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//===-- MemoryTagMapTest.cpp ----------------------------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "lldb/Target/MemoryTagMap.h"
#include "Plugins/Process/Utility/MemoryTagManagerAArch64MTE.h"
#include "gmock/gmock.h"
#include "gtest/gtest.h"
#include <optional>
using namespace lldb_private;
using namespace lldb;
// In these tests we use the AArch64 MTE tag manager because it is the only
// implementation of a memory tag manager. MemoryTagMap itself is generic.
TEST(MemoryTagMapTest, EmptyTagMap) {
MemoryTagManagerAArch64MTE manager;
MemoryTagMap tag_map(&manager);
tag_map.InsertTags(0, {});
tag_map.InsertTags(0, {0});
TEST(MemoryTagMapTest, GetTags) {
using TagsVec = std::vector<std::optional<lldb::addr_t>>;
MemoryTagManagerAArch64MTE manager;
MemoryTagMap tag_map(&manager);
// No tags for an address not in the map
ASSERT_TRUE(tag_map.GetTags(0, 16).empty());
tag_map.InsertTags(0, {0, 1});
// No tags if you read zero length
ASSERT_TRUE(tag_map.GetTags(0, 0).empty());
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(0, 16), ::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{0}));
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(0, 32), ::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{0, 1}));
// Last granule of the range is not tagged
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(0, 48),
::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{0, 1, std::nullopt}));
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(16, 32),
::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{1, std::nullopt}));
// Reading beyond that address gives you no tags at all
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(32, 16), ::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{}));
// Address is granule aligned for you
// The length here is set such that alignment doesn't produce a 2 granule
// range.
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(8, 8), ::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{0}));
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(30, 2), ::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{1}));
// Here the length pushes the range into the next granule. When aligned
// this produces 2 granules.
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(30, 4),
::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{1, std::nullopt}));
// A range can also have gaps at the beginning or in the middle.
// Add more tags, 1 granule away from the first range.
tag_map.InsertTags(48, {3, 4});
// Untagged first granule
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(32, 32),
::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{std::nullopt, 3}));
// Untagged middle granule
EXPECT_THAT(tag_map.GetTags(16, 48),
::testing::ContainerEq(TagsVec{1, std::nullopt, 3}));