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# Check that the .bolt_info section is generated properly.
# This test uses the clang driver without target flags and will only succeed
# on Linux systems where the host triple matches the target.
REQUIRES: system-linux
RUN: %clang %cflags %S/Inputs/icf-jump-tables.c -o %t
RUN: llvm-bolt %t -o %t.bolt && \
RUN: llvm-objdump -s -j .note.bolt_info %t.bolt | grep -v "file format" | \
RUN: cut -c 44- | tr -d '\n' | FileCheck %s
CHECK: BOLT revision: {{.*}}, command line: {{.*}}llvm-bolt {{.*}}/bolt-info.test.tmp -o {{.*}}/bolt-info.test.tmp.bolt