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* HTMLparser.h : inf=terface for an HTML 4.0 non-verifying parser
* See Copyright for the status of this software.
#ifndef __HTML_PARSER_H__
#define __HTML_PARSER_H__
#include "parser.h"
* Most of the back-end structures from XML and HTML are shared
typedef xmlParserCtxt htmlParserCtxt;
typedef xmlParserCtxtPtr htmlParserCtxtPtr;
typedef xmlParserNodeInfo htmlParserNodeInfo;
typedef xmlSAXHandler htmlSAXHandler;
typedef xmlSAXHandlerPtr htmlSAXHandlerPtr;
typedef xmlParserInput htmlParserInput;
typedef xmlParserInputPtr htmlParserInputPtr;
typedef xmlDocPtr htmlDocPtr;
typedef xmlNodePtr htmlNodePtr;
* Internal description of an HTML element
typedef struct htmlElemDesc {
const char *name; /* The tag name */
int startTag; /* Whether the start tag can be implied */
int endTag; /* Whether the end tag can be implied */
int empty; /* Is this an empty element ? */
int depr; /* Is this a deprecated element ? */
int dtd; /* 1: only in Loose DTD, 2: only Frameset one */
const char *desc; /* the description */
} htmlElemDesc, *htmlElemDescPtr;
* Internal description of an HTML entity
typedef struct htmlEntityDesc {
int value; /* the UNICODE value for the character */
const char *name; /* The entity name */
const char *desc; /* the description */
} htmlEntityDesc, *htmlEntityDescPtr;
* There is only few public functions.
htmlElemDescPtr htmlTagLookup(const CHAR *tag);
htmlEntityDescPtr htmlEntityLookup(const CHAR *name);
htmlEntityDescPtr htmlParseEntityRef(htmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt, CHAR **str);
int htmlParseCharRef(htmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt);
void htmlParseElement(htmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt);
htmlDocPtr htmlSAXParseDoc(CHAR *cur, const char *encoding,
htmlSAXHandlerPtr sax, void *userData);
htmlDocPtr htmlParseDoc(CHAR *cur, const char *encoding);
htmlDocPtr htmlSAXParseFile(const char *filename, const char *encoding,
htmlSAXHandlerPtr sax, void *userData);
htmlDocPtr htmlParseFile(const char *filename, const char *encoding);
#endif /* __HTML_PARSER_H__ */