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This is about BYTE's beta version of the native-algorithm benchmark
December 16, 1996:
The source for DOS is obtainable at
Linux adaptation written by Uwe F. Mayer <>
February 7, 1997:
added -DSOLARIS flag to support solaris
November 11, 1997:
added index split suggested by Andrew D. Balsa
re-baselined to a Linux machine
added checking of CPU-type at run-time (cpuinfo.c)
increased maximal number of loops in some tests
removed -DSOLARIS flag, works now automatically (this also removed the
compiler warnings about redefined types and leads to a 20% faster
code for "Bitfield" if compiled with -funroll-loops!)
November 13-19, 1997:
changed debugging information
changed random number generator to be always 32 bits even on 64 bit OSs
added data resets to Bitfield and Huffman
created this Changes file
added debug code for Bitfield
December 6, 1997:
got rid of cpuinfo.c
added a RESULTS file
December 7, 1997:
fixed the statistical analysis used to compute the confidence coefficient
fixed a bug in the DEBUG routine of "Assignment"
December 11, 1997
added some entries to RESULTS