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Building ClamAV ( for llvm's testsuite.
To get sources from clamav's repository
(currently from 0.92 stable version, you can edit the tag in
$ ./ checkout
$ ./ copy
$ ./ getdb
Provided files: used by used by
clamav-config.h: minimal config header, so we don't have to run autoconf
Makefile: integrate ClamAV into LLVM-testsuite's build-system compare --debug output to test code generation correctness
Important to know:
The directory inputs/ contains files (or symlinks to) to be scanned during the test.
These can be any files, but they must be the same each time you run
the test, to ensure consistency of results.
The directory dbdir/ contains the virus database. You get an initial copy with the
Note, that the recommended way to update is via freshclam(1). Updating the database
is not important for the test-suite.
When you import a new version of ClamAV into the testsuite it is recommended to
use latest DB however.
When execute clamscan creates files in the system tmp directory (usually /tmp).
Watch disk space!
If you encounter problems with ClamAV itself, please try to reproduce the problem with
clamav built from latest stable available on
You can report bugs on
If you haven't tried to reproduce problem with the original clamav,
please add a reference to the LLVM bugreport, and a descriptive text in subject stating
it is related to LLVM testsuite.
For bugs opened on LLVM bugzilla regarding ClamAV testsuite failures
(that are not due to bugs in LLVM), please CC: edwin at clamav dot net