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#include "lame.h"
#include "encoder.h"
#define READ_AHEAD 10 /* number of frames to read ahead */
#define MAXMPGLAG READ_AHEAD /* if the mpg123 lag becomes bigger than this we have to stop */
#define NUMBACK 6 /* number of frames we can back up */
typedef struct {
int frameNum; /* current frame number */
int frameNum123;
int num_samples; /* number of pcm samples read for this frame */
double frametime; /* starting time of frame, in seconds */
double pcmdata[2][1600];
double pcmdata2[2][1152+1152-DECDELAY];
double xr[2][2][576];
double mpg123xr[2][2][576];
double ms_ratio[2];
double ms_ener_ratio[2];
/* L,R, M and S values */
double energy[2][4][BLKSIZE];
double pe[2][4];
double thr[2][4][SBMAX_l];
double en[2][4][SBMAX_l];
double thr_s[2][4][3*SBMAX_s];
double en_s[2][4][3*SBMAX_s];
double ers[2][4];
double sfb[2][2][SBMAX_l];
double sfb_s[2][2][3*SBMAX_s];
double LAMEsfb[2][2][SBMAX_l];
double LAMEsfb_s[2][2][3*SBMAX_s];
int LAMEqss[2][2];
int qss[2][2];
int big_values[2][2];
int sub_gain[2][2][3];
double xfsf[2][2][SBMAX_l];
double xfsf_s[2][2][3*SBMAX_s];
int over[2][2];
double tot_noise[2][2];
double max_noise[2][2];
double over_noise[2][2];
int blocktype[2][2];
int scalefac_scale[2][2];
int mpg123blocktype[2][2];
int mixed[2][2];
int mainbits[2][2];
int LAMEmainbits[2][2];
int framesize,stereo,js,ms_stereo,i_stereo,emph,bitrate,sampfreq,maindata;
int crc,padding;
int scfsi[2],mean_bits,resvsize;
int totbits;
} plotting_data;
int gtkcontrol(lame_global_flags *gfp);
extern plotting_data *pinfo;
extern int gtkflag;