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// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include <algorithm>
#include <iterator>
#include <regex>
const char*
make_error_type_string(regex_constants::error_type ecode)
switch (ecode)
case regex_constants::error_collate:
return "The expression contained an invalid collating element name.";
case regex_constants::error_ctype:
return "The expression contained an invalid character class name.";
case regex_constants::error_escape:
return "The expression contained an invalid escaped character, or a "
"trailing escape.";
case regex_constants::error_backref:
return "The expression contained an invalid back reference.";
case regex_constants::error_brack:
return "The expression contained mismatched [ and ].";
case regex_constants::error_paren:
return "The expression contained mismatched ( and ).";
case regex_constants::error_brace:
return "The expression contained mismatched { and }.";
case regex_constants::error_badbrace:
return "The expression contained an invalid range in a {} expression.";
case regex_constants::error_range:
return "The expression contained an invalid character range, "
"such as [b-a] in most encodings.";
case regex_constants::error_space:
return "There was insufficient memory to convert the expression into "
"a finite state machine.";
case regex_constants::error_badrepeat:
return "One of *?+{ was not preceded by a valid regular expression.";
case regex_constants::error_complexity:
return "The complexity of an attempted match against a regular "
"expression exceeded a pre-set level.";
case regex_constants::error_stack:
return "There was insufficient memory to determine whether the regular "
"expression could match the specified character sequence.";
case regex_constants::__re_err_grammar:
return "An invalid regex grammar has been requested.";
case regex_constants::__re_err_empty:
return "An empty regex is not allowed in the POSIX grammar.";
case regex_constants::__re_err_parse:
return "The parser did not consume the entire regular expression.";
return "Unknown error type";
regex_error::regex_error(regex_constants::error_type ecode)
: runtime_error(make_error_type_string(ecode)),
regex_error::~regex_error() throw() {}
namespace {
struct collationnames
const char* elem_;
char char_;
#if defined(__MVS__) && !defined(__NATIVE_ASCII_F)
// EBCDIC IBM-1047
// Sorted via the EBCDIC collating sequence
const collationnames collatenames[] =
{"a", 0x81},
{"alert", 0x2f},
{"ampersand", 0x50},
{"apostrophe", 0x7d},
{"asterisk", 0x5c},
{"b", 0x82},
{"backslash", 0xe0},
{"backspace", 0x16},
{"c", 0x83},
{"carriage-return", 0xd},
{"circumflex", 0x5f},
{"circumflex-accent", 0x5f},
{"colon", 0x7a},
{"comma", 0x6b},
{"commercial-at", 0x7c},
{"d", 0x84},
{"dollar-sign", 0x5b},
{"e", 0x85},
{"eight", 0xf8},
{"equals-sign", 0x7e},
{"exclamation-mark", 0x5a},
{"f", 0x86},
{"five", 0xf5},
{"form-feed", 0xc},
{"four", 0xf4},
{"full-stop", 0x4b},
{"g", 0x87},
{"grave-accent", 0x79},
{"greater-than-sign", 0x6e},
{"h", 0x88},
{"hyphen", 0x60},
{"hyphen-minus", 0x60},
{"i", 0x89},
{"j", 0x91},
{"k", 0x92},
{"l", 0x93},
{"left-brace", 0xc0},
{"left-curly-bracket", 0xc0},
{"left-parenthesis", 0x4d},
{"left-square-bracket", 0xad},
{"less-than-sign", 0x4c},
{"low-line", 0x6d},
{"m", 0x94},
{"n", 0x95},
{"newline", 0x15},
{"nine", 0xf9},
{"number-sign", 0x7b},
{"o", 0x96},
{"one", 0xf1},
{"p", 0x97},
{"percent-sign", 0x6c},
{"period", 0x4b},
{"plus-sign", 0x4e},
{"q", 0x98},
{"question-mark", 0x6f},
{"quotation-mark", 0x7f},
{"r", 0x99},
{"reverse-solidus", 0xe0},
{"right-brace", 0xd0},
{"right-curly-bracket", 0xd0},
{"right-parenthesis", 0x5d},
{"right-square-bracket", 0xbd},
{"s", 0xa2},
{"semicolon", 0x5e},
{"seven", 0xf7},
{"six", 0xf6},
{"slash", 0x61},
{"solidus", 0x61},
{"space", 0x40},
{"t", 0xa3},
{"tab", 0x5},
{"three", 0xf3},
{"tilde", 0xa1},
{"two", 0xf2},
{"u", 0xa4},
{"underscore", 0x6d},
{"v", 0xa5},
{"vertical-line", 0x4f},
{"vertical-tab", 0xb},
{"w", 0xa6},
{"x", 0xa7},
{"y", 0xa8},
{"z", 0xa9},
{"zero", 0xf0},
{"A", 0xc1},
{"B", 0xc2},
{"C", 0xc3},
{"D", 0xc4},
{"E", 0xc5},
{"F", 0xc6},
{"G", 0xc7},
{"H", 0xc8},
{"I", 0xc9},
{"J", 0xd1},
{"K", 0xd2},
{"L", 0xd3},
{"M", 0xd4},
{"N", 0xd5},
{"NUL", 0},
{"O", 0xd6},
{"P", 0xd7},
{"Q", 0xd8},
{"R", 0xd9},
{"S", 0xe2},
{"T", 0xe3},
{"U", 0xe4},
{"V", 0xe5},
{"W", 0xe6},
{"X", 0xe7},
{"Y", 0xe8},
{"Z", 0xe9}
const collationnames collatenames[] =
{"A", 0x41},
{"B", 0x42},
{"C", 0x43},
{"D", 0x44},
{"E", 0x45},
{"F", 0x46},
{"G", 0x47},
{"H", 0x48},
{"I", 0x49},
{"J", 0x4a},
{"K", 0x4b},
{"L", 0x4c},
{"M", 0x4d},
{"N", 0x4e},
{"NUL", 0x00},
{"O", 0x4f},
{"P", 0x50},
{"Q", 0x51},
{"R", 0x52},
{"S", 0x53},
{"T", 0x54},
{"U", 0x55},
{"V", 0x56},
{"W", 0x57},
{"X", 0x58},
{"Y", 0x59},
{"Z", 0x5a},
{"a", 0x61},
{"alert", 0x07},
{"ampersand", 0x26},
{"apostrophe", 0x27},
{"asterisk", 0x2a},
{"b", 0x62},
{"backslash", 0x5c},
{"backspace", 0x08},
{"c", 0x63},
{"carriage-return", 0x0d},
{"circumflex", 0x5e},
{"circumflex-accent", 0x5e},
{"colon", 0x3a},
{"comma", 0x2c},
{"commercial-at", 0x40},
{"d", 0x64},
{"dollar-sign", 0x24},
{"e", 0x65},
{"eight", 0x38},
{"equals-sign", 0x3d},
{"exclamation-mark", 0x21},
{"f", 0x66},
{"five", 0x35},
{"form-feed", 0x0c},
{"four", 0x34},
{"full-stop", 0x2e},
{"g", 0x67},
{"grave-accent", 0x60},
{"greater-than-sign", 0x3e},
{"h", 0x68},
{"hyphen", 0x2d},
{"hyphen-minus", 0x2d},
{"i", 0x69},
{"j", 0x6a},
{"k", 0x6b},
{"l", 0x6c},
{"left-brace", 0x7b},
{"left-curly-bracket", 0x7b},
{"left-parenthesis", 0x28},
{"left-square-bracket", 0x5b},
{"less-than-sign", 0x3c},
{"low-line", 0x5f},
{"m", 0x6d},
{"n", 0x6e},
{"newline", 0x0a},
{"nine", 0x39},
{"number-sign", 0x23},
{"o", 0x6f},
{"one", 0x31},
{"p", 0x70},
{"percent-sign", 0x25},
{"period", 0x2e},
{"plus-sign", 0x2b},
{"q", 0x71},
{"question-mark", 0x3f},
{"quotation-mark", 0x22},
{"r", 0x72},
{"reverse-solidus", 0x5c},
{"right-brace", 0x7d},
{"right-curly-bracket", 0x7d},
{"right-parenthesis", 0x29},
{"right-square-bracket", 0x5d},
{"s", 0x73},
{"semicolon", 0x3b},
{"seven", 0x37},
{"six", 0x36},
{"slash", 0x2f},
{"solidus", 0x2f},
{"space", 0x20},
{"t", 0x74},
{"tab", 0x09},
{"three", 0x33},
{"tilde", 0x7e},
{"two", 0x32},
{"u", 0x75},
{"underscore", 0x5f},
{"v", 0x76},
{"vertical-line", 0x7c},
{"vertical-tab", 0x0b},
{"w", 0x77},
{"x", 0x78},
{"y", 0x79},
{"z", 0x7a},
{"zero", 0x30}
struct classnames
const char* elem_;
regex_traits<char>::char_class_type mask_;
const classnames ClassNames[] =
{"alnum", ctype_base::alnum},
{"alpha", ctype_base::alpha},
{"blank", ctype_base::blank},
{"cntrl", ctype_base::cntrl},
{"d", ctype_base::digit},
{"digit", ctype_base::digit},
{"graph", ctype_base::graph},
{"lower", ctype_base::lower},
{"print", ctype_base::print},
{"punct", ctype_base::punct},
{"s", ctype_base::space},
{"space", ctype_base::space},
{"upper", ctype_base::upper},
{"w", regex_traits<char>::__regex_word},
{"xdigit", ctype_base::xdigit}
struct use_strcmp
bool operator()(const collationnames& x, const char* y)
{return strcmp(x.elem_, y) < 0;}
bool operator()(const classnames& x, const char* y)
{return strcmp(x.elem_, y) < 0;}
__get_collation_name(const char* s)
const collationnames* i =
_VSTD::lower_bound(begin(collatenames), end(collatenames), s, use_strcmp());
string r;
if (i != end(collatenames) && strcmp(s, i->elem_) == 0)
r = char(i->char_);
return r;
__get_classname(const char* s, bool __icase)
const classnames* i =
_VSTD::lower_bound(begin(ClassNames), end(ClassNames), s, use_strcmp());
regex_traits<char>::char_class_type r = 0;
if (i != end(ClassNames) && strcmp(s, i->elem_) == 0)
r = i->mask_;
if (r == regex_traits<char>::__regex_word)
r |= ctype_base::alnum | ctype_base::upper | ctype_base::lower;
else if (__icase)
if (r & (ctype_base::lower | ctype_base::upper))
r |= ctype_base::alpha;
return r;
template <>
__match_any_but_newline<char>::__exec(__state& __s) const
if (__s.__current_ != __s.__last_)
switch (*__s.__current_)
case '\r':
case '\n':
__s.__do_ = __state::__reject;
__s.__node_ = nullptr;
__s.__do_ = __state::__accept_and_consume;
__s.__node_ = this->first();
__s.__do_ = __state::__reject;
__s.__node_ = nullptr;
template <>
__match_any_but_newline<wchar_t>::__exec(__state& __s) const
if (__s.__current_ != __s.__last_)
switch (*__s.__current_)
case '\r':
case '\n':
case 0x2028:
case 0x2029:
__s.__do_ = __state::__reject;
__s.__node_ = nullptr;
__s.__do_ = __state::__accept_and_consume;
__s.__node_ = this->first();
__s.__do_ = __state::__reject;
__s.__node_ = nullptr;