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* DIS Data Management Index Key
* Definitions of the index key used for the application. An index key is
* defined as two hyper-points representing the "upper" and "lower" points
* and defines a hyper-cube. Each hyper-point is four-dimensional with
* parameters T, X, Y, and Z. The index key is used to represent the key
* values of data objects and bounding boxes for the R-Tree index. A
* valid index key will lower hyper-point values less than or equal to the
* upper hyper-point values for all four values in a hyper-point.
* Revision History:
* Date Name Revision
* ------- --------------- ------------------------------
* 24May99 Matthew Rivas Created
* Copyright 1999, Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corp.
#include "dataManagement.h"
* Index Point structure
* - defines single point in hyper-space (4D)
* - used as bounding points for hyper-cubes which are the index key for
* the R-Tree algorithm.
typedef struct {
Float T;
Float X;
Float Y;
Float Z;
} IndexPoint;
* Index Key structure
* - represents the key for the R-Tree index
* - defines a hyper-cube by specifying the lower and upper hyper-points
* for the hyper-cube.
* - for a valid index key, all values of lower point MUST be less than or
* equal to the values for the upper point.
typedef struct {
IndexPoint lower; /* lower point of hyper-cube */
IndexPoint upper; /* upper point of hyper-cube */
} IndexKey;
#endif /* DIS_INDEX_KEY_H */