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llvm-as - LLVM assembler
.. program:: llvm-as
**llvm-as** [*options*] [*filename*]
**llvm-as** is the LLVM assembler. It reads a file containing human-readable
LLVM assembly language, translates it to LLVM bitcode, and writes the result
into a file or to standard output.
If *filename* is omitted or is ``-``, then **llvm-as** reads its input from
standard input.
If an output file is not specified with the **-o** option, then
**llvm-as** sends its output to a file or standard output by following
these rules:
* If the input is standard input, then the output is standard output.
* If the input is a file that ends with ``.ll``, then the output file is of the
same name, except that the suffix is changed to ``.bc``.
* If the input is a file that does not end with the ``.ll`` suffix, then the
output file has the same name as the input file, except that the ``.bc``
suffix is appended.
Enable binary output on terminals. Normally, **llvm-as** will refuse to
write raw bitcode output if the output stream is a terminal. With this option,
**llvm-as** will write raw bitcode regardless of the output device.
Print a summary of command line options.
**-o** *filename*
Specify the output file name. If *filename* is ``-``, then **llvm-as**
sends its output to standard output.
If **llvm-as** succeeds, it will exit with 0. Otherwise, if an error occurs, it
will exit with a non-zero value.
:manpage:`llvm-dis(1)`, as(1)