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# This reproduces a bug triggered by a relocation referencing a section symbol
# plus a negative reloc. BOLT handles such cases specially, but while doing so,
# it was failing to sign extend a negative result for the relocation (encoded
# in the immediate operand of an LEA instruction).
# Originally triggered by
# Line 550: const gchar *p = special_case_table + val - 0x1000000;
# REQUIRES: system-linux
# RUN: llvm-mc -filetype=obj -triple x86_64-unknown-unknown \
# RUN: %s -o %t.o
# Delete our BB symbols so BOLT doesn't mark them as entry points
# RUN: llvm-strip --strip-unneeded %t.o
# RUN: %clang %cflags -no-pie %t.o -o %t.exe -Wl,-q
# RUN: llvm-bolt %t.exe --print-finalized --print-only=main -o %t.out \
# RUN: 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
# RUN: %t.out 1 2 | FileCheck --check-prefix=CHECK-RT %s
.globl main
.type main, %function
.p2align 4
pushq %rbp
movq %rsp, %rbp
subq $0x10, %rsp
cmpl $0x2, %edi
jb .BBend
# CHECK: leaq
# CHECK-SAME: {{.*}}-{{.*}}
leaq mystring-0x1000000, %rsi # Use a large negative addend to cause a
# negative result to be encoded in LEA
addq $0x1000000, %rsi # Eventually program logic compensates to get
# a real address
movq $2, %rbx
xorq %rax, %rax
movb (%rsi), %al
addq %rbx, %rax
movb %al, (%rsi)
leaq mystring, %rdi
callq puts
xorq %rax, %rax
.size main, .-main
# CHECK-RT: {{.*}} is rbx mod 10 contents in decimal
mystring: .asciz "0 is rbx mod 10 contents in decimal\n"