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# Check instrumentation of C++ code with exceptions
REQUIRES: system-linux
RUN: %clangxx %cxxflags -no-pie %p/Inputs/exceptions_split.cpp -Wl,-q -g -o %t_exc_split
RUN: llvm-bolt %t_exc_split -o %t.exc --instrument --instrumentation-file=%t.fdata
RUN: %t.exc arg1 arg2 arg3
RUN: llvm-bolt %t_exc_split -o %t.exc.bolted --data %t.fdata \
RUN: --reorder-blocks=ext-tsp --reorder-functions=hfsort+ \
RUN: --split-functions --split-eh=1 \
RUN: | FileCheck --check-prefix=EXCEPTIONS %s
EXCEPTIONS-NOT: invalid (possibly stale) profile
# Check that cold symbols are emitted with local binding.
RUN: llvm-readelf -Ws %t.exc.bolted | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=CHECK-READELF
CHECK-READELF: FUNC LOCAL DEFAULT {{.*}} main.cold.{{.*}}
RUN: cat %t.fdata | FileCheck --check-prefix=EXCEPTIONS-FDATA %s
# Check that the printf "catch" ran exactly 10 times
EXCEPTIONS-FDATA: 1 main {{.*}} 1 _Znwm@PLT 0 0 10