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""" This module represents an abstraction of an lldb target / host platform. """
from __future__ import absolute_import
# System modules
import itertools
# LLDB modules
import lldb
windows, linux, macosx, darwin, ios, tvos, watchos, bridgeos, darwin_all, \
darwin_embedded, darwin_simulator, freebsd, netbsd, bsd_all, android \
= range(15)
__darwin_embedded = ["ios", "tvos", "watchos", "bridgeos"]
__darwin_simulators = ["iphonesimulator", "watchsimulator", "appletvsimulator"]
__name_lookup = {
windows: ["windows"],
linux: ["linux"],
macosx: ["macosx"],
darwin: ["darwin"],
ios: ["ios", "iphonesimulator"],
tvos: ["tvos", "appletvsimulator"],
watchos: ["watchos", "watchsimulator"],
bridgeos: ["bridgeos"],
darwin_all: ["macosx", "darwin"] + __darwin_embedded + __darwin_simulators,
darwin_embedded: __darwin_embedded + __darwin_simulators,
darwin_simulator: __darwin_simulators,
freebsd: ["freebsd"],
netbsd: ["netbsd"],
bsd_all: ["freebsd", "netbsd"],
android: ["android"]
def translate(values):
if isinstance(values, int):
# This is a value from the platform enumeration, translate it.
return __name_lookup[values]
elif isinstance(values, str):
# This is a raw string, return it.
return [values]
elif hasattr(values, "__iter__"):
# This is an iterable, convert each item.
result = [translate(x) for x in values]
result = list(itertools.chain(*result))
return result
return values