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#ifdef TORONTO
/* Toronto's hack */
#define ALLOC(p, sz) malloc(sz)
#define chatting printf
extern int NumNodes, NDim;
extern int flag;
int atoi(const char *);
int dealwithargs(int argc, char *argv[]);
/* For copyright information, see olden_v1.0/COPYRIGHT */
typedef struct tree {
int sz;
double x,y;
struct tree *left, *right;
#ifdef TORONTO
struct tree *next, *prev;
struct tree *next {95}, *prev {95};
} *Tree;
#ifdef ORDER
#define TREE_SIZE_LOGICAL 1024 /* number of nodes allocated each time (logically) whenever the current tree is full */
#define NODES_PF_AHEAD 5 /* prefetch distances (in terms of tree nodes) */
#define TREE_SIZE_PHYSICAL (TREE_SIZE_LOGICAL + NODES_PF_AHEAD) /* actually size of a tree. We need to add NODES_PF_AHEAD
nodes to prevent prefetching invalid addresses. This
will be not necessary if we have non-excepting pfs */
/* Builds a 2D tree of n nodes in specified range with dir as primary
axis (0 for x, 1 for y) */
Tree build_tree(int n,int dir,int lo,int num_proc,double min_x,
double max_x,double min_y,double max_y);
/* Compute TSP for the tree t -- use conquer for problems <= sz */
Tree tsp(Tree t, int sz, int nproc);