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Lout hyphenation information
% Spanish hyphenation file, created by Jeffrey H. Kingston
% 23 September 1994 from a TeX file supplied by Luis Melendez.
% See long comment below for full information about the origin
% of this file, and a copyright notice.
% JeffK has made the following modifications to convert to ISO-LATIN-1:
% TeX file Lout file
% 'a \341
% 'e \351
% 'i \355
% 'o \363
% 'u \372
% "u \374
% ~n \361
% Hyphenation patterns for Spanish.
% Compiled by Julio Sanchez ( on September 1991.
% These patterns have been derived from "On Word Division in Spanish",
% Jos'e A. Ma~nas, Communications of the ACM, and implemented in his
% package ftc. You can get ftc and a draft of the abovementioned
% paper from in src/text.proc/ftc.Z. FTP access may
% be available. Otherwise, send help to for
% details on use of the mail server.
% Rules mentioned below are those described in that paper. After
% several unsatisfactory attempts to pretend I knew better, these
% patterns closely follow that paper. Pattern 'tl' is not considered.
% It is conflictive and ftc does not use it either.
% These patterns have been generated by version 1.2,
% is a sh script that allows a number of choices.
% Full benefit from some of these options can only be
% obtained if appropriate fonts are available.
% Follows a copyright notice. This is not in the public domain,
% but the copyright is essentially a hold-harmless clause. That
% is, use it at will, but don't sue me if you don't like it.
% These patterns and the generating sh script are Copyright (c) GMV 1991
% These patterns were developed for internal GMV use and are made
% public in the hope that they will benefit others. Also, spreading
% these patterns throughout the Spanish-language TeX community is
% expected to provide back-benefits to GMV in that it can help keeping
% GMV in the mainstream of spanish users. However, this is given
% for free and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Under no circumstances can Julio
% Sanchez, GMV, Jos'e A. Ma~nas or any agents or representatives thereof
% be held responsible for any errors in this software nor for any damages
% derived from its use, even in case any of the above has been notified
% of the possibility of such damages. If any such situation arises, you
% responsible for repair. Use of this software is an explicit
% acceptance of these conditions.
% You can use this software for any purpose. You cannot delete this
% copyright notice. If you change this software, you must include
% comments explaining who, when and why. You are kindly requested to
% send any changes to If you change the generating
% script, you must include code in it such that any output is clearly
% labeled as generated by a modified script.
% Despite the lack of warranty, we would like to hear about any
% problem you find. Please report problems to
% Options included in this set: basic TeX
% Open vowels: a e o 'a 'e 'i 'o 'u
% Closed vowels: i u "u
% Consonants: b c d f g j k l m n p q r s t v w x y z ~n
% Some of the patterns below represent combinations that never
% happen in Spanish. Would they happen, they would be hyphenated
% according to the rules.
% This keeps {cat|lc}code changes, if any, local. Nice to users of
% multilingual versions. These are the minimum changes needed to process
% the patterns. These and other changes will have to be re-enacted when
% Spanish be established as the current language. See the babel docs if
% you don't understand this.
% deleted by JeffK: \begingroup
% deleted by JeffK: \catcode`'=12 \lccode`'=`'
% deleted by JeffK: \catcode`"=12 \lccode`"=`"
% deleted by JeffK: \catcode`~=12 \lccode`~=`~
% deleted by JeffK: \patterns{
% Rule SR1
% Vowels are kept together by the defaults
% Rule SR2
% Attach vowel groups to left consonant
1ba 1be 1bo 1bá 1bé 1bí 1bó 1bú 1bi 1bu 1bü
1ca 1ce 1co 1cá 1cé 1cí 1có 1cú 1ci 1cu 1cü
1da 1de 1do 1dá 1dé 1dí 1dó 1dú 1di 1du 1dü
1fa 1fe 1fo 1fá 1fé 1fí 1fó 1fú 1fi 1fu 1fü
1ga 1ge 1go 1gá 1gé 1gí 1gó 1gú 1gi 1gu 1gü
1ja 1je 1jo 1já 1jé 1jí 1jó 1jú 1ji 1ju 1jü
1ka 1ke 1ko 1ká 1ké 1kí 1kó 1kú 1ki 1ku 1kü
1la 1le 1lo 1lá 1lé 1lí 1ló 1lú 1li 1lu 1lü
1ma 1me 1mo 1má 1mé 1mí 1mó 1mú 1mi 1mu 1mü
1na 1ne 1no 1ná 1né 1ní 1nó 1nú 1ni 1nu 1nü
1pa 1pe 1po 1pá 1pé 1pí 1pó 1pú 1pi 1pu 1pü
1qa 1qe 1qo 1qá 1qé 1qí 1qó 1qú 1qi 1qu 1qü
1ra 1re 1ro 1rá 1ré 1rí 1ró 1rú 1ri 1ru 1rü
1sa 1se 1so 1sá 1sé 1sí 1só 1sú 1si 1su 1sü
1ta 1te 1to 1tá 1té 1tí 1tó 1tú 1ti 1tu 1tü
1va 1ve 1vo 1vá 1vé 1ví 1vó 1vú 1vi 1vu 1vü
1wa 1we 1wo 1wá 1wé 1wí 1wó 1wú 1wi 1wu 1wü
1xa 1xe 1xo 1xá 1xé 1xí 1xó 1xú 1xi 1xu 1xü
1ya 1ye 1yo 1yá 1yé 1yí 1yó 1yú 1yi 1yu 1yü
1za 1ze 1zo 1zá 1zé 1zí 1zó 1zú 1zi 1zu 1zü
1ña 1ñe 1ño 1ñá 1ñé 1ñí 1ñó 1ñú 1ñi 1ñu 1ñü
% Rule SR3
% Build legal consonant groups, leave other consonants bound to
% the previous group. This overrides part of the SR2 pattern
% group.
1c2ha 1c2he 1c2ho 1c2há 1c2hé 1c2hí 1c2hó 1c2hú 1c2hi 1c2hu 1c2hü
1l2la 1l2le 1l2lo 1l2lá 1l2lé 1l2lí 1l2ló 1l2lú 1l2li 1l2lu 1l2lü
1r2ra 1r2re 1r2ro 1r2rá 1r2ré 1r2rí 1r2ró 1r2rú 1r2ri 1r2ru 1r2rü
1b2la 1b2le 1b2lo 1b2lá 1b2lé 1b2lí 1b2ló 1b2lú 1b2li 1b2lu 1b2lü
1b2ra 1b2re 1b2ro 1b2rá 1b2ré 1b2rí 1b2ró 1b2rú 1b2ri 1b2ru 1b2rü
1c2la 1c2le 1c2lo 1c2lá 1c2lé 1c2lí 1c2ló 1c2lú 1c2li 1c2lu 1c2lü
1c2ra 1c2re 1c2ro 1c2rá 1c2ré 1c2rí 1c2ró 1c2rú 1c2ri 1c2ru 1c2rü
1d2ra 1d2re 1d2ro 1d2rá 1d2ré 1d2rí 1d2ró 1d2rú 1d2ri 1d2ru 1d2rü
1f2la 1f2le 1f2lo 1f2lá 1f2lé 1f2lí 1f2ló 1f2lú 1f2li 1f2lu 1f2lü
1f2ra 1f2re 1f2ro 1f2rá 1f2ré 1f2rí 1f2ró 1f2rú 1f2ri 1f2ru 1f2rü
1g2la 1g2le 1g2lo 1g2lá 1g2lé 1g2lí 1g2ló 1g2lú 1g2li 1g2lu 1g2lü
1g2ra 1g2re 1g2ro 1g2rá 1g2ré 1g2rí 1g2ró 1g2rú 1g2ri 1g2ru 1g2rü
1k2la 1k2le 1k2lo 1k2lá 1k2lé 1k2lí 1k2ló 1k2lú 1k2li 1k2lu 1k2lü
1k2ra 1k2re 1k2ro 1k2rá 1k2ré 1k2rí 1k2ró 1k2rú 1k2ri 1k2ru 1k2rü
1p2la 1p2le 1p2lo 1p2lá 1p2lé 1p2lí 1p2ló 1p2lú 1p2li 1p2lu 1p2lü
1p2ra 1p2re 1p2ro 1p2rá 1p2ré 1p2rí 1p2ró 1p2rú 1p2ri 1p2ru 1p2rü
1t2ra 1t2re 1t2ro 1t2rá 1t2ré 1t2rí 1t2ró 1t2rú 1t2ri 1t2ru 1t2rü
% Rule SR4 is implicitly implemented by the default values
% Rule HE1 is implemented by TeX parameters \lefthyphenmin and
% \righthyphenmin. Help yourself. The correct values for
% Spanish are 2 and 2. If you set them below these values,
% incorrect breaks will happen.
% Rule HE2
% Break between a consonant and an h
b1h d1h f1h g1h j1h k1h l1h m1h n1h p1h q1h r1h s1h t1h v1h w1h x1h y1h z1h ñ1h
% We now avoid some problematic breaks.
su2b2r su2b2l
% deleted by JeffK: }
% deleted by JeffK: \endgroup