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""" This module contains functions used by the test cases to hide the
architecture and/or the platform dependent nature of the tests. """
from __future__ import absolute_import
# System modules
import itertools
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import os
from urllib.parse import urlparse
# LLDB modules
from . import configuration
import lldb
import lldbsuite.test.lldbplatform as lldbplatform
def check_first_register_readable(test_case):
arch = test_case.getArchitecture()
if arch in ['x86_64', 'i386']:
test_case.expect("register read eax", substrs=['eax = 0x'])
elif arch in ['arm', 'armv7', 'armv7k', 'armv8l', 'armv7l']:
test_case.expect("register read r0", substrs=['r0 = 0x'])
elif arch in ['aarch64', 'arm64', 'arm64e', 'arm64_32']:
test_case.expect("register read x0", substrs=['x0 = 0x'])
elif re.match("mips", arch):
test_case.expect("register read zero", substrs=['zero = 0x'])
elif arch in ['s390x']:
test_case.expect("register read r0", substrs=['r0 = 0x'])
elif arch in ['powerpc64le']:
test_case.expect("register read r0", substrs=['r0 = 0x'])
# TODO: Add check for other architectures
"Unsupported architecture for test case (arch: %s)" %
def _run_adb_command(cmd, device_id):
device_id_args = []
if device_id:
device_id_args = ["-s", device_id]
full_cmd = ["adb"] + device_id_args + cmd
p = subprocess.Popen(
stdout, stderr = p.communicate()
return p.returncode, stdout, stderr
def target_is_android():
return configuration.lldb_platform_name == "remote-android"
def android_device_api():
if not hasattr(android_device_api, 'result'):
assert configuration.lldb_platform_url is not None
device_id = None
parsed_url = urlparse(configuration.lldb_platform_url)
host_name = parsed_url.netloc.split(":")[0]
if host_name != 'localhost':
device_id = host_name
if device_id.startswith('[') and device_id.endswith(']'):
device_id = device_id[1:-1]
retcode, stdout, stderr = _run_adb_command(
["shell", "getprop", ""], device_id)
if retcode == 0:
android_device_api.result = int(stdout)
raise LookupError(
">>> Unable to determine the API level of the Android device.\n"
">>> stdout:\n%s\n"
">>> stderr:\n%s\n" %
(stdout, stderr))
return android_device_api.result
def match_android_device(device_arch, valid_archs=None, valid_api_levels=None):
if not target_is_android():
return False
if valid_archs is not None and device_arch not in valid_archs:
return False
if valid_api_levels is not None and android_device_api() not in valid_api_levels:
return False
return True
def finalize_build_dictionary(dictionary):
if target_is_android():
if dictionary is None:
dictionary = {}
dictionary["OS"] = "Android"
dictionary["PIE"] = 1
return dictionary
def _get_platform_os(p):
# Use the triple to determine the platform if set.
triple = p.GetTriple()
if triple:
platform = triple.split('-')[2]
if platform.startswith('freebsd'):
platform = 'freebsd'
elif platform.startswith('netbsd'):
platform = 'netbsd'
return platform
return ''
def getHostPlatform():
"""Returns the host platform running the test suite."""
return _get_platform_os(lldb.SBPlatform("host"))
def getDarwinOSTriples():
return lldbplatform.translate(lldbplatform.darwin_all)
def getPlatform():
"""Returns the target platform which the tests are running on."""
# Use the Apple SDK to determine the platform if set.
if configuration.apple_sdk:
platform = configuration.apple_sdk
dot = platform.find('.')
if dot != -1:
platform = platform[:dot]
if platform == 'iphoneos':
platform = 'ios'
return platform
return _get_platform_os(lldb.selected_platform)
def platformIsDarwin():
"""Returns true if the OS triple for the selected platform is any valid apple OS"""
return getPlatform() in getDarwinOSTriples()
def findMainThreadCheckerDylib():
if not platformIsDarwin():
return ""
if getPlatform() in lldbplatform.translate(lldbplatform.darwin_embedded):
return "/Developer/usr/lib/libMainThreadChecker.dylib"
with os.popen('xcode-select -p') as output:
xcode_developer_path =
mtc_dylib_path = '%s/usr/lib/libMainThreadChecker.dylib' % xcode_developer_path
if os.path.isfile(mtc_dylib_path):
return mtc_dylib_path
return ""
class _PlatformContext(object):
"""Value object class which contains platform-specific options."""
def __init__(self, shlib_environment_var, shlib_path_separator, shlib_prefix, shlib_extension):
self.shlib_environment_var = shlib_environment_var
self.shlib_path_separator = shlib_path_separator
self.shlib_prefix = shlib_prefix
self.shlib_extension = shlib_extension
def createPlatformContext():
if platformIsDarwin():
return _PlatformContext('DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH', ':', 'lib', 'dylib')
elif getPlatform() in ("freebsd", "linux", "netbsd"):
return _PlatformContext('LD_LIBRARY_PATH', ':', 'lib', 'so')
return _PlatformContext('PATH', ';', '', 'dll')
def hasChattyStderr(test_case):
"""Some targets produce garbage on the standard error output. This utility function
determines whether the tests can be strict about the expected stderr contents."""
if match_android_device(test_case.getArchitecture(), ['aarch64'], range(22, 25+1)):
return True # The dynamic linker on the device will complain about unknown DT entries
return False