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# Try to instrument a very fast test. Input bin will not execute any code during
# runtime besides returning zero in main, so it is a good trivial case.
REQUIRES: system-linux
RUN: %clang %p/Inputs/basic-instrumentation.s -Wl,-q -o %t.exe
RUN: llvm-bolt %t.exe -o %t --instrument \
RUN: --instrumentation-file=%t \
RUN: --instrumentation-file-append-pid
# Execute program to collect profile
RUN: rm %t.*.fdata || echo Nothing to remove
RUN: %t
# Profile should be written to %t.PID.fdata, check it
RUN: mv %t.*.fdata %t.fdata
RUN: cat %t.fdata | FileCheck -check-prefix=CHECK %s
# Check BOLT works with this profile
RUN: llvm-bolt %t.exe --data %t.fdata -o %t.2 --reorder-blocks=cache
# The instrumented profile should at least say main was called once
CHECK: main 0 0 1{{$}}