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ddc.h - Don Cross, October 1992.
Generic ddclib stuff.
#ifndef __DDC_DDC_H
#define __DDC_DDC_H
// If you add something to DDCRET, please add the appropriate string
// to the function DDCRET_String() in the file 'source\ddcret.cpp'.
DDC_SUCCESS, // The operation succeded
DDC_FAILURE, // The operation failed for unspecified reasons
DDC_OUT_OF_MEMORY, // Operation failed due to running out of memory
DDC_FILE_ERROR, // Operation encountered file I/O error
DDC_INVALID_CALL, // Operation was called with invalid parameters
DDC_USER_ABORT, // Operation was aborted by the user
DDC_INVALID_FILE // File format does not match
const char *DDCRET_String ( DDCRET ); // See source\ddcret.cpp
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
typedef int dBOOLEAN;
typedef unsigned char BYTE;
typedef unsigned char UINT8;
typedef signed char INT8;
typedef unsigned short int UINT16;
typedef signed short int INT16;
typedef unsigned long int UINT32;
typedef signed long int INT32;
#ifdef __BORLANDC__
#if sizeof(UINT16) != 2
#error Need to fix UINT16 and INT16
#if sizeof(UINT32) != 4
#error Need to fix UINT32 and INT32
#endif /* __DDC_DDC_H */
/*--- end of file ddc.h ---*/