before calling
start_job since we now have to check C->file->cmds->command_lines and
it's easier to let start_job handle all that.
* commands.c (struct child): New member `command_line', to hold an
index into file->cmds->command_lines.
(execute_file_commands): Set the new child's `command_line' to 0 and
its `commands' and `commands_ptr' to nil.
(start_job): When CHILD->command_ptr runs out, increment
CHILD->command_line and run the corresponding line from
CHILD->file->cmds->command_lines. Run it even under -t, -q, or -n if
the CHILD->file->cmds->lines_recurse element for that line is set.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Chop CMDS up into lines, setting
its `command_lines' and `lines_recurse' members, if it wasn't already
* commands.h (struct commands): New members `command_lines' and
`lines_recurse'. The first is an array of chopped-up lines; the second
is an array of flags, each nonzero if the corresponding line is
* variable.c (variable_expand_for_file): If FILE is nil, just do a
vanilla variable_expand.
(expand_function: `shell'): Pass second arg (as nil) to
* commands.c (construct_command_argv): Use variable_expand_for_file on
`$(SHELL)' and `$(IFS)' instead of lookup_variable to check those
variables. This handles file-local and recursive values correctly.
To support this, take an additional argument FILE.
* variable.c (initialize_file_variables): New function to initialize
FILE's variable set list from PARENT's setlist. PARENT is the
immediate dependent that caused FILE to be remade, or nil if FILE is a
goal. (When user-level per-file variables are implemented, PARENT
should be passed as nil when defining per-file variables.)
* variable.c (variable_expand_for_file): New function to expand a line
using the variable set of a given file, and reporting error messages
for the file and line number of that file's commands.
* variable.h: Don't declare lookup_variable_for_file.
* variable.c (lookup_variable_*): Turned back into lookup_variable. It
now uses current_setlist.
(global_setlist): New static `struct variable_set_list', a setlist
containing global_variable_set.
(current_setlist): New static `struct variable_set_list *', a pointer
to the current variable set list.
(define_variable): Define in the current top-level set, not the global
* commands.c (set_file_variables): New function to set up the automatic
variables for a file in its own variable set.
(execute_file_commands): Use set_file_variables.
* variable.c (new_environ): Replaced with target_environment, taking an
argument FILE, and returning an environment for FILE's commands.
* variable.c, variable.h: Remove all global special variable pointers.
* variable.c (define_variable_for_file): New function like
define_variable, but takes additional arg FILE, and defines the
variable in the variable set at the top of FILE's chain.
(lookup_variable_for_file): New function like lookup_variable, but
takes additional arg FILE, and looks the variable up in all of FILE's
variable sets.
* file.h (struct file): New member `variables', a `struct
variable_set_list' containing the list of variable sets used in the
expansion of the file's commands.
* variable.c (variables): Replaced with static `struct variable_set'
(define_variable): Now define_variable_in_set, taking additional
argument SET, the `struct variable_set' to define it in.
(define_variable): Use define_variable_in_set with global_variable_set.
(lookup_variable): Now lookup_variable_in_set, taking additional
argument SET, the `struct variable_set' to look it up in.
(lookup_variable): Use lookup_variable_in_set with global_variable_set.
(lookup_variable_in_setlist): New function to look up a variable in a
`struct variable_set_list' using lookup_variable_in_set.
* variable.h (struct variable_set): New structure, containing a hash
table and the number of hash buckets.
(struct variable_set_list): New structure, containing a link for a
linked-list, and a `struct variable_set'.
* commands.c (start_job): Under -n, return what the recursive start_job
call returns, since it might actually start a child.
* make.texinfo (Rules: Wildcards): Document ~ and ~USER expansion.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If start_job returns
failure, but -t is set, set FILE->update_status to success.
(start_job): If -t is set, and the commands are not recursive, return
failure (is is done for -q).
* remake.c (touch_file): New function to touch FILE.
(remake_file): Use touch_file. When touching a file, still do
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't check question_flag (-q), since we
can't know here if the commands are recursive.
* commands.c (start_job): Don't use the `recursive' member of
CHILD->file->cmds. Instead, check for leading +s and $(MAKE) or
${MAKE} in the command line here.
* commands.h (struct commands): Remove `recursive' member.
* rule.c (install_default_pattern_rules): Remove use of `recursive'
* read.c (record_files): Don't check commands from $(MAKE) and set
their `recursive' member.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Treat SIGQUIT like SIGINT, SIGHUP,
and SIGTERM, but don't send it to ourselves because it will cause a
core dump.
Thu Jun 8 20:30:04 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.50.
* variable.c (variable_expand): Use allocated_variable_expand instead
of expand_argument in a few places.
* variable.c (allocated_variable_expand): Do static variable shuffling
here instead of using expand_argument.
(expand_argument): Use allocated_variable_expand.
* variable.c (recursively_expand): New function to recursively expand
its argument (a `struct variable'), returning the malloc'd value.
(variable_expand): Use recursively_expand.
Sun May 28 12:49:27 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (main): Fixed buggy fix in deciding to increase space for
command-line variable definitions. (First it never did it, then it
always did it; now it does it when necessary.)
Sat May 27 14:01:54 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at hecuba.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (main): Fixed bug in deciding to increase space for
command-line variable definitions.
Fri May 26 15:48:01 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (multi_glob): Use allocated_expand_variable for checking
`HOME' variable for ~ expansion, since this may be called from inside a
`wildcard' function expansion.
* variable.h: Declare allocated_expand_variable.
* variable.c (allocated_expand_variable): New function to do variable
expansion in an allocated buffer, rather than the static one.
* make.c (main): Don't set glob_tilde (it no longer exists).
* variable.c (string_glob): Use multi_glob and parse_file_seq.
* read.c (multi_glob): Do ~ expansion here.
* glob.c (glob_tilde, glob_filename): Removed ~ expansion.
* variable.c (define_variable, lookup_variable): Use a smarter hashing
algorithm (the same one used for files and directories).
(VARIABLE_BUCKETS): Increased to 523.
* file.c (enter_file, lookup_file, rename_file): Use a smarter hashing
algorithm, spreading the bits about somewhat.
* make.c (log_working_directory): Under `-p', precede the directory
message with a `#'.
* make.c (print_version): Under `-p', precede each line with a `#'.
(print_data_base): Precede the header line with a `#' and include the
date and time on it.
* vpath.c (print_vpath_data_base): Precede non-directive
lines with `#'s.
* commands.c (print_commands): Precede the non-command line with a `#'.
* rule.c (print_rule_data_base), file.c (print_file_data_base): Precede
non-rule lines with `#'s.
* dir.c (print_dir_data_base): Precede all lines with `#'s.
* variable.c (print_variable_data_base): Changed format so that it can
be makefile input. Lines that are not variable definitions are
preceded with `#'. Nonrecursive variable definitions are made with all
dollar signs doubled to reproduce the initial value. Recursive
variable definitions containing newlines are done with `define'
directives. Nonrecursive variable definitions containing newlines, and
variable names containing :, =, or newlines, will come out garbled.
Wed May 24 00:20:04 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.49.
Tue May 23 19:18:00 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (expand_function: `filter'/`filter-out'): Use
find_percent instead of pattern_p.
* variable.c (expand_function: `patsubst'): Pass new args (both nil)
to patsubst_expand.
(variable_expand): For $(var:pat%=rep%) references, pass new args to
patsubst_expand so as to avoid find_percent and thus disallow
quoting the %s.
* read.c (record_files): Pass new args to patsubst_expand.
* variable.c (patsubst_expand): Take two new args: PATTERN_PERCENT
and REPLACE_PERCENT. Each of these, if non-nil, means that PATTERN
(or REPLACE) has already been run through find_percent, and
* make.h: Declare find_percent instead of pattern_p.
* read.c (pattern_p): Changed to find_percent, returning a pointer
to the %, or nil if there is none.
(record_files): Take another arg, PATTERN_PERCENT, a pointer to the
(read_makefile): Pass PATTERN_PERCENT to record_files.
* make.texinfo (Rules: Static Pattern: Static Usage,
Rules: Directory Search: Selective Search,
Functions: Text Functions): Documented that `%' can be quoted.
* variable.c (expand_function: `filter'/`filter-out'): Use pattern_p
to allow quoted %s in patterns.
* variable.c (patsubst_expand): Use pattern_p on PATTERN and REPLACE
to allow quoted %s. Quoting backslashes are removed from REPLACE
even if PATTERN contains no unquoted %.
* read.c (pattern_p): Made global.
* make.h: Declare pattern_p.
* read.c (pattern_p): New function to search for an unquoted % in a
string. Backslashes quote %s and backslashes. Quoting backslashes
are removed from the string by compacting it into itself. Returns
nonzero if an unquoted % was found, zero if not.
(record_files): Use pattern_p to check for implicit rules.
(read_makefile): Use pattern_p to check for static pattern rules.
Also use it to allow quoted %s in `vpath' patterns; warn about
`vpath' patterns with no %s.
Mon May 22 16:31:52 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* glob.c (glob_filename): Replace a `1' with the `l' that should
have been there. This incidentally stops it from dumping core.
* glob.c (glob_filename): If the path is just a directory, with no
file name pattern, return the directory alone.
* glob.c (glob_tilde): New global variable (int), defaults to zero.
(glob_filename): If glob_tilde is nonzero, expand ~ or ~USER.
* variable.c (string_glob): Keep a static allocated buffer for file
names taken from the list, instead of allocating and freeing one
every time.
Fri May 19 18:06:26 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (decode_switches): Get floating numbers from the right string.
Sun May 14 13:48:04 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (delete_child_targets): When deleting `also_make'
files, include the target's name in the message:
make: *** [foo] Deleting file `bar'
Sat May 13 17:34:26 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (max_load_average, default_load_average): Default to -1.
* load.c (wait_to_start_job): Return if max_load_average is < 0.0,
not equal.
Fri May 12 16:08:05 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (variable_buffer_output): Don't try to do pointer
arithmetic between objects not in the same array.
Wed May 10 15:55:29 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c [M_XENIX] (default_suffix_rules, default_variables): Minor
changes to allow for strange compiler syntax.
* rule.c (default_variables): Don't include "> $@" in
$(PREPROCESS.S), since it's already in the .S.s rule.
* file.c (enter_file): Make a new double-colon file the `prev'
member of the bottom `prev' file (the one whose `prev' is nil).
* read.c (do_define): Append newlines after copying the lines into
the value buffer, so we end up with a trailing newline.
* make.c (print_version): If the global variable
`remote_description' is not nil or "", append "-%s" (its value) to
the version number.
* remote-*.c: Define remote_description appropriately.
Sun May 7 15:15:53 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (error_status): Converted to new function child_error,
taking new arguments TARGET_NAME and IGNORED, and writing an error
message: "*** [target] Error 1" (or signal #, etc.), appending
" (ignored)" if IGNORED is nonzero.
(child_handler): Use child_error instead of error_status.
* compatMakefile (all): Don't depend on `doc'.
* compatMakefile (clean): Don't remove make-info*.
(realclean): New rule, depends on `clean', removes tags, TAGS,
and all Info and TeX files.
Thu May 4 17:00:46 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (print_variable_data_base), file.c
(print_file_data_base), rule.c (print_rule_data_base),
Use floating-point for averages and percentages.
* make.c (print_data_base): Print messages before and after the data
base information.
* commands.c (print_commands): Changed output format to separate
lines in commands and prefix them with tabs.
* dir.c (print_dir_data_base): Changed output format slightly.
* vpath.c (struct vpath, construct_vpath_list,
selective_vpath_search): Remove the `exists' member and its uses.
* vpath.c (print_vpath_data_base): New function to print all
selective and general VPATH search paths (for -p).
* make.c (print_data_base): Call print_vpath_data_base.
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Changed format to look more like a
makefile rule. Now reports all information in the `struct file'.
* rule.c (print_rule_data_base): Changed format of display from:
%: (terminal)
depends on: RCS/%,v
%: RCS/%,v
is terminal.
references nonexistent subdirectory.
Also include number and percent that refer to nonexistent
Thu Apr 27 15:45:40 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (main): Figure out the level of recursion before writing
the `Entering directory' message.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Don't figure out the
level of recursion from `MAKELEVEL'. It's now done in main.
* Version 3.48.
Wed Apr 26 16:39:17 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (child_handler): Set `update_status' to zero when there
are no more commands.
* make.c (log_working_directory): If MAKELEVEL > 0, indicate the
recurson in the message (make[1]: ...).
* commands.c (child_handler): Change status to `cs_finished' when
commands fail.
* commands.c (start_job): Return 0 (success) if there were no more
commands for the child.
(child_handler): Change the status to `cs_finished' when start_job
fails to start the commands.
* make.c (main): Don't handle SIGEMT if it's not defined.
Do handle SIGDANGER if it is defined.
* commands.c (child_handler): Reorganized inner loop so that it
doesn't try to inspect the child before finding it.
Tue Apr 25 16:28:24 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (end_of_token): Fixed bug wherein backslashes caused
immediate return.
* Version 3.47.
* make.texinfo (Implicit: Pattern Rules: Automatic): Document
setting of `$*' for explicit rules. Add note clarifying that
automatic variables, though referred to in the documentation as
`$<', etc. are no different than `$(<)', etc.
Fri Apr 21 18:00:12 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* file.c (enter_file): Don't strip leading `./'s.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Strip leading `./'s.
Thu Apr 13 17:26:41 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.texinfo (Commands: Parallel, Running: Options): Document that
-l with no argument removes a previous load limit.
* make.c (struct command_switch): New member `default_value'.
(default_job_slots): Default value (of 1) for -j.
(default_load_average): Default value (of 0, unlimited) for -l.
(command_switches): Use default values for -j and -l.
Also, -l without an arg now means no load limit.
(define_makeflags): Don't write positive_int or floating options
whose values are their defaults.
* make.c (main): Under -w, write a `Leaving directory' message
before re-execing.
Tue Apr 11 16:46:29 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.46.
* Makefile: Provide an easy place for system-specific definitions
(-DUSG, etc.) and extra object files (for whatever).
* make.texinfo: Miscellaneous fixes from RMS.
Mon Apr 10 19:31:34 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c (pattern_search): Put rules with `subdir' flags set in
TRYRULES, since these might be valid with VPATHs. In the TRYRULES
loop, don't do lookup_file or file_exists_p calls for dependencies
of rules with `subdir' flags set, but still do vpath_search calls
and intermediate-file searches.
Thu Apr 6 16:33:00 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.texinfo (Implicit: Pattern Rules: Automatic): Document the
new definition of $* for explicit rules.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If FILE->stem is nil, figure
out if FILE->name ends in a suffix in the .SUFFIXES list; if so,
store the name sans suffix in FILE->stem (and $*).
Wed Apr 5 15:24:48 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Don't use `file_exists_p' to check
for the existence of intermediate files, because the hashed
directories will probably be out of date.
* commands.c (child_handler): Free the good stdin before running the
next command line.
* commands.c [USG] (init_siglist): Don't case SIGEMT if it's not
defined. Do case SIGDANGER (for IBM RT) if it is defined.
* commands.c: Changed `SYS_WAIT' to `HAVE_SYS_WAIT'.
(child_handler): Use `wait3' if HAVE_SYS_WAIT is #defined.
* file.c (enter_file): If any `./'s are stripped off, allocate a new
copy of the shortened name.
* rule.c (pattern_search): Allocate the right length strings for
`also_make' members.
Sat Apr 1 13:28:38 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.45.
* GNUmakefile: Make a separate tarfile of the DVI and info files.
* make.c (define_makeflags): If a switch that takes an argument has
its default value, put the switch in MAKEFLAGS with no arguments.
* make.c (command_switches): Pass `-l' in MAKEFLAGS.
Wed Mar 29 17:50:05 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* GNUmakefile: Don't include the DVI and info files in the dist.
* commands.c (child_handler): Don't call
* make.h: Don't declare check_changed_{directories,vpaths}.
* vpath.c (check_changed_vpaths): Removed this function.
* dir.c (struct directory): Remove `modtime' member.
(find_directory): Don't set `modtime' member.
(check_changed_directories): Removed this function.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Set FILE->command_state to cs_finished
if it didn't need to be remade.
* remake.c (update_file): Only write the "up to date" message if the
target went from `not_started' state to `finished' state without
incrementing the count of files remade.
* commands.c [USG] (init_siglist): If both SIGCHLD and SIGCLD are
defined, don't put them both in the `switch'.
Tue Mar 28 15:37:02 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* file.c (rename_file): Change FILE's name!!!
* rule.c (create_pattern_rule): Set the `terminal' member of the new
rule after calling new_pattern_rule, which zeros it.
* rule.c (default_variables): Use $(C++) in $(!
Sun Mar 26 15:52:30 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Makefile: Added a `clean' target.
Fri Mar 24 15:08:46 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.44.
* file.c (rename_file): If a `struct file' for the renamed-to name
exists, and it is a target or has deps or commands, barf.
If not just remove the old one for put in the new one.
* remake.c (update_file_1, check_dep): Changed it back so that equal
modtimes to NOT make dependencies be considered newer. RCS checks
out files with equal modtimes as the RCS files, so this screws it.
* make.h, glob.c: If __GNUC__ is defined, use __builtin_alloca.
* Makefile: Use variables `ALLOCA' and `ALLOCASRC' so systems
without a good standard alloca can get it from the Emacs
distribution (or somewhere).
* dir.c: Don't include <sys/stat.h>, since make.h does.
* make.c: Removed debugging version of getwd.
Thu Mar 23 16:16:27 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.43.
* remake.c (update_file_1): If a dependency loop is found, don't
fatal. Emit an error message and remove the dependency.
* remake.c (library_file_mtime): Fixed to use the right names.
(update_file_1, check_dep): Consider a dependency "newer" than its
dependent if they have the same modification time.
Wed Mar 22 19:31:35 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Don't try to remove nonexistent files.
Mon Mar 20 10:21:22 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.42.
* rule.c (default_variables): Set F77 to $(FC) and F77FLAGS to
$(FFLAGS) so explicit rules expecting these (which are in System V)
will work. However, there is no way to make setting these affect
the implicit rules, unless we trash FC and FFLAGS (which BSD uses).
[USG]: Set GET to `get' rather than `/usr/sccs/get'.
Sun Mar 19 20:00:27 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Don't replace VPATH[ELEM] with
dir_name (V), because the latter may get freed.
Sat Mar 18 15:01:39 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.41.
* make.texinfo: Cleaned-up edition 0.1 Beta from RMS and Bob Chassell.
* file.c (rename_file): If a file with the new name already existed,
use the same storage space, after freeing the old file's name, deps,
and `also_make' member, preserving the link in the chain.
Also write an error message telling the user to report the incident;
I don't think this should be able to happen, but I'm not sure.
* file.c (rename_file): Don't add the hash values of the old and new
names together! Reset HASHVAL before computing the second value.
* dir.c (check_changed_directories): Zero the new file hash table
after allocating it.
* dir.c (dir_file_exists_p): If FILENAME is "", return 1 if the
directory exists.
* vpath.c (check_changed_vpaths): New function to run through the
search paths of all VPATHs, making the `exists' members correspond
to reality.
* commands.c (child_handler): Call check_changed_vpaths.
* make.h: Declare check_changed_vpaths.
* vpath.c (struct vpath): New element `exists', an array of char
flags; exists[N] is nonzero if searchpath[N] exists.
(construct_vpath_list): Set the `exists' member.
(selective_vpath_search): Don't search directories whose `exists'
elements are zero.
* read.c (read_makefile): Set the `dontcare' flag of makefiles
from the MAKEFILES variable if they were not mentioned anywhere but
in the MAKEFILES variable.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't write an error message if fopen
fails for a makefile from the MAKEFILES variable.
* dir.c (struct directory): Add `modtime' member to record the
modification time of the directory when it was opened.
(check_changed_directories): New function to check all known
directories; if their modtimes have changed since they were opened,
their file tables are cleared and they are reset to be read in.
* commands.c (child_handler): Call check_changed_directories before
make.h: Declare check_changed_directories.
Tue Mar 14 20:07:13 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.40.
* make.c (print_version): Made the copyright say 1988, 1989.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Don't set *MAKEFILES to the name of
the end of the read_makefiles chain, since the latter may be from an
included makefile. (Why did I do this before?)
* make.c (main): Set argv[0] to "" if it was nil. Don't put the
command-line variable definitions into argv[0], only into the MAKE
Sun Mar 5 20:44:08 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* ar.c (ar_member_date, ar_touch): Remove the trailing ) from the
member name.
Fri Mar 3 18:15:15 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (construct_command_argv): Initialize NEW_ARGV to 0. At
`slow' label, if NEW_ARGV is not 0, free it; then allocate 4 strings.
Tue Feb 28 14:29:39 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.39.
* COPYING, make.texinfo: New GNU General Public License, version 1.
* *.c, *.h, Makefile: New copyright notices for the new GNU General
Public License, version 1.
* commands.c [USG]: Define WRETCODE correctly (again).
* variable.c (expand_function: `shell'): Don't capture the standard
error output of the shell command.
* ar.c (ar_touch, ar_member_date): Allocate MEMNAME with the right
* load.c [not UMAX] (load_average): Don't clobber the first nlist
member when trying to set the second!
Thu Feb 23 13:13:53 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (child_handler): Really ignore errors under -i and for
- lines, don't just print a different message.
* make.c (decode_switches): Fixed handling of arguments (or lack
thereof) to switches.
Wed Feb 22 16:25:39 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (construct_command_argv): Don't clobber LINE when
checking the IFS variable.
Sun Feb 19 11:17:07 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* load.c [UMAX, not NO_LDAV] (load_average): Return 0.0 rather than
randomness when calls fail.
* Version 3.38.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): If handling a user kill signal
(TERM, INT, HUP), wait for the children without printing the
"Waiting for children" message, since they will die quickly.
* Version 3.37.
* remote-stub.c (remote_status): Take another arg, BLOCK. If this
is nonzero block waiting for remote children. If not, return 0 if
we would have to block.
* commands.c (child_handler) [not USG]: If called as a signal
handler, use wait3 and don't block.
[USG]: If called as a signal handler, return after handling one child.
Sat Feb 18 13:37:04 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* file.c (snap_deps): Process all double-colon entries of each file,
not just the first one.
* Version 3.36.
* remote-stub.c: remote.c renamed.
remote.c: Just include remote-stub.c
* commands.c (child_handler): If we were called as a signal handler,
return after handling one child.
* commands.c [not USG]: Include <signal.h> and define `sigmask' if
<signal.h> doesn't.
(block_children, unblock_children): Use sigmask rather than
bitshifting explicitly (and incorrectly).
* remote.c (remote_kill): New function to send a signal to a
remote child.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): If we get a SIGTERM, send one to
each living child. If we get a SIGTERM, SIGINT, or SIGHUP, delete
all pending targets before waiting for children.
(struct child): Add new member `deleted'.
(start_job): Initialize `deleted' member to 0.
(delete_child_targets): New function to delete a given child's
targets, unless the `deleted' flag in the `struct child' says they
have already been deleted. Sets this flag before returning.
Thu Feb 16 18:32:07 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c [USG]: Define `WRETCODE' correctly (X & 0xff00).
Tue Feb 14 16:05:00 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (construct_command_argv): Don't make the 0th element of
the argument list be "sh" when executing /bin/sh, because start_job
uses the 0th element as the program name.
Sun Feb 12 17:42:05 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.35.
* read.c (readline): Put a null in the beginning of the buffer
before starting the reading loop.
* read.c (read_makefile): Made main reading loop while
!feof (infile), and removed EOF check after calling readline.
Sun Feb 5 19:52:38 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* remote.c (block_remote_children, unblock_remote_children): New
(stub) functions to block and restore asynchronous notification of
remote child death.
* commands.c (block_children): Call block_remote_children.
(unblock_children): Call unblock_remote_children.
(child_handler): If called as a signal handler, block remote
children on entry and unblock them before returning.
* commands.c (child_handler): For unknown children, if they are
remote, give their remote ID; if local, give their PID and make's.
* commands.c (execute_file_command): Don't put a new child in the
chain unless start_job succeeds. Block children before calling
start_job, and unblock them after putting the child in the chain and
incrementing `job_slots_used' (if start_job succeeded).
* commands.c (block_children, unblock_children): Make these globally
visible (not `static').
commands.h: Declare block_children and unblock_children.
* variable.c (expand_function: `shell'): Use
`shell_function_completed'. Block children before forking and
unblock after `shell_function_pid' is set properly and
`shell_functon_completed' is reset to 0.
* commands.c (child_handler): When the child of the `shell' function
completes, set `shell_function_completed' to 1 if it actually ran,
or -1 if it didn't (due to fork or exec failure).
* commands.c (block_children, unblock_children): New functions to
block and unblock the child termination signal.
(wait_for_children): Use block_children and unblock_children.
(execute_file_commands): Block children around the critical section
wherein a new child is put on the chain.
* make.c (main): Change the environment to contain the correct
MAKELEVEL before re-execing.
Sat Feb 4 18:28:48 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.34.
Fri Feb 3 16:36:49 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c (default_variables): Fixed $(LINK.c).
Wed Feb 1 18:05:07 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at pepper.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.33.
* version.c: Removed copyright notice, since this is a one-line file.
* commands.c (error_status): Made it return BUF, rather than running
off the end (this apparently worked on Sun 3s for some reason).
* ar.c, commands.c, dep.h, load.c, make.c, make.h, read.c, remake.c,
rule.c, variable.c, Makefile: Changed copyrght notices to cover 1989.
Mon Jan 30 15:51:28 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.32.
Fri Jan 27 20:09:24 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't touch phony targets.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Fixed an incorrect length passed to
* variable.c (expand_function: `shell'): Close the read side of the
pipe on the parent side of the fork.
* commands.c (start_job): On the child of the fork, close the
BAD_STDIN fd if we're not using it.
* read.c (record_files): A file beginning with a dot can be a
default target if it also contains a slash (as in `../foo').
* commands.c (wait_for_children): For BSD, block SIGCHLD rather than
ignoring it to avoid a race condition when child_handler is returning.
* commands.c (child_handler): Do blocking waits.
(error_status): Return a string describing exit status. (Split out
of child_handler).
* read.c (multi_glob): Change VECTOR to VEC for Alliant.
Thu Jan 5 00:06:51 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.31.
* make.texinfo (Features): Noted $(foo:PAT=SUB) from SunOS 4.0.
* make.texinfo (Options/Recursion): -d and -p go in the environment.
* load.c: Include "commands.h".
Wed Jan 4 17:49:25 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (switches): -d and -p can come from the environment and are
put into it.
* read.c (record_files): Fixed the checking for duplicate deps so it
doesn't clobber the first one.
* make.texinfo: Documented default implicit rule changes.
* rule.c: Revamped default suffix rules. They now use Sun's style
of using variables `COMPILE.c', `LINK.c', etc. for each suffix, and
use `TARGET_ARCH' and `TARGET_MACH' variable where appropriate.
Also support Modula-2 compilation (suffixes .sym, .def, and .mod).
Ratfor Yacc support is gone, since nobody has yacc -r.
All EFL support is gone, since nobody uses EFL.
* ar.c, arscan.c: Don't assume `long int' and `int' are the same.
* commands.c [USG]: Fixed wait status bit encoding.
[USG and not USGr3] (dup2): Define this for SysVr2.
* make.h, dep.h, make.c [iAPX286]: Make allowances for this
brain-damaged compiler.
* make.texinfo (Variables: Flavors): Fixed a typo.
Tue Jan 3 18:09:31 1989 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* ar.c (ar_member_date, ar_touch): Truncate member names to 15 chars.
* Version 3.30.
* commands.c [SYS_WAIT]: If this is defined, use BSD <sys/wait.h>
and wait3 even if USG.
* read.c (record_files): Defining .DEFAULT with no deps or commands
clears its commands.
* rule.c (default_suffixes): Added `.sh'.
(default_suffix_rules): Added single-suffix .sh rule, copies source
to target and makes target executable.
make.texinfo (Catalogue of Rules): Documented .sh rule and its use
in conjunction with SCCS.
* rule.c (set_default_suffixes): Define variable `SUFFIXES' to the
default list ("" under -r).
make.texinfo (Suffix Rules): Document `SUFFIXES' variable.
* rule.c (default_variables), make.texinfo (Implicit Variables):
Variable AR defaults to `ar', ARFLAGS to `rv', and RM to `rm -f'.
* rule.c (install_default_pattern_rules): Default variables are made
(default_variables): Added "CPP", defined to "$(CC) -E".
(default_suffixes): Added `.S', before `.s'.
(default_suffix_rules): New rule for .S to .s, runs CPP.
All rules that use CPP now include "$(CPPFLAGS)".
make.texinfo (Catalogue of Implicit Rules, Implicit Variables):
Documented above changes.
* commands.c [USG] (sys_siglist): Don't define.
[USG] (init_siglist): New function to initialize sys_siglist.
* make.texinfo (Variables: Reference): Documented `$(foo:PAT=SUB)'
* variable.c (variable_expand): A reference `$(foo:PAT=SUB)' is
equivalent to `$(patsubst PAT,SUB,$(foo))'.
* variable.c (variable_expand): Free the storage for the expansion
of a recursive variable when it is nod longer needed.
* variable.c (variable_expand): When checking for `$($(foo))', use
lindex so as not to search for the second `$' outside the parens.
* make.c (struct stringlist, main, decode_switches): Changed `index'
member to `idx'.
Sat Dec 24 16:02:32 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (wait_for_children [USG]): Handle SIGCLD with SIG_DFL,
rather than SIG_IGN. Ignoring SIGCLD reportedly makes wait return -1.
* arscan.c [USGr3]: Define PORTAR to 1 (as with sun386).
(ar_scan [USGr3]): Remove trailing slashes from member names.
Thu Dec 22 17:54:05 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.texinfo (Makefiles: Overriding Makefiles): New node
documenting use of .DEFAULT to have one makefile defer unmakeable
targets to another.
* make.texinfo (Implicit: Using Implicit, Implicit: Last Resort):
Mention empty commands and xref node `Empty Commands'.
Wed Dec 21 20:12:40 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.29.
* make.c (struct command_switch, command_switches, et al): New
member `noarg_value', if not nil, ptr to value to use if no arg is
given to a switch that would otherwise require one. The -j option
can now be given w/o an arg, to mean infinite jobs.
* commands.c: If job_slots is zero, infinite jobs.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles, read_makefile): Make makefiles precious.
* make.c (decode_switches): For a positive_int or floating option,
if we moved to the next argument word, but found no argument for the
option, move back to the correct word.
* make.c (decode_switches): If we got any unknown options, die after
processing all arguments.
* GNUmakefile: Moved `include depend' to the end, so the default
goal will be set before then.
* load.c (wait_to_start_job [Unix, UMAX]): Merged into one version
under #ifdef LDAV_BASED. Only loop while we have jobs running.
Sleep for increasing amounts (increase one second per iteration)
before checking the load average (after the first check).
Get the load average from function load_average.
(wait_to_start_job [not LDAV_BASED]): Always return.
(load_average [UMAX]): Fetch load average for Encore UMAX.
(load_average [not NO_LDAV]): Fetch load average from /dev/kmem.
[not NO_LDAV]: Define LDAV_BASED.
Tue Dec 20 18:54:50 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.28.
* commands.c (wait_for_children): Take second arg, ERROR. If
nonzero, and there are children, print a message on stderr.
(execute_file_commands, fatal_error_signal): Pass second arg.
* make.c (die), remake.c (update_goal_chain), variable.c
(expand_function: `shell'): Ditto.
Sat Dec 17 01:05:38 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (start_job): Call wait_to_start_job before forking.
* load.c (load_average): Converted to wait_to_start_job.
* remote.c: New file for remote execution functions.
(start_remote_job_p): Return nonzero if the next job should be run
(start_remote_job): Start a remote job and return an ID for it.
(remote_status): Get status of dead remote children.
Fri Dec 16 16:51:07 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at hecuba.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (start_job): If start_remote_job_p () returns nonzero,
call start_remote_job to start the job rather than fork and exec.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Moved load average checking to
* commands.c (child_handler: USG): Record the pid wait returns.
* load.c (UMAX): Added some #include's needed for UMAX.
* read.c (multi_glob), variable.c (string_glob): Ignore a (char **)
-1 return from glob_filename.
* variable.c (variable_expand): Make sure we don't increment past
the end of the string we were passed.
* variable.c (variable_expand): Terminate the expansion.
* file.c (rename_file): If there is already a file under the new
name, set its contents equal to FILE's (ick).
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Pass all the args to
define_variable when defining MAKELEVEL!
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If max_load_average > 0, and
we have children running, don't start up another child until the
load average goes below max_load_average.
* make.c: New variable `max_load_average'.
(struct command_switch, decode_switches, decode_env_switches):
Handle floating-point (double) args.
(command_switches): Added `-l' switch to set `max_load_average'.
* load.c (load_average): New file and function to return a double
that is the current load average (1.00 scale).
* GNUmakefile, oldMakefile: Pass flags in $(LOAD_AVG) for load.c.
Thu Dec 15 15:22:08 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Makefile: Renamed to oldMakefile.
* GNUmakefile: Make Makefile from oldMakefile and depend.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): When putting the default makefiles in
the read_makefiles chain so they will be remade, put them in the
right order.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): If MAKEFILES is nonzero, always make
in serial, and return as soon as one goal whose `changed' member is
nonzero is successfully remade.
* commands.c: Don't include <sys/fcntl.h>.
* commands.c (construct_command_argv): Added ` to sh_chars.
* make.h: Don't declare construct_makeflags.
* make.c (main): Set up MAKEFLAGS and MFLAGS and make an environment
both before and after reading the makefiles, so the makefiles can
use them and possible change them, and later children will get the
right information.
(construct_makeflags): Replaced with define_makeflags (static void),
which defines the two variables.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Don't define MAKEFLAGS
Mon Dec 12 14:40:31 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.27.
* commands.c (child_handler): Reset the handler to ourselves when
called for USG, since it has no safe signals.
* commands.c: For USG, use an int rather than a `union wait' for
wait calls, and dissect it with bitmasks.
(child_handler): No wait3 system call in USG. Since we can't
protect from hanging, always return immediately if we have no
children we know about and we're not running a `shell' function.
(There is still the danger of hanging waiting for a child that died
without our being notified.)
* remake.c: Include <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/file.h>. What we need
is really in <fcntl.h>, and while BSD <sys/file.h> includes
<fcntl.h>, USG doesn't.
* make.c (main): Figure out the program name before doing anything
which might need it (in a call to error or fatal).
* dir.c, glob.c: Use `struct dirent' and <dirent.h> for USGr3.
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Added missing & before buf (which is an int)
if SARMAG is not defined (SysV).
Fri Dec 9 18:44:13 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at pepper.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.26.
* dir.c (find_directory, dir_file_exists_p): Keep track of how many
directories we have open and don't let it be more than
MAX_OPEN_DIRECTORIES (currently 10).
* variable.c (expand_function: `foreach'): Use expand_argument
rather than variable_expand so each repetition doesn't clobber the
Mon Dec 5 15:58:46 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at hecuba.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.25.
* Makefile: Define `install' target.
* GNUmakefile: Don't include GNUmakefile or depend in the
distribution file.
Wed Nov 30 15:53:42 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Don't clobber a null into
random storage if there were no $^ and/or $? words.
* remake.c (check_dep): Set *MUST_MAKE_PTR nonzero if a dependency
doesn't exist.
* ar.c (ar_member_date, ar_touch): Make sure the modtime of the
archive file itself is known before we fetch or change the modtime
of one of its members.
* read.c (read_makefile): Expand variable and function references
before parsing rules so variable can contain special characters
(colons and semicolons).
Sat Nov 26 11:36:31 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (expand_function: `filter', `filter-out'): Fixed so
that filter-out works right.
* variable.c (expand_function: `filter', `filter-out'): Made these
functions use each word of their first argument as a pattern.
Fri Nov 25 10:51:47 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.24.
* read.c (record_files): If a target is listed more than once in a
single rule (that defines commands), give a warning message rather
than the counter-intuitive message saying commands were already
defined (in the same place).
* make.c (fatal, error): Made them both take 6 args since there is
at least one error message that need that many. Too bad vfprintf is
not universal!
* Version 3.23.
* read.c (read_makefile): Moved the construction of the `struct
commands' into record_files. Call record_files before recursing for an
included makefile so the higher-up will determine the default goal.
(record_files): Take arguments COMMANDS, COMMANDS_IDX and
COMMANDS_STARTED and construct a `struct commands.
Thu Nov 24 14:36:33 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.22.
* make.c (main): Made it a fatal error if we can't move back to the
directory we started in before re-execing.
* make.c (main): Get the current directory before doing anything
else, so we know it even if we don't need it for the value of
`MAKE', since we might want it when re-execing.
Wed Nov 23 13:34:44 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.21.
* read.c (record_files): Eliminate duplicate deps in a chain.
* variable.c (expand_function: `sort'): Pass the right number to
qsort, not one less.
* remake.c (remake_file): Always call notice_finished_file if
FILE->command_state == cs_finished.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Call notice_finished_file to
set FILE's status correctly when start_job fails (because it's out
of commands or running under -n).
Fri Nov 18 15:31:12 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at saffron.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.20.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Set the `update_status' of FILE to
nonzero and set FILE's `updated' bit if we have decided to give up
on remaking FILE because of errors in the dependencies.
* rule.c (pattern_search): Debugging messages use `dependency' (vs.
`dependent') properly.
* make.texinfo (Conditionals: Conditional Syntax): Function index
entries for `ifndef' and `ifneq'.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Define `MAKELEVEL' to the
decimal number of the makelevel, since it may be malformed or blank.
* remake.c (remake_file): Call notice_finished_file after touching.
Sat Nov 12 19:29:34 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.19.
* GNUmakefile (dist): Pass the `-f' flag to compress.
* vpath.c (build_vpath_lists): Check for VPATHS being nil after
constructing the general VPATH list from the `VPATH' variable.
Fri Nov 11 08:02:26 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (fatal, error): Made error messages for recursive runs be
Thu Nov 10 16:51:36 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at basil.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.18.
* read.c (read_makefile): Made it eat leading spaces and formfeeds
(but not tabs), like it's documented to.
* read.c (read_makefile): Let included makefiles determine the
default goal, as is done by System V Make.
Tue Nov 1 19:03:08 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (new_environ): Don't increment VCNT when a variable is
Fri Oct 28 16:54:15 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at basil.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.17.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Don't use the same storage for a name
in two rules since new_pattern_rule may free this storage when a
rule is discarded.
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): Undid useless change I made Oct 25.
Thu Oct 27 19:17:53 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.16.
* GNUmakefile, Makefile: Fixed a typo in a comment.
* Makefile: Removed malloc.o from object file list.
* variable.c: Removed old debugging #define's for xmalloc and
xrealloc so non-ANSI cpp's won't barf.
* make.c (main): Made local array for temp file name static so
compilers that don't do auto aggregate initialization won't barf.
* read.c: Removed static declaration of copy_dep_chain since it is
no longer static.
Tue Oct 25 16:59:30 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at pepper.Berkeley.EDU)
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): If we threw out the new rule because it
matched an old one and OVERRIDE was zero, don't put the freed
pointer in the chain!
Wed Oct 19 15:07:43 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at pepper.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.15.
* variable.c (expand_function: `sort'): Don't do the sorting and
writing out if there were no words in the first place.
* remake.c (remake_file): Only fail with a "no way to make" message
for a dependency (non-target) file. If we don't know how to remake
a target file, pretend it was successfully remade and is very new.
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't increment `files_remade' for a
non-target file we don't know how to remake.
* read.c (record_files): Don't die with "both : and :: entries" for
a file whose `is_target' flag is not set.
Tue Oct 18 17:24:11 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (expand_function: `patsubst', `subst'): Free the right
* variable.c (expand_function: `subst'): Don't clobber the
pointer to the end of the second arg and then try to use it!!!
Mon Oct 17 16:44:45 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at catnip.Berkeley.EDU)
* variable.c (expand_function: `patsubst'): Don't clobber the
pointer to the end of the second arg and then try to use it!!!
* variable.c (expand_function: `word' function): Made it parse its
second argument correctly.
* ar.c (ar_touch): Return 1 rather than -1 for on errors.
Sat Oct 15 15:12:16 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at homer.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.14.
* GNUmakefile: Removed explicit rule for make.dvi since the built-in
implicit rule now works.
* rule.c (default_suffix_rules): Fixed .texinfo.dvi rule yet again
so that it really works, now that parens are counted.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Set FILE's `updated' flag after calling
remake_file if it failed or finished immediately.
* remake.c (update_file): Use the `updated' flag rather than the
command state to decide if a file was fully considered, and
therefore might give an "up to date" message.
* variable.c (expand_function): Made all functions that take more
than one argument count parens of the appropriate flavor in their
args and ignore commands nested in parens.
Fri Oct 14 18:35:00 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Pass second arg to read_makefile for
default makefiles.
Thu Oct 13 16:40:08 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.13.
* GNUmakefile: Added an explicit rule for make.dvi since the
built-in .texinfo.dvi implicit rule is screwed up.
* rule.c (default_suffix_rules): Added a comment that the
.texinfo.dvi rule does not work because of an ahem, feature of Make
that at some point will be fixed--er, enhanced to alleviate this
* rule.c (default_suffix_rules): Fixed Texinfo -> DVI rule (again).
* make.texinfo (Commands: Execution): Documented new competing for
standard input among children.
* commands.c (struct child): Added `good_stdin' flag to tell if this
child has the stdin that doesn't point into nirvana.
(good_stdin_used): New variable to tell if any child has the good
standard input.
(child_handler): Reset `good_stdin_used' if a dead child's
`good_stdin' flag is set.
(start_job): Give the new child the good standard input if
`good_stdin_used' is no set, and set the child's `good_stdin' flag
* rule.c (default_suffix_rules): Changed Texinfo -> DVI rule to work
better (I hope).
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Stop reading default makefiles after
one is found.
* read.c (read_makefile): Reset `reading_filename' and
`reading_lineno_ptr' after recursing for an included makefile.
* GNUmakefile: New GNU Make-specific makefile that does everything
Makefile does plus distribution stuff, and doesn't contain any hacks
to try to work with Unix make.
* Makefile: Removed distribution stuff.
* make.c (main): Use mktemp to construct the names of temporary
files used for standard input makefiles.
* make.c (main): Don't turn standard input into a broken pipe.
* commands.c (start_job): Keep two extra file descriptors around: a
good standard input, and a bad one that reads from a broken pipe.
On the child side of the fork, if there are other children, give
this one the broken pipe so they won't compete; if this is the only
one, give it the good standard input.
* make.h: Declare notice_finished_file.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Use noticed_finished_file
after waiting for the child when there is only one job slot.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): New function to re-check mtime's
and such things to be done when commands finish.
(update_file_1): Use notice_finished_file.
* commands.c (child_handler, execute_file_commands): Use new
variable `job_slots_used' to record the number of jobs currently
running, rather than diddling with `job_slots'.
(execute_file_commands): Increment `job_slots_used' before calling
start_job and decrement it on failure to avoid race condition.
If there is only one job slot, wait for the child to finish and
return its status so commands are run in linear order, as if there
were no parallelism.
Wed Oct 12 15:59:03 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't print a "No way to make" message for
targets whose `dontcare' flags are set.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Set the `dontcare' flag of the
`struct file' each default makefile added to the chain.
* file.h (struct file): Add `dontcare' member.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): When no default makefiles are found,
put the names of all those tried in the `read_makefiles' chain so
they will be updated if possible, giving their `struct dep's'
`changed' members the value of 0 so we won't care if they cannot be
found or remade.
* make.texinfo (Makefiles: Remaking Makefiles): Documented that
default makefiles will be remade if not found.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): If no default makefiles can be found,
go through the list of default names, trying to make one, stopping
if one is made.
* remake.c (remake_file): Set STATUS to 0 after successfully touching.
* dir.c (file_impossible, file_impossible_p): Don't clobber FILENAME
to "" and then try to to a strcmp on it!!!
Mon Oct 10 16:09:18 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at cinnamon.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (main): Don't do `dir_load (".")'.
* rule.c (count_implicit_rule_limits), vpath.c
(construct_vpath_list): Test the existence of a given directory by
`dir_file_exists_p (DIR, ".")' and assume that if this returns zero,
it means the directory really does not exist.
* dir.c (struct dirdata): Replaced with `struct directory' for
directories, each containing a chain of `struct dirfiles', one for
each file (real or impossible).
(dir_load): Removed.
(find_directory): New function to find the `struct directory' for a
named directory and return it (possibly creating a new one).
(dir_file_exists_p): Read the directory on the fly if its stream is
still valid (and ever was) if the file we're looking for is not
already in the hash tables.
(file_impossible, file_impossible_p, dir_name, print_dir_data_base):
Use the new directory/file scheme.
* make.texinfo: Miscellaneous editorial changes and clarifiactions.
* commands.c (struct child): Remove `environ' member.
(child_handler, start_job, execute_file_commands): Remove use of
`environ' member and new_environ.
* make.c (main): Call new_environ after reading makefiles.
* variable.h: Declare `new_environ' to return void.
* variable.c (new_environ): Put the environment in `environ' and
return void.
Fri Oct 7 15:48:39 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at pepper.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.12.
* Makefile: Don't make the uncompressed tar file.
* variable.c (expand_function: `shell' function): Made it not expect
read to null-terminate the buffer.
* Makefile: Made it use a temporary symlink to . rather than a
temporary directory to make the distribution tar file.
Thu Oct 6 17:52:35 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.11.
* make.texinfo: Fixed a line that got garbaged somehow.
Mon Oct 3 16:14:39 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (main): Try to move back to the directory we started in
before re-exec ourself.
* remake.c (update_file_1): A double-colon target with no deps
always needs to be remade.
* remake.c (remake_file): Changed "No way to make" message to say
`target' rather than `file'.
Sun Oct 2 12:50:47 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at catnip.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (update_file_1): Set FILE->update_status to the return
value of remake_file.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Fixed swapped lengths passed to
xmalloc for source/target suffixes.
* make.texinfo: Documented that MAKEFLAGS and MFLAGS are read in
from makefiles. Updated the `Features' section a bit.
* make.c (main): Read switches from MAKEFLAGS and MFLAGS variables
after reading in makefiles.
* make.c (main): Put a line "/tmp/foo:;" rather than ".PHONY:
/tmp/foo" in front of temp files made for stdin makefiles.
* remake.c (update_file): Test the state of the right `struct file'
for double-colon files.
* make.c (main): Put a ".PHONY: /tmp/foo" line in front of temp
files made for stdin makefiles so they won't be remade when we
re-exec. Kludge-o-matic!!
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Judge files as being finished based
on their `updated' flag, not their state.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't check for FILENAME being "-".
(read_all_makefiles): Set each element of MAKEFILES to the name put
in READ_MAKEFILES by read_makefile, since read_makefile may free the
storage for the name it is passed, and someone might want to look at
the elements of MAKEFILES again.
* make.c (main): For each `-f' flag with arg `-' (standard input),
read standard input into a temp file and pass the temp file's name
to read_all_makefiles, after making sure it will not be remade.
* make.c (construct_makeflags): Always put out `-j1'.
Sat Oct 1 00:19:59 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at tully.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If commands are nothing but
whitespace, set the state to `cs_finished' before returning 0.
* make.c (decode_switches): Allocate space for args in stringlists
so they can be freed later.
* make.h: Declare `makelevel'.
* variable.c (makelevel): Moved to make.c (and made global).
* make.c (fatal, error): Print the makelevel if it's > 0.
(perror_with_name): Use error rather than calling fprintf directly.
(pfatal_with_name): Use fatal rather than fprintf and die.
* variable.c (new_environ): Don't put default variables (origin
`o_default') into the environment; they just take up space.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't add FILENAME to the chain of read
makefiles if it's "-" (standard input).
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Set STATUS correctly when nothing
happens (as well as in all other situations).
* make.c (construct_makeflags): Put a `-' before each switch and
spaces between them.
* Version 3.10.
* commands.c (wait_for_children): Don't check if `children' is nil.
This is the case when waiting for the child of a `shell' function.
* dir.c (dir_load): Don't add a hash-table entry for directory
DIRNAME and filename "" if DIRNAME doesn't exist.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Return 0 after start_job
returns 1 (failure) under the -n flag.
* remake.c (remake_file): Set the state to `cs_finished' when not
calling execute_file_commands.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Second arg is now MAKEFILES, nonzero
meaning to disable -t, -q, and -n for each target unless the target
was also given on the command-line.
* read.c (read_makefile): Enter the `struct file's for the makefiles
added to the `read_makefiles' `struct dep' chain.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Made it not enter the files for the
goals in the chain. It will already have been done.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Null-terminate the names of targets
and deps of the pattern rules properly.
Fri Sep 30 18:56:20 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at nutmeg.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (main): Call install_default_pattern_rules.
* make.h: Declare copy_dep_chain.
* read.c (copy_dep_chain): Moved to make.c (and made global).
* make.c (main): Call update_goal_chain to update goals.
Update read makefiles and re-exec self if they change.
* remake.c (update_file): Make this function static.
(update_goal_chain): New function to update a `struct dep' chain of
goals, waiting until they are all finished before returning.
* make.h: Don't declare update_file. Declare update_goal_chain.
* make.c (main): Call snap_deps, etc. that were in read_all_makefiles.
* read.c (find_makefile): Removed this function.
(read_all_makefiles): Don't update makefiles, don't diddle with
pattern rules, don't call snap_deps, etc. Return a `struct dep'
chain of all makefiles read.
(read_makefile): Now takes two args: FILENAME and TYPE, which is 0
for a normal makefile, 1 for MAKEFILES variable or 2 for an included
makefile. Add a `struct dep' containing the name of the makefile
(as it was found in the search path for type 2s), and TYPE in the
`changed' member to the global `read_makefiles' chain.
* make.h, rule.c (displace_pattern_rules,
add_displaced_pattern_rules): Removed these functions.
* read.c (read_makefile): Variable-expand the name of an `include'd
makefile before calling find_makefile on it.
* file.c (snap_deps): If the `struct file' for a `struct dep'
already exists, free the `struct dep's `name' member before setting
it to nil (since this info is in the `struct file').
* read.c (copy_dep_chain): Made it copy each name rather than
leaving multiple `struct dep's with the same pointers.
Thu Sep 29 19:08:13 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at catnip.Berkeley.EDU)
* make.c (decode_switches): Fixed second decode_env_switches call to
use correct length of "MFLAGS" (6, not 5).
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't stop reading when readline returns
zero lines read. Only stop when the stream reaches EOF. This makes
it recognize the last line of a makefile without a newline.
* remake.c (remake_file): If we don't know how to make FILE, set its
command state to `cs_finished'.
* remake.c (update_file): Don't write the "up to date" message if
update_file_1 returned a nonzero status.
Wed Sep 28 16:30:07 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at catnip.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (child_handler): Set the `update_status' member
properly for ignored errors.
* rule.c (convert_to_pattern): Made it not care about if the target
suffix comes before the source suffix in the .SUFFIXES list.
* make.texinfo: Misc editorial changes.
* commands.c (wait_for_children): Return immediately if `children'
is nil (there are no children).
Tue Sep 27 15:33:14 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at pepper.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.09.
* commands.c (struct child): New member `command_ptr' to hold the
current position in the commands. The `commands' member is never
(start_job, child_handler, execute_file_commands): Use new method
for `commands' and `command_ptr' members.
* make.c (decode_env_switches): Skip past an invalid letter (instead
of looping forever).
* commands.c (struct child): Add `environ' member to hold the
environment for this child.
(execute_file_commands): Get a new environment from new_environ and
put in the the new `struct child's `environ' member.
(child_handler): When freeing a child, free its `commands' member, the
elements of its `environ' array and its `environ' member itself.
(start_job): Set `environ' to the child's `environ' member before
exec'ing the command.
* variable.h, variable.c (new_environ): Made it return the new
environment, not putting it in `environ'.
* remake.c (update_file): Don't give a "is up to date" message
unless no files were remade and the state went from `cs_not_started'
to `cs_finished', so repeat calls to finish jobs won't get the message.
Mon Sep 26 16:26:08 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.08.
* make.texinfo (Commands: Execution): Documented that children will
be waited for rather than killed.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Wait for children.
(kill_children): Removed this function.
* make.c (main, die): Wait for children to die, don't kill them.
* variable.c (expand_function): Use wait_for_children.
* make.c (main): Use wait_for_children rather than child_handler.
* commands.c (wait_for_children): New function to block waiting for
children, insuring that child_handler is not called recursively.
(execute_file_commands, kill_children): Use wait_for_children.
* commands.c (child_handler): Start up additional commands in a
sequence after an ignored error.
* remake.c (update_file): Don't print "`foo' is up to date" messages
when update_file_1 returns while commands are executing.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Pass the file name to name_mtime, not
the bloody `struct file', dammit!!
* commands.c (child_handler): Print out the "*** ..." error message
when not under -i. (I somehow forgot this.)
* remake.c (update_file_1): Use name_mtime rather than file_mtime to
re-get the mtime of a file whose commands have finished.
* make.c (command_switches, decode_switches, decode_env_switches):
Make all switches that take string args allow them right after the
switch letter.
* commands.c (child_handler): Check for a child being the `shell'
function's command returning and set the global variable for
expand_function to check.
* variable.c (expand_function): For the `shell' function, instead of
waiting for the child shell ourselves, let child_handler do it and
loop around waiting for something to happen.
* make.c (print_version): Made the copyright year static, not dynamic.
* make.h, make.c: Remove construct_argv function.
* make.c (main): Say "no goal target" instead of "no target".
* make.texinfo (Commands: Parallel): Don't send SIGKILL.
* commands.c (kill_children): Don't send SIGKILL to children that
aren't killed by the first signal.
* make.c (main), commands.c (kill_children): Decide between SIGCHLD
and SIGCLD based on whether or not SIGCHLD is defined, not on USG.
* Makefile: Link make with $(LOADLIBES).
* read.c (construct_include_path): Fixed another bad xrealloc call.
* make.c (decode_switches): Fixed an xrealloc call with no first arg.
Sat Sep 24 01:16:21 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at paris.Berkeley.EDU)
* Version 3.07.
* remake.c (update_file_1): If deps are running, set state to
`cs_deps_running' and return 0. If deps are done, run commands.
* commands.c (child_handler): Made it delete non-precious targets
killed by fatal signals.
* make.texinfo: Documented parallelism.
Fri Sep 23 16:52:27 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't return if FILE's state is
`cs_deps_running'. In that case, we need to run through and check
the states of all our dependencies.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Decrement `job_slots' after
starting a new job to run file commands.
* commands.c (start_job): Made it set the state to `cs_running'.
* make.c (main): Fixed usage of `g', `lastgoal', and `goals' in the
goal-making loop.
* commands.c (child_handler): When commands finish, set the
corresponding file's `update_status' and `updated' flags as
appropriate, and reset the modtimes of the file and any `also_make'
files it has.
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't re-set `last_mtime' and set `updated'.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Don't swallow all the children
with a loop around `wait ((union wait *) 0)'!!!
* make.c (struct command_switch): Added `positive_int' type.
(switches): Added -j (job_slots).
(construct_makeflags, decode_switches, decode_env_switches):
Handle`positive_int'-type switches.
* glob.c (glob_vector): Rename local variable `vector' to `VeCtOr'.
This is said to avoid a conflict with some system's global `vector'
* variable.c (expand_function): Made the `shell' function use
construct_command_argv and do its own child control and piping.
* make.c (main): Turn standard input into a broken pipe after
reading in all makefiles (the last time it will be needed).
* commands.c (struct child): Remove `pipe_fd' member. We don't use
pipes any more.
(start_job): Return 0 for success, 1 or failure (rather than void).
Don't use pipes. Don't turn the child's stdin into a broken pipe.
(child_handler): Print "*** Error" messages when necessary.
Die on failed commands when -k was not given.
(execute_file_commands): Check the return of start_job and remove
the child from the chain and return failure if it is nonzero.
* make.c (die): New function to clean up and exit.
(fatal, pfatal_with_name): Use die.
Thu Sep 22 14:27:11 1988 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at helen.Berkeley.EDU)
* commands.c (struct child): Added `commands', `pipe_fd', and
`noerror' members to keep track of info about a command thread.
(start_job): New function to start a job and update the argument
`struct child' to reflect its status.
(execute_file_commands): Merged run_file_commands back in.
Made it use new start_job function.
* rule.c (freerule): Don't free the `struct commands' of the
discarded rule. It may be used in more than one place.
* commands.c (execute_command_line): Made it not try to delete the
possibly partly-made file. The child_handler function will do this.
(fatal_error_signal): Ditto + call kill_children.
* make.h: Declare job_slots.
* make.c (main): Collect goals in a dep chain and run through this
chain waiting for a child, eliminating finished goals, updating all
remaining goals, and quitting if they fail and not -k.
* commands.c (child_handler): If called with SIG < 0, - SIG is the
max number of children to bury.
* commands.c (child_handler): If called with SIG as zero,
block waiting for running children.
(kill_children): Call child_handler with zero rather than SIGCHLD.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Use the `command_state' member of FILE
and its dependencies to determine what commands are running, what to
do, etc. If commands or dep commands are running when we are
called, return success (0). If commands finished since the last
time we were called, return their status.
* commands.h: Declare kill_children.
* commands.c: Define `struct child' to keep track of child
processes, with the chain in `children'.
(child_handler): New function to catch child-termination signals
(SIGCHLD, or SIGCLD for USG), store the returned status in the
appropriate structure, take the now-obsolete `struct child' out of
the chain, and free its storage.
(execute_file_commands): Put all of the stuff invloving running the
commands into new function run_file_commands. Execute_file_commands
now does process management for the commands, while
run_file_commands (which is run in a subprocess) runs the commands.
(kill_children): New function to kill all running children by
sending them signal SIG. If there are any children still living
after they are all sent SIG, they are all sent SIGKILL.
* make.c (main): Catch SIGCHLD (SIGCLD for USG) with child_handler.
* commands.h: Declare child_handler function.